Shortcode Addons- with Visual Composer, Divi, Beaver Builder and Elementor Extension


**Beautiful and Useful Elements with Visual Composer, Divi, Beaver Builder and Elementor Extension**

We have designed and developed the Shortcode Addons for making your life the easiest when it comes to creating your wonderful website. Yes, you heard it right. The Easiest! WordPress has already made site building easy with great themes. Add some more flexibility into that, and you have easier options in form of page builders like Visual Composer, Divi, Elementor or Beaver Builder. And now we are going to help you take the last step; find the easiest and most flexible way out with Shortcode Addons!

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Built in Visual Composer, Divi, Elementor and Beaver Builder Extention

But no matter how good these page builders are, it is not possible to find everything on the same plate. It is a bit too much to ask from any page builder or theme to be as perfect as your imagination. For example, you might want a specific type of price table that would be convenient for your e-commerce store. You can’t blame the page builders or themes if they don’t have something according to your unique needs. This is where Shortcode Addons will be a great helping hand. With more than 60+ widget options, this is everything you would ever need!

Your suggestions will make this plugin even better, so let us know if you need any assistance or help.

We believe that WordPress is for everyone, and a plugin description should explain everything in detail. That’s why we are going to explain what shortcodes actually are here. If you are an experienced WordPress user and already know what shortcodes are, then you can skip this part and continue reading below. But if you are a beginner, then we would highly recommend you to understand the mechanism of shortcodes before you start working with the Shortcode Addons plugin.

Unleashing the full power and potential of page builders is no longer for experts only. Beginners can now also get their share of the pie. Shortcode Addons will enable the noob users of Visual Composer, Divi, Elementor or Beaver Builder to forget about the complex backend coding, and just focus on the frontend design without having to compromise on anything.

Major features in Shortcode Addons:

  • 65+ shortcodes for all sorts of actions you might want to feature in your website. You won’t have to depend on any other source of shortcodes if you have Shortcode Addons installed in your website.
  • Totally compatible with all the page builders including Beaver Builder, Divi, Visual Composer or Elementor. Regardless of the page builder you are comfortable with, Shortcode Addons will a great helping hand in making you capable of developing and designing beautiful websites.
  • Easy creation of tabs, accordions, lists, events, links, layouts, buttons, headers and many more!
  • SEO friendly design and coding for your business convenience. Rank your website faster with Shortcode Addons.
  • Easy UI and great user experience! Anyone can create a website with the help of this amazing tool.
  • Tons of design options in multiple colors. Bring out the creative side of your brain through our custom design options.
  • Shortcode Addons support all the default presets. It makes the plugin fully compatible for all kinds of users. You can get so many extra useful presets as well.
  • Tight content organization has never been easier before. You won’t have to risk messing your website style up due to unresponsive addons.
  • Exporting and importing content is most reliable with Shortcode Addons. Mange your content efficiently and give your visitors a wonderful experience.
  • Only worry about the frontend and leave the rest to Shortcode Addons. The site won’t bug you regarding the backend and complex coding.
  • Custom addon templates give you more freedom and flexibility to play with your website. You can try and test unlimited options until you find your desired result.
  • You can change your website design in seconds by changing design layout and addon colors. Surprise your visitors with a new look on a regular basis.
  • Fast speed and loading time for all the addons and widgets. Many addons take a heavy toll on the website and end up causing too much loading time for the user. The site will still load in the blink of an eye regardless of having multiple widgets installed in your page.
  • Shortcode Addons provides you with fully customizable and responsive design templates for all the widgets. You won’t have to worry about manually making the site responsive, as the design is completed keeping every single device and screen size in mind.
  • You will get most of the wonderful addons and widgets totally free of cost in the free version. No other similar plugin can provide you with these many options for free.
  • For getting full and unlimited access, you will only have to pay a modicum of money. The unlimited features totally worth your bucks and will add great value to your website. If you are developing websites for your clients, then you will be able to charge them more with the great output you’ll provide them with Shortcode Addons.

