WP Matterport Shortcode


Easily embed Matterport Tours with preview image and a pop-up. Easily include address information and # of scans sourced directly from your Matterport tours. Optimized with information caching to make a portfolio page load fast! Includes a great admin page for refreshing cached information and quick access to your models @ MyMatterport.com.


Single Tour:

[matterport src="uKDy9xrMRCi" width="900"]

Tour Gallery:

[matterport cols="3" src="uKDy9xrMRCi,wV4vX743ATF"]

Embed without Pop-Up:

[matterport embed="true" src="uKDy9xrMRCi" width="900"]

Embed with Labels:

[matterport cols="3" src="uKDy9xrMRCi,wV4vX743ATF" showdate="true" address="1" showstats="1"]

Embed with Parameters:

[matterport cols="3" src="uKDy9xrMRCi,wV4vX743ATF" qs="1" hhl="1" showtitle="2"]

Plugin-Specific Parameters

src (required)

  • uKDy9xrMRCi – (Single Tour by ID)
  • uKDy9xrMRCi,uKDy9xrMRCi,uKDy9xrMRCi – (Multiple tours by ID separated by commas)
  • https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=uKDy9xrMRCi – Full URL (unnecessary, but supported)


  • 1 (default) – Show tour(s) in single column
  • 2, 3, 4 – Show tour(s) in multiple columns


  • false (default) – Display tour in lightbox popup on click
  • true – Replace thumbnail with tour on click


  • 960 (default) – Thumbnails load at 960 width and display responsively
  • 640 (default for cols=2 or greater)
  • ### – Set alternate width


  • 540 (default) – Thumbnails load at 540 height and display responsively
  • 360 (default for cols=2 or greater)
  • ### – Set alternate height — IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO SET BOTH WIDTH AND HEIGHT.


  • NULL (default) – Open tours in an overlay
  • _blank – Open tours in a blank tab/window
  • customname – Open tours in an embedded iframe by id


  • Explore%203D%20Space – Replace ‘Explore 3D Space’ message with custom message. Use %20 in the place of spaces.


  • NULL (default) – Source titles from Tour
  • “My Tour” – Use shortcode defined title on tour
  • “My Tour;My Second Tour;My Third Tour” – Use multiple titles separated by semicolons for multiple tours
  • “hidden” – Do not show titles or any information below tour.


  • NULL (default) – Do not show address
  • 1 – Show caption beneath thumbnail with Street, City, State ZIP


  • NULL (default) – Do not show date.
  • true – Show date of upload to my.matterport.com in caption
  • modified – Show last modified date in caption


  • NULL (default) – Do not show # of Scans
  • 1 – Show # of Scans after address in caption

Launching 3D Showcase


  • NULL (default) – Help is shown on first visit only
  • 0 – Do not show help at all
  • 1 – Always show help when the Matterport Space opens.
  • 2 – Always show help when the Matterport Space opens. More concise help text than help=1.


  • 0 – Briefly show the highlight reel upon launch before hiding. (default if reel has no 360 views)
  • 1 – Keep the highlight reel visible upon launch. (default if reel does have 360 views)


  • 0 (default) – Show Highlight Reel
  • 1 – Hide Highlight Reel


  • 0 (default) – Disable Quickstart (when the Matterport Space first opens, zoom in from Dollhouse View)
  • 1 – Enable Quickstart (when the Matterport Space first opens, go straight into Inside View). Only works if Start Position is Inside View. Learn more.


  • -1 (default) – Number of seconds after initial fly-in before the Guided Tour automatically starts. Help is not shown. Set to a negative number to not start the Guided Tour.



  • 0 – Hide ‘Presented By’ details when Space opens. Hide contact details in the About Panel (top-left grey corner of 3D Showcase).
  • 1 (default) – Display all branding information in the About Panel (top-left corner of 3D Showcase).


  • 0 – Hide Dollhouse View in introductory fly-in. Hide Dollhouse Button in bottom left corner. Hides dollhouse / floorplan view snapshots in highlight reel.
  • 1 (default) – Show Dollhouse View


  • 0 – Hide Guided Tour buttons in the bottom left corner of the 3D Showcase UI
  • 1 (default) – Show Guided Tour buttons


  • 0 – Hide Highlight Reel at the bottom of the 3D Showcase UI
  • 1 (default) – Show Highlight Reel


  • 0 (default) – Show branding information, links in Mattertag™ Posts, and VR.
  • 1 – Show the MLS-friendly version of the Matterport Space. This removes branding, removes links in Mattertag™ Posts, and removes VR.
  • 2 – Same behavior as &mls=1 but also removes the About Panel in the top-left corner after loading

showtitle (title)

  • 0 – Hide Title and Title Container
  • 1 (Default) – Display Model Title when UI is visible (Default)
  • 2 – Always Display Model Title

User Interface


  • 0 – Remove the option to switch floors. This treats the Matterport Space as “all one floor”.
  • 1 (default) – Let the user navigate the Space floor by floor.


