This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

ShootQ Integration


Integrates your shootQ account with your blog. You can integrate your public contact form into any page or post. You can also integrate your ProPhoto Blog 2, 3 & 4 contact form with shootQ. You can also use Contact Form 7, CformsII and custom forms to send data directly to shootQ. This plugin is provided free by Flaunt Books.


How easy is this to install?

It can be installed, activated & integrated within 2 minutes.

After activating, how do I display my contact form?

Create or edit a page / post and insert the following shortcode:


You can add the form to your theme using this in your theme:

Can it process my ProPhoto Contact Form?

You’ll need to be using ProPhoto 3 with a build number of #664 or higher for the plugin to work instantly without the need to modify any theme files.
If you aren’t, contact ProPhoto here: for an update.

The plugin is being unzipped when I download it and I’m using a Mac. How do I fix that?

If you are using a Mac please be sure that your browser does not unzip or decompress the attachment. It needs to remain intact as There are settings for both Safari & Firefox which allow you control over whether downloads and attachments are automatically unzipped / decompressed. If you can’t solve this you’ll need to upload (FTP) the unzipped shootq folder into your wordpress plugins directory. The folder name should be “shootq” and it should contain 3 php files and 2 folders.
You can then visit your plugins page in WordPress and activate the Plugin. Skip to Step Three.



  • Fixed hooks to enable proper integration with updates to both shootQ and ProPhoto.
  • Reverse compatibility fixes for all version of ProPhoto Blogs


  • Added expanded ability for any form to initiate shootQ by adding a hidden field name shootq.
  • Fixed several other styling and data saving issues.
  • Added better links to the settings from the plugin description and activation links.


  • Fixed a save settings problem.


  • Updated ProPhoto instructions as you need to be using ProPhoto 3 with a build number of #664 or higher. Contact ProPhoto for an update.


  • Added ProPhoto blog form hook so ProPhoto users don’t have to modify their templates.
  • Improved the styling of the plugin by utilizing the JQuery UI Library. Added Tabs & Accordian for specific instructions and FAQ.
  • Added Tweet this and a link to contact Flaunt Books for help with integration & customization.


  • Fixed minor tweaks to admin & plugin page.


  • Fixed image & style sheet errors for admin of plugin.


  • First stable release


  • Initial Setup & Beta Testing

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