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Google Sheets allows you to input data on your Google sheet and show the same data on WordPress as a table effortlessly. Once you update your Google sheet, it automatically updates on WordPress without touching anything. Google Sheets to WP Table is always live sync’d. After setting up, you do not have to edit your WordPress post/or your table to update the new data. You can just add a new row in Google Sheets and the plugin will automatically do the rest of the job.

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Worried about how to display your Google Spreadsheet on the WordPress table? Well, your hustle ends today! Presenting Sheets to WP Table Live Sync – the easiest solution to showcase the spreadsheet data in your WordPress.

Quick and effortless. Sheets to WP Table Live Sync plugin lets you organize and display all the Google Spreadsheet data on WordPress within just a few clicks! Keep your Google Spreadsheet data always synced with your WordPress.

The plugin supports sorting options, search bars, and swap options. Keep almost every kind of data safe and secure and manage them smoothly without any hassle. Sheet to WP Table Live Sync creates responsive data tables and makes powerful data administration.

Simple and easy. No coding knowledge required. It’s easy to install and will offer you the simplest settings to configure. With Sheets to Wp Table Live Sync, even a beginner can create a table on the backend by exporting data from any google sheet.

After you set up a table, a shortcode is generated automatically. All you need to place the shortcode anywhere you want on your website. Table data will be displayed in a Google spreadsheet format in your dashboard. It doesn’t matter what type of data you would like to include, Sheet to WP Table Sync has support for almost everything you can think of!

Free Features

🎉 Amazing things that you can do with the plugin (absolutely FREE):

  1. Live Data Synchronization: This is easily the best feature of Sheet to WP Table Sync. The plugin will automatically synchronize all the data from your Google spreadsheet. Your website’s data table will be updated by exporting all your data from the table from your Google spreadsheet without manually editing WordPress posts at all.

  2. Shortcode Supported: Place your data table more easily and effortlessly anywhere with the shortcode feature. A shortcode will be created with the table created. You can place the code anywhere you want on your page or posts. The table will appear according to your order.

  3. Table Title: Enable this to show the table title in the h3 tag above the table in your website front-end. Rename your tables as you want. You will get an option to turn it On or Off.

  4. Data Fetching: Create a table and fetch up to 15-row data from your targeted table in the free version. You can show more data in the pro version.

  5. Show Info block: Show Showing X to Y of Z entries block below the table. With this feature, you will get the idea of the data sequence of your table at a glance. The plugin also has an On/Off button on the backend for this feature.

  6. Show X Entries: This option appears on the top of your table. It counts your total entries on that page of your table. This feature also contains an On/Off button on the backend.

  7. Swap Filters: With this swap filtering feature you can swap the filtering positions from left to right or right to left.

  8. Swap Bottom Elements: Swap elements from top to button or bottom to top with Sheets to WP Table Live Sync. Swap the places of Showing X to Y of Z entries with table pagination filter

  9. Allow Sorting: Sort all your elements with Sheets to WP Table Live Sync. It allows data sorting on your table in the exact order you need. You can turn off the feature if you want your data not sorted.

  10. Search Bar: Find your data and related details specifically with the search bar. The search bar will help you to find any data easily and effortlessly. This feature also contains an On/Off button on the backend.

  11. Pagination Support: Sheets to WP Table Live Sync plugin comes with the pagination support option. Order your data with a simple manner of sequential pages which are contextually connected.

  12. Asynchronous Loading: Enable this feature to load the table in the frontend after loading all content with a preloader. This will help your website load fast. Otherwise, the table will load with the reloading of the browser every time.

  13. Gutenberg Block: Sheets to WP Table Live Sync also supports Gutenberg blocks. You’ll be able to manage your tables with the Gutenberg block anytime, every time.

  14. 24/7 Support: We have a dedicated and hardworking team. Get support anytime in any issues with Sheets to WP Table Live Sync. Our support team will be there always.

Pro Features

💰 Pro features:

  1. All Free Features

  2. Responsive Table: Sheets to WP Table Live Sync plugin is responsive for any device. The plugin allows collapsing on mobile and tablet screens.

  3. Export table: Table exporting via CSV, Excel, PDF, JSON, Print, Copy is easy on this plugin.

  4. Unlimited Row Sync From Google sheet: Fetch as many row data you want to show it as WordPress table.

  5. Elementor Widget Support: Sheets to WP Table Live Sync supports Elementor widget. Organize your table data effortlessly than ever.