I am quite sure that you are already convinced that the number of features you are going to receive once you have installed Shortcode Addons is kind of enormous. But it doesn’t end here. You will also get the possible support from the brilliant development team that has worked relentlessly to make the plugin at the users’ convenience. You will receive equal treatment regardless of the skill level you have on WordPress. For learners or experts, the support will always find a way to help.

=Benefits of Using Shortcode Addons=

  • Countless Options: WordPress users always look for more flexibility. On top of that, WordPress is quite famous for providing the users with that as well. The way WordPress has achieved that, is by having wonderful plugins. And now this has gotten even better with the page builders. For instance, Beaver Builder will help you to get complete control of your website, even though you are working with WordPress. It was thought that WordPress users will always have to settle for limited fixed options, and they will never have full freedom while developing with WordPress. But Beaver Builder has proven that completely wrong.
    With such flexibility, it might get a bit overwhelming at times. In many cases it is seen that users are installing too many plugins to develop one single website. This is quite inconvenient. This happens because different plugins take care of separate small parts of web development through WordPress. It might get really tough for the users to keep track of it. When too many plugins are installed, it is also possible that the website speed will receive a downturn. Even a page builder like Elementor suffers from the same problem when it is used alongside so many plugins.
    So, wouldn’t it be wonderful if Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, Divi or Elementor could be handled and used without having to use so many other plugins? Shortcode Addons will enable you to do exactly that. As it has so many shortcodes built in it, you will hardly need any other plugin to make sure that your page builder gives you the ultimate web development experience.
    As you can have different styles and colors for each element you find in our plugin, it will be much more convenient for you to give your website a unique look without having to spend too much time in developing the website’s backend.
    When people work with page builders, they fear that for having enough coding knowledge they will be unable to make the best use. For example, more than 50% users of Visual Composer believe that they could use the page builder much better if they had coding knowledge. Shortcode addons will make those users satisfied; as their shortcomings due to not having coding knowledge will be mitigated to a massive extend with the help of our shortcodes. Every single element they would ever want to use is available and fully compatible with all page builders, even Divi, Visual Composer, Beaver Builder and Elementor.
    No other similar plugin will give you this many options. Already the addon count is 80+, and we are working relentlessly to increase the number even more. We are hoping to make the plugin more compatible for even newest of page builders as well.

  • Fully Responsive: The design and the functions of your website will not matter if the visitors can’t visit from different devices and get a good experience. Sites that are not responsive don’t look good on devices with smaller screens like phones and tablets. As a result, phone and tablet users stop visiting that particular site. However, it is important to make sure that everyone gets to receive all the features and functionalities of your website regardless of the device they are using. Otherwise you are going to end up losing potential traffic.
    Traditional page builders try their best to make sure that their built-in themes and page elements are as responsive as possible. Visual Composer and Divi claim that their site elements and themes are totally responsive. But that can’t happen every single time as your unique necessities might hamper the responsive characteristics of the site at the first place. Or, you might not be able to afford the premium versions of Divi, Visual Composer or Elementor, that provide one of the most useful responsive page building elements out there. If you are using less known page builders, then responsiveness might become a big issue.
    Anyways, for keeping the brilliant designs done with amazing page builders like Beaver Builder, Divi, Elementor or Visual Composer, Shortcode Addons will be a great addition and complimentary tool. While choosing the widgets or elements from this plugin, there is no need to worry about the responsive of the site. No matter which style and color you have chosen for widgets like countdowns, events or accordions, every single time you will receive maximum responsiveness which will keep the site’s user experience more or less the same in all devices.

