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Updates 10/14/2016

ShareThis: free sharing tools are easy to implement and will increase traffic and engagement on your site.

Customize your look and feel by selecting your preferred layout and over 80 social channels including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin, WhatsApp and more. Start empowering users to share content and grow your traffic today

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  • Example of the Hoverbar.
  • ShareThis modal window after user clicks on ShareThis icon in the Hoverbar.
  • ShareThis on-page counters and share buttons.


Do I need to create an account?

No, you do not need to create an account in order to control a limited number of ShareThis sharing tools from within WordPress and enable your site’s visitors to share the content. In order to see your site’s analytics, you will need to create an account with ShareThis. Creating an account requires an email and password or you can choose to login with another social media or Google account, along with agreeing to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Oh, and you must be at least 13 years old.

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Virus plugin


It is true that this plugin adds a ton (like over 40) of tracking scripts and other spyware to the site. It will slow the website down even with caching. Besides that, why in the heck have they put all these tracking scripts in and why does allow trash plugins like this to stay active, because this really wastes our time. DON'T INSTALL THIS, IT IS A BAD PLUGIN. Although the buttons are cute, if you don't look at the code and what's really happening.



This plugin is a virus or something. I created this account to write this review. You can't uninstall it. You can remove it from your plugins, but it embeds itself in your theme and collects data from your site. It added over 100 tracker links to my site!!! This added about 2-4 seconds to the load time of all my pages. I had to reinstall my entire theme to get rid of it. This plugin needs to be removed from WordPress's directory. I can understand them adding the tracker links when the plugin is installed as it is free. The fact you cannot get rid of it once you uninstall it is a major issue, and not okay. DO NOT INSTALL. There are so many other plugins that do the same thing and don't hijack your site.

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Minor bug fixes


Change Call-to-Action text in Step 5 of sign up process


Fix for settings, css fix for button height


Changes to emails


Changes to README, updated screenshots and logo.


Additional drag and drop changes


Users can now drag and drop services for newer wordpress versions


User will no longer see the selection of MultiPost/Direct Post widget option. By default, new users will get MultiPost Widget.


  1. Added support for HTTPS WordPress Admin Panel
  2. Removed Google Analytics Tracking from Configuration page
  3. Updated Sign-in workflow
  4. Works with wordpress 4.2.2


  1. Removed ShareNow Widget from configuration section
  2. Updated Direct Post screenshots


Added HTTPS Support for Publishers who manage the ShareThis Plugin over HTTPS Admin Panel.


  1. Updated Help links in the Welcome Email
  2. Updated Screenshot of the New Updated Multi-Post Widget on Configuration page


Added option to Show/Hide Buttons on Post Excerpts.

User can now configure whether to show buttons on Post Excerpts by selecting the checkbox provided on Configuration Page Step 4.


Updated Configuration Page Screenshots.


  1. Fix for conflict between Facebook and SEO Plugin and ShareThis Plugin


  1. Fix for ShareThis Settings keeps Resetting after activation of any plugin
  2. Fix for Warning messages display


Maintenance Fix

Buttons not showing up on the Page


Maintenance Fixes

  1. Hoverbar buttons get cut-off when placed on right position
  2. Unwanted
    Tags were getting inserted in button SPAN tags


Maintenance Fixes

Fix for Conflict between Open Graph Plugin and ShareThis Plugin


Maintenance Fixes

  1. Social Plugins are showing-up on Hoverbar and messing the other buttons
  2. WordPress Plugin Configuration Page Error when only Hoverbar option is selected
  3. Hover Bar Position (Left/Right) not getting updated on the actual website
  4. Pulldown Bar logo image not getting saved


  1. Option to add or edit http/https option in code.
  2. Options to show buttons on selected pages.
  3. Advance configuration to edit code.
  4. Added option to show/hide
    a. Step 3 Sharing method.
    b. Step 4 Manage page exceptions.
    c. Step 6 View & Edit code.
  5. Removed drop downs for Page & Post selection from Step 4.
  6. Minor bug fixes.


Hot fix for plugin upgradation failure (content not displaying on website after plugin upgradation)


  1. ShareThis plugin support for WordPress 3.8
  2. Option to show buttons on Top or Below the post
  3. Option to Logout in Plugin


  1. Secunia vulnerability issue resolved


  1. New sharethis logo added


  1. jQuery noConflict fixed
  2. Yoast SEO conflict fixed


  1. CSS Fixes


  1. Versioning bug


  1. Fixes for IE


  1. Pulldown bar implementation
  2. Improved plugin configuration user interface
  3. Support for more social services


  1. CNS implementation
  2. Bug Fixes.


  1. Get the Instagram badge and link to your profile!
  2. Bug Fixes.


  1. Now you know how many users share by copying and pasting. Introducing CopyNShare. Enable it and check your Analytics Dashboard to see those numbers pop up.
  2. Bug Fixes.


  1. Introducing floating sharing buttons – Our Hovering Bar.
  2. Bug Fixes


  1. Introducing ShareNow to the plugin. [Learn more] (
  2. Ability to promote your twitter handle using the ‘via’, ‘related’ options on the Twitter share button.
  3. Bug Fixes

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