  • en (default) – Shows the 3D Showcase UI in American English
  • es – Shows the 3D Showcase UI in Spanish
  • fr – Shows the 3D Showcase UI in French
  • de – Shows the 3D Showcase UI in German
  • ru – Shows the 3D Showcase UI in Russian
  • cn – Shows the 3D Showcase UI in Chinese
  • jp – Shows the 3D Showcase UI in Japanese


  • 0 – Ignore scroll wheel input from the mouse. Scroll wheel input will cause the entire webpage to move up and down. This parameter is only valid when the Space is embedded with an iframe.
  • 1 (default) – Enables scroll wheel input from the mouse, so the Space can zoom in. 3D Showcase will only listen to scroll wheel input if the cursor is over the iframe.



  • NULL (default) – Enable zooming in 3D Showcase
  • 1 – Disable zooming in 3D Showcase


  • 2 (default – 200%) – Set maximum zoom


  • 1 (default – 100%) – Set minimum zoom


  • 1 (default) – Smooth Zoom
  • 2 – Experimental Zoom Effect

Guided Tours


  • 0 – Do not show the path to the next highlight.
  • 1 (default) – For Guided Tours with walkthrough transitions, show the blue path on the ground to the next highlight.


  • 0 – Do not pan when you reach a new highlight in a Guided Tour.
  • 1 (default) – Gently pan once you reach a new highlight in a Guided Tour.


  • 0 (default) – Stop once you reach the end of the Guided Tour.
  • 1 – Loop back to the beginning once you reach the end.


  • 0 – For Guided Tours with walkthrough transitions, use the 3D mesh when transitioning between highlights.
  • 1 (default) – Use 2D panorama imagery during transitions (mesh-free transitions).


  • 3500 (default) – Number of milliseconds to wait at each highlight during a guided tour.


  • 0 – Space title is not displayed. Top-left about panel not displayed.
  • 1 (default) – Space title is display. Top-left about panel is displayed.
  • 2 – Space title is not displayed. Top-left about panel is displayed.


  • 0 – No call to action at the end of a a Guided Tour
  • 1 (default) – Large call to action at the end of a Guided Tour
  • 2 – Small call to action at the end of a Guided Tour

Virtual Reality


  • 0 – Hide the VR button
  • 1 (default) – Show the VR button


  • 0 (default) – Opens the Space in the “Shared with Me” folder within the app. Users can navigate to other Spaces in the Matterport VR app.
  • 1 – Opens the Space in a limited mode by itself. Users cannot navigate to other Spaces in the Matterport VR app. This is the same limited mode that is used in VR Collections.

Advanced Parameters


  • NULL (default) – Zoom in from dollhouse
  • Custom start point — hit ‘U’ while viewing a tour to get this link and copy the ‘start’ parameter.


  • Sample Output.
  • Sample of Shortcode in Editor.


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/wp-matterport-shortcode directory, or install the plugin
    through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Use the [matterport] shortcode within any post or page on your site!


Installation Instructions
  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/wp-matterport-shortcode directory, or install the plugin
    through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Use the [matterport] shortcode within any post or page on your site!
Q: I love this! I want to buy you coffee

A: OK! Paypal to chris at metroplex360.com!

Q: I’ve changed the title of my tour in my.matterport.com, but it won’t change on my site!

A: Visit Admin > Settings > WP Matterport Shortcode to refresh!

Q: I love the lightbox overlay thing.

A: Thanks, it’s Magnific Popup by Dmitry Semenov. Go check out his site. He makes some awesome stuff!

Q: I’m already using Magnific Popup on my site and this plugin is causing issues.

A: wp_dequeue_script(‘magnific’); wp_dequeue_style(‘magnific’);

Q: Can you add feature X… Y… Z?

A: If you think of a good feature, shoot me an e-mail 🙂


Exactly what I needed

This plugin is exactly what I needed to display my Matterport tours on my clients websites. It is very clean and efficient. I would highly recommend this plugin to showcase your tours.


I started using this plugin about 6 months ago. KUDOS! YAY! AWESOME! Works beautifully with my WordPress (Matterport) website! Thanks!

super awesome app

I am using this app and are very happy with it. Easy to install and use, and excellent support from the developer.

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Contributors & Developers

“WP Matterport Shortcode” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



2.0 – Coming Soon –

  • Now includes a point and click interface to build shortcodes!


Fixed CSS that added a small black line below tours without labels.


Add welcome= parameter. Replace ‘Explore 3D Space’ with a custom message. (Replace spaces with %20)


  • Fixed tiny bug where embedded galleries with multiple manually set titles were only displaying the first title.


  • Added ’embed=true’ parameter to enable displaying Matterport Tour in place (without an overlay)


  • Added formatted error messages when an invalid, or private tour is embedded.
  • Fixed ts=# parameter


  • Fixed a few PHP Notice Messages.


  • Added ‘allow=”vr”‘ parameter to IFRAME to allow WebVR support for Chrome v62+ on mobile. This only affects tablets as default behavior on small screens is to open in a new window.