  • It’s Easy: Do you know why the number of people who work with brilliant software programs is way too low? The answer is very simple. It is because those programs are quite tough to handle. At times, working with page builders might seem quite complex as well. Beginners find it really difficult to create a good website using Elementor. Though Elementor has a very easy to use UI, people get overwhelmed with all those functions and features at one place.
    But that would not be the case if you are using Shortcode Addons. Our awesome plugin will not only help you build sites easily, but also will enable you to use seemingly complex page builders like Elementor and Visual Composer effortlessly. The mechanism behind applying the widgets or elements is so simple that people who don’t have any kind of coding experience at all are able to take full advantage and improve their site building skills overnight.
    People who work with Divi and Visual Composer at times complain that for beginners this page builder is kind of ruthless in terms of keeping the design in shape. It is quite understandable as well. Page builders will give you the elements to build a page, even a website. But your design sense will not be covered by page builders as that comes from design talent or training. But Shortcode Addons has that covered as well. You already know that our plugin has every single element a page might need, and all of those elements are designed beautifully. You can change the designs according to your choice by changing colors, sizes and so many more. And guess, every single combination looks great. I don’t think Divi users will still have that complain any more if they get their hands on this awesome design tool. People having minimum design knowledge will create websites that are so charming to the audience.
    The other reason why people don’t want to use complex software and programs is they don’t find the programs comfortable to handle. It happens due to an UI full of too many tools. And guess what, most of the tools displayed on the UI are never used. Shortcode Addons is totally free from that. The UI is designed in such a way that you will only see what you need in the UI and you can use those necessary options straight forward. Such UIs are quite rare these days because very often developers go for more options at the cost of compromising with user experience.

  • SEO Support: The developer team behind this awesome plugin understands the importance of SEO very well. After all, we have to make our own website visible in the search engine as well, if we want to stay in the business for long enough. That’s why we understand your SEO needs and demands too. That’s why the plugin is created in such a way that it doesn’t hamper your site’s SEO ranking, rather boosts it.
    Beaver Builder users at times suffer substantial downfalls in the search engine. No, we are not saying that it is solely Beaver Builder’s fault, but the way the site has been built. The page builders like Beaver Builder or Visual Composer will not tell you what to do for ensuring the best SEO practices for your site. It is quite understandable as well. The page builders expect you to have some minimum SEO knowledge if you are thinking of ranking the site well. Users, who lack that, might suffer in terms of ranks.
    So, simply use Shortcode Addons with Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, Elementor or Divi for creating the killer SEO combination. With our fully customization, flexible addons, you will be able to put your targeted keywords at any place of your webpage, so that Google’s robot’s don’t ignore you when they are visiting your site.
    For SEO ranks, another very important factor is site speed. At times, heavy design and plugins can reduce the site speed as the page becomes way too heavy. This awesome plugin has taken care of that as well. The size of your webpages will be kept at a minimum level. Though the designs might look really huge and complex, you will not have to worry about a significant reduction in site speed as those designs are optimized in a way that your site speed will never be compromised. So, when Google’s algorithms will see that your site is loading in no time, your site’s rank will skyrocket in no time.
    In addition, the UI of your site will be better too because the site visitors will also get relieved when they will see such a huge site being loaded in fractions of seconds. Now how cool is that!

  • Great for Business: Probably this is the most anticipated and attractive part of this section, right? Who doesn’t want to make money? This plugin can help you to make money in multiple ways. If you are already earning money online, then your earning might get a massive boost if you implement Shortcode Addons. If you are not earning online yet, but have plans to do so, then that will be helped as well.
    Anyways, let’s get into it. Affiliate marketing is a great classic way of earning money online. There are so many cases of earning millions of money through affiliate marketing. For affiliate marketing, the driving force is website traffic. No, our plugin will not say every internet user in the world to come and visit your website. No plugin can do that. But what our plugin will do is, it will help you create such a website which will attract users.
    Users are attracted by site designs and loading time, along with the content the site has. If your site has good content, then compliment that to the highest extent with our wonderfully designed elements and widgets. You’ll see the result in no time.
    The other way to earn, is to build and sell websites. In this era of digital marketing, every single business requires a website. Not just big corporations, but also small startups that are opened very recently need their own websites as well. The online population is increasing day by day. This large amount of traffic is a massive hunting ground for digital marketers. That’s why no business is willing to fall behind in terms of covering the online market. However, that’s why the need of website building services is at the top of its peak. With page builders and our plugin, you can create such websites that will sell for big money.
    Let me tell you a secret. If you are only using a page builder, let’s say Divi, your chances of selling the site for a massive sum once it’s built is not that big. Do you know why? Because a page builder like Divi is already quite famous. The number of developers who use this wonderful tool is quite big. That’s why you won’t be able to provide your customer or client with a unique experience and service. The same is true for the other famous options as well. Visual Composer is already overused, you can tell that the site it is built by Elementor when you see it and Beaver Builder has become cliché as well.
    So, what is the solution to this? Is the solution going for newer page builder options that nobody has ever heard of? Of course not! There are lots of risks associated with it. If you choose lesser known options, then they might not be good enough at the end of the costing you even more. But you have to win the competition after all, right? The secret is, use these overused page builders, but in a new way. Shortcode Addons is that new way.
    Using Shortcode Addons along with page builders will make your site really unique. The massive range of designs will never give it away that you have even used a page builder to build your site. If your customer understands that you have used a page builder, they would like to pay you less. Because they will know that you haven’t spent hours after hours for writing complex codes for the site, rather you have built the site with little to no labor. If you purchase the premium version of the plugin, you might have to pay a lump sum of money, but the amount of profit it will bring you is quite attractive.