  6. Vetical Scroll/Sticky Header: This feature allows you to scroll vertically in the table. Activating this feature will allow the table to behave as sticky header.

  7. Format Table Cell (UPCOMING): Format the table cell as like google sheet cell formatting. Format your cell as Wrap or Clip or Expanded style.

  8. Rows Highlight (UPCOMING): Enable this feature to show highlighted rows of the table in the frontend selected by admin/user

  9. Multiple Spreadsheet Tab (UPCOMING): Enabling this feature will allow user/admin to choose & save multiple Google sheet tabs from a single Google spreadsheet

  10. Table Connection (UPCOMING): Enabling this feature will allow user/admin to connect multiple created table in a single page. Each individual table will be shown as like bootstrap tab or accordian design.

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Privacy Policy

Sheets To WP Table Live Sync uses Appsero SDK to collect some telemetry data upon user’s confirmation. This helps us to troubleshoot problems faster & make product improvements.

Appsero SDK does not gather any data by default. The SDK only starts gathering basic telemetry data when a user allows it via the admin notice. We collect the data to ensure a great user experience for all our users.

Integrating Appsero SDK DOES NOT IMMEDIATELY start gathering data, without confirmation from users in any case.

Learn more about how Appsero collects and uses this data.

Additionally read the WPPOOL privacy policy.



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  • Sheets To WP Table Live Sync


How to install and activate the plugin?

Watch this video to learn how to install and activate the plugin in simple steps

How do I add a new table using the plugin?

Watch the video to learn how to add a new table very easily with the plugin

How should I use the Shortcode feature to display my spreadsheet data?

Watch this video to learn how to use the Shortcode to display your spreadsheet data in WP table

Does this plugin support the popular page builders?

Yes, the plugin supports the most popular WP page builders – Elementor widget in Pro version and Gutenberg block in both Pro and Free version

How to hide “Showing X of X entries” in pagination?

Go to the Display tab of the table settings block and disable the “Show Info block” setting.

Do the Sheets to WP Table Live Sync plugin have any impact on page loading?

Not at all! Sheets to WP Table Live Sync is a very robust and fast plugin. It won’t impact your page loading. But sometimes it may take some time to load the page if the Asynchronous Loading feature is not On & the Google Sheet data is too big.

Where can I find the tutorials about using the plugin?

Please visit our Youtube playlist where we put all the videos of how you can use the features of the plugin. Also, let us know if there is anything we can help you with.

Is this plugin compatible with all modern browsers?

Yes, We have tested this plugin in all modern browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge etc) works without any issue.

Do I need to know any programming language for using this plugin?

No. WP Dark Mode is a very user-friendly and simple plugin. Just download and use it accordingly.

I want a refund for my purchase of the plugin. What is the procedure?

We have a 14 days refund policy. Please email us at explaining why you would like to get a refund.

Whom do I contact for any kind of support?

For instant support please send us a message on our Facebook page or you also contact us through


June 3, 2021
I wanted a easy way to display Google sheet data to WordPress and it does exactly that , no need to import sheet manually etc just copy paste the google sheet url and its table created.. Happy with the plugin as it saves our lot of time..
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Contributors & Developers

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  • Initial Release


  • Fix: Fixed user subscription
  • Fix: Fixed post fetching from WPPOOL
  • Improvement: Improved plugin admin layout


  • Fix: Fixed spreadsheet data fetching issue for different server
  • Improvement: Added video documention in dashboard page


  • Fix: Fixed admin page css issue
  • Fix: Fixed Table broken issue
  • Added: Add cell formatting feature as upcoming feature
  • Added: Changed non-developed feature as upcoming feature
  • Improvement: UI/UX improved for users
  • Improvement: Added 20 row fetching from google sheet
  • Improvement: Plugins code structure updated for pro version


  • Fix: Minor bugs fixed for pro plugin


  • Fix: Minor bugs fixed for pro plugin
  • Added: Added Format Table Cell feature in pro plugin
  • Added: Added Link Support feature in pro plugin
  • Added: Added plugin review reminder option in 1 day after activation
  • Added: Removed doc page from dashboard page
  • Improvement: Improved Gutenberg Table creation
  • Improvement: Improved table creation with 1 step reduced
  • Improvement: Other minor improvement for pro plugin