  • Swapped WeServ.nl for Matterport CDN with Image Resizing (new!)
  • Added Params: width, height (default 940, 540)
  • Removed Param: nocache
  • Fixed PHP Warnings related to &title


  • Added Params: dh, gt, hr, mt, title
  • &mls=2 now supported
  • Changed plugin-specific use of ‘title’ param to ‘label’
  • Legacy use of ‘title’ to label tours still supported if non-numeric


  • Plugin name changed to: WP Matterport Shortcode (was: WP Matterport Shortcode Gallery Embed)
  • Updated Banner, WordPress.org Icons, and Admin Icon
  • Removed unused VR icons.


  • &lang – Now accepts any parameters (previous es, fr only)
  • Fixed z-index conflicts with sticky menu themes with z-index: 999


  • Fixed window parameter again… sorry, seems like the overlay broke.


  • Fixed mls and title parameters
  • Fixed ‘undefined variable’ bug when clearing admin cache.


  • Added ‘nocache’ parameter to bypass image caching for when you change the default thumbnail and it won’t refresh.


  • Fixed window parameter… because coding and not testing is stupid.


  • Added ‘window’ parameter to allow users to open tours in a new window or existing embedded iframe


  • Faster loading images fixed. Found a much easier method to seve from images.weserv.nl


  • Faster loading images — LINUX INSTALLS ONLY
  • Now uses images.weserv.nl for image resizing and caching — LINUX APACHE ONLY


  • Now supports all parameters from https://support.matterport.com/hc/en-us/articles/209980967-URL-Parameters
  • Added hhl, minzoom, maxzoom and zoomtrans
  • Removed ‘unbranded’ parameter. Please use ‘brand’
  • Removed ‘floors’ parameter. Please use ‘f’


  • Added ‘lang’ parameter


  • Added ‘nozoom’ parameter
  • Removed ‘VR Ready’ Tag as all tours contain CoreVR
  • Fixed ‘start’ parameter and limited to only work on single tour embeds.


  • Fixed bug that was showing all tours unbranded. Sorry about that.


  • Fixed errors when displaying addresses
  • Added QuickStart parameter (qs=1)
  • Removed floors parameter
  • Removed OpenGraph code (unnecessary)
  • Changed unbranded parameter to brand


  • Fixed error message caused by meta data change to address.


  • Forced use of OpenMetaGraph tags for images after plugin broke.


  • Tour will skip Lightbox when window is < 600px. (mobile)


  • Fixed non-dollhouse thumbnail generation (broken in 1.4.3)


  • Added support for showing default generated dollhouse thumbnail


  • Added !important to lightbox max-width 1200px


  • ‘VR Ready’ status appears on tours enhanced for Samsung VR
  • Added showdate parameter (false/true/modified)
  • Admin – Cached Tour Information displays by date created
  • FIX – Duplicate database entries no longer generated on tours with short titles.


  • WPMS now saves and retrieves cached data to custom database table – wpms
  • Admin – Moved to Top Level with a recognizable icon
  • Admin – Plugins Page – Added Link to ‘Settings / Cache Management’
  • Admin – Added Screen Options – Columns 1,2,3,4 for fun!
  • CSS Fix: Forced ‘clear: both’ to new rows in 2, 3 and 4 column layouts


  • Added title=”hidden” option to hide title area.


  • Added WP Matterport Shortcode Admin Page
  • Added ability to refresh data via Admin
  • Added ability to quickly access model on MyMatterport.com via Admin
  • Removed expiration on cached data.
  • Fixed address=”true” parameter. Addresses now display.
  • Added margin-bottom: 0 to .wpm img — to override themes adding space below image.


  • Automatically enqueues jQuery if not included by theme.
  • Separated Magnific Pop-Up Javascript/CSS, enqueued as ‘magnific’ – so that it can be disabled via theme — if perhaps one uses WF Magnific or IW Magnific plugins.
  • Changed line-height to 56px for Arrow — tnx IBAdvantage


  • Title and Image URL cached as transients – much faster!
  • Added address option: address=TRUE to show street/city/state/zip
  • Added showStats option: showStats=TRUE to show XXX Scans
  • Fixed source image sizes to 960 width in 1 Column Mode; 640×320 for 2 and higher.
  • Added retrieval of Title/Address/# va JSON with OpenGraph fallback
  • Changed CSS prefix to wpm- as a universal prefix.
  • Updated MagnificPopup to v1.1.0


  • Featured: Added title parameter. Add a title from the shortcode to single or multiple tours (separate with semi-colon)
  • Feature: Added Spanish, French and German internationalization of the ONE line of text — Explore 3D Space


  • Feature: Added class – ‘wpm[matterport ID]’ to containers
  • Fix: Internet Explorer – Fixed thumbnails by disabling use of Google Image Cache in IE.
  • Fix: Added 1em of space below each tour when columns become 100% width (< 740px)
  • Optimization: Thumbnail image size set to 600 if using columns (Instead of 900)


  • Added floors, guides help and start parameters.
  • Added 1em of margin below shortcode output.


  • Initial Release.