  • Best Help and Support: Last but not the least, whenever you are looking forward to implement a plugin like this, you need to consider the help and support you will receive from the developer team. Nobody’s perfect, neither a plugin. We simply don’t blow away the possibility that our plugin might seem a bit trouble to you at times. That is true for any other programs out there as it depends on the user’s skill level or the other programs they are using alongside the plugin. But don’t worry about that too, our support team is totally dedicated to providing fast and quick solutions to any kind of query the user might ask.
    Among some common criticisms of page builders, unresponsive support teams are a very serious one. We have seen many people commenting on forums that Divi’s support team is not being able to give solutions in time. It happens due to the massive workload the developer team of these big and famous page builders have to go through. In addition, they have so many users with unique needs. As a result it might not be possible for them to reply to every single query instantly.
    But that would not be the case when you are using Shortcode Addons with those page builders. Our support team tries to reply to queries instantly and provide solutions with topmost priority. We believe that the main purpose of creating such plugins at the first place is to ensure user comfort, and a good support and help system is an integral part of it. There are many plugins that don’t have good enough customer service. They tend to forget about the customer once the plugin is bought. We believe that such practices are quite shameful and any plugin developer team has total obligation to the users who have purchased the plugin with money, as well as the users who have installed the free version for limited access.

=Elements of Shortcode Addons=

We think you need to know about the addons you are going to get and their functionality in our plugin, that’s why we have given you the full list here and its updating day by day! This way, users who have never used shortcodes to create different actions on their site will find it really easy to use!

  • Accordions: Decrease the need to scroll down your home page with beautiful accordions. Easy to scramble and organize. Works best with Visual Composer, Divi, Elementor and Beaver Builder.
  • Alert Box: Alert boxes let you know risks or warnings while trying to take a specific action in your site. Our collection is literally massive.
  • Banner: No website can look decent without a banner. The website holds your website identity. And we know that your care about your site’s identity the most. That’s why our banners are designed in best way for you!
  • Button: For any kind of actions, you might need a button on your page. A beautifully designed button can increase user experience by a huge extent.
  • Carousel: Carousels are boxed spaces in your page, that can hold multiple images. This is mainly for photography and image based sites.
  • Category: Have an e-commerce site? Then this addon will increase the power of your Visual Composer, Beaver Builder, Elementor or Divi along with WooCommerce for creating product categories that are mind-blowing to look. You can use this in other kind of sites as well.
  • Contact Form: Let your site users know how to reach you, with our brilliantly designed contact forms.
  • Content Boxes: Have your content well-organized, and highlighted with our content boxes.
  • Count Down: Introducing something new and want to let your audience the time left for release? Then Count Down options are for you.
  • Divider: For placing specific information in specific sections of your site, dividers might come in really handy. And when you have charming design, it gets even better. You’ll get that with Shortcome Addons.
  • Drop Caps: Not into using paragraph subheads for your blog and want something different? Why don’t you try out drop caps for a change?
  • Event widgets: Want to announce an upcoming event in your site? The event widget will tell everyone about it.
  • Footer Info: Of course you don’t want your site’s visitors to forget about the basic information when they scroll down to the footer. Footer info won’t let them do that.
  • Header: A header is an integral part of the site base. Your site’s slogan, mission and similar information will be visible here, so you should choose nothing but the best. We will give you the best!
  • Heading: Site headings are necessary to grab the attention of the visitor instantly. We have designed our headings this way.
  • Icon: Get the biggest collection of icons you have ever seen to use in your site. Fully compatible with all the page builders out there. Our icon collection is even larger than Visual Composer’s icon list. Place any icon anywhere!
  • Icon Boxes: Want to give the icons an even better look? Then use the icons in icon boxes. The icons boxes are designed to hold icons of different types. Though our icon boxes are better used with our own icons, you can still place icons from anywhere. Even Beaver Builder’s built-in icons will look great in these boxes.
  • Icon Effects: Do find still icons boring? Then use effects on the icons to make it more interesting! Shortcode Addons has a very big collection of icon effects at your service.
  • Image Boxes: Most of the users or developers think that image boxes are not that important in terms of design as the main focus is the design. The image box concepts of our plugin will blow your mind and prove you wrong.
  • Info Banner: Highlight the most important info in your site with a well-placed info banner with proper design and style.
  • Lightbox: Looking for more subscribers in your blog or need email leads? Then our amazing lightbox popups can get your more subscribers by dropping their jaws with design.
  • Link Effects: Links without effects are very boring. It might seem pretty odd, but links that have effects have possibilities of getting click more often than the ones that don’t have effects. The best link effects collection is here for you!
  • Price Table: Don’t you think that your sales will get a massive boost if you can simply attract the user with the price table design? Price tables display the prices of the products you are selling, right? So, our price table styles will make your cheap products look premium!
  • Progcess Bar: Those days of green progress bar over white background is over. The progcess bar needs to be interesting if you want to make the user believe that their waiting time is actually worth. Shortcode Addon’s progcess bar can definitely do that!
  • Product Boxes: Product boxes are holders of your product’s image, information and price. Take your e-commerce business to whole new level with our brilliant product box options and skyrocket your sales.
  • Section Divider: If you want to make your site more comfortable for the users, then it is necessary that you use section dividers to indicate which information goes to which place of your page. Section dividers are dedicated for that purpose. Shortcode Addons have section divider options that can take care of it without any hint of a doubt.
  • Single Image: Place a single image wherever you want in your page. The function of our single image addon is much easier than Visual Composer. You can choose any area in your site you would like to. Image can be of any size or shape too.
  • Social Icons: This is pretty basic stuff. Let your site user’s know that you are on social media as well by placing social icons at necessary spaces.
  • Spacer: Determine the amount of space between various elements and sections of your site with magnificently designed spacers!
  • Team: Want to show off your crew and team? Add the member names and designations easily.
  • Text Blocks: You won’t have to worry about not being able to place text on a certain area of your page due to the complexity of the design. Our text blocks can be placed anywhere and you can put whatever text you want.
  • Testimonial: If you have clients or service receivers to speak for you, then add our testimonial addon to display that to potential clients.

We are the developers of Shortcode Addons. You might think that we are blindly flexing about the good sides of our plugin. We do concede that many plugin developer teams do actually publish their plugins that way. For making sure that we are actually different, just use the free version of our plugin and find for yourself. Don’t worry, this will not screw your website up. If you simply deactivate the plugin, it’ll be back to normal.

Our mission and vision is to ensure ultimate user satisfaction. If the users are satisfied with our plugin and its functions, then we will get more encouragement to bring many more addons and widgets for the convenience of the users. On the other hand, we will continue to research and make the plugin more compatible to as many page builders as possible. We are sure that you are now convinced to give us a shot! Best of luck! Feel free to let us know about your experience with your plugin.


  • Install Elements From Addons List
  • Demo Elements lookup.
  • Admin panel With Live Preview.
  • Admin panel With Live Preview.


We’ve made it very simple and very easy to use. The installation process of this plugin is very easy. Those who are not even a regular user or even haven’t any prior experience can easily install our product on their WP dashboard. Nevertheless, for your convenience, we left an installation instruction over here:

=Option 1=
+ Download the plugin from WordPress Plugin Directory.
+ Unzip the zip file and extract the plugin folder named **
+ Left that plugin folder into your wp-content/plugins folder.
+ Go and refresh your WordPress administration panels and from the menu bar click on Plugins.
+ Now you may see your plug-in listed under inactive plug-in tab.
+ Click active to turn your wordpress plugin on.

=Option 2=
+ Like the first option you have to download the zip file from download location.
+ Unzip the zip file and extract the shortcode-addons plugin folder.
+ Double click on the installable folder in order to get
+ Go to wordpress admin panel and press Add New from the Menu bar under plugins tab.
+ Select upload link and drug the available image Hover Effects Plugin file and click install now.
+ After successfully installed finally click on ‘activate’ to turn on.

Let us know if you need any help, just open a thread into Support Forum. Don’t be hesitated to inform us about any Bugs or Conflict.

=Product Activation License=

On the Shortcode Addons- with Visual Composer, Divi, Beaver Builder and Elementor Extension submenu, you’ll find a new option entitled “Settings”. Here you can Upgrade your free version plugin to Pro version. By submitting and activating the license key you’ll able to upgrade your plugin very easily from this option. Let’s see how to upgrade the plugin from Product License submenu.

Go to Settings submenu>> Enter the Product Key>> Click Save Changes button>> Now click on Activate license. That’s all!

How to Start with Shortcode Addons- with Visual Composer, Divi, Beaver Builder and Elementor Extension

We make Shortcode Addons WordPress plugin very user friendly so that users can use it without having any trouble, rather they will find interest in it. Creating any shortcode elements is very simple and intuitive here with Shortcode Addons. Also, the admin area of Shortcode Addons contains inline information that describes you the settings and possibilities that the Shortcode Addons plugin offers. In this part we’re going to give you some instruction on how to start adding hover item to Shortcode Addons. So, let’s start:

  • Click the Shortcode Addons submenu entry entitled Addons Elements. This will take you to the Install Elements which one you needed.
  • Now Come on the Elements and click into right Elements.
  • Now select a Style from our layouts list.
  • After selecting a style you’ll need to create a name of your selected style. Now click the Save button.
  • Now set your content, style etc and your shortcode are ready for use.


WordPress Shortcode Addons- with Visual Composer, Divi, Beaver Builder and Elementor Extension Plugin

Whether, is the IShortcode Addons support basic HTML Elements?

Yes. Basic Html has a support possibility.Such as you can add , .

Is the Shortcode Addons Responsive?

Yes, reacts and displays resizing all elements for mobile devices and tablets.

How to enable the Shortcode Addons to in a post or page?

[oxi_addons id=”1″] as demo for post. You can also add into page as shortcode for page.

Is Shortcode Addons Support Page Builder

Yes, On Page Builder you Use shortcode for page builder. We also add extension for Visual Composer, Divi, Beaver Builder and Elementor.

Do i Make Clone of any Style

Its too easy Chose your style from Elements List and click at Clone.


December 2, 2019
I inherited a site designed by someone else and found it overly complex where it didn't need to be. Changes often required rewriting php code, which could become problematic when theme updates are installed. This plugin solved all that and easily. I am now editing within theme pages and posts as I should be, and not in php pages. I no longer need to worry about updates and I have far greater flexibility and far less time spent on coding. Excellent product!
July 26, 2019
The plugin is easy to use, works well, and if I have questions, the support is handled quickly.
January 21, 2020
DO NOT USE THIS unless you are willing to start from scratch when they release an update. I used to say "5 stars, This plugin is easy to use. I was able to use this plugin without training or any background in website coding." They then released and update which makes any content I created using the plugins uneditable. When contacting their support I was told the best solution would be for me to recreate all my shortcode content.
June 5, 2019
This plugin is really good to make any website easily. I faced a problem and they have supported me to solve the problem. I could solved the problem. I like it very much.
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*New Admin Interface
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  • Initial Release
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    Rest Api Based= 2.0.2 =
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New Admin Interface
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New Admin Interface
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Elementor Blocks


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Add more Elements
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Add more Elements
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Add more Elements
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