This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

SEO Facebook Comment


What This Plugin Does?

SEO Facebook Comments embeds a Facebook Comment Form on your blog and also looks at each of your blog posts searching for Facebook Comments already posted. All new found comments will be added to WordPress Database.

Remember: You don’t need to use any other Facebook Comment plugin with this one, SEO Facebook Comments will do all that is needed for you.

Why this is so Good

Among many advantages, you will have all your WordPress Comments widgets and plugins still working since all the comments will also be at your database.

Also, even if Facebook goes down or slow it won’ affect the loading of your site content.

And what is the SEO benefit?

Normally the Facebook comment system is embed into your page through an iframe. Because of that Google can’t read those comments or associate then with your page.

This plugin changes all that by adding and loading all the comments on your page through your WordPress Database like the rest of your site.

It will not hurt my server performance?

What makes this plugin shine is that it is very low server resources intensive. It will search for Facebook Comments specific to blog posts
only when those posts are loaded. This will save your server from any stress situation or overload.

Incredible Easy to Install

All you need to do is enable the plugin, set its configuration with facebook (app id, secret and admin id) and it will already start adding all the facebook comments
to your WordPress while the users visit your blog posts pages ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • How it looks on the Theme to the user
  • The Plugin Installation View for the Admin
  • Plugin Admin Configuration View


  1. Upload seo-facebook-comments folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Configure the Options of the plugin (App Id, App Secret and Admin E-mail are mandatory)
  4. Profit ๐Ÿ™‚


How do I setup a Facebook App

Everything regarding this question is covered here
How to Create a Facebook App

How do I find my Facebook User ID

Everything regarding this question can be found here
How to Create a Facebook App

How do I find my Language Code to Configure the APP

Here is a list with many available languages in Facebook
Facebook Language Codes

What the message ” Warning: http://somelink is unreachable. ” Means?

It mean’s that Facebook can’t find the page you’re trying to use the SEO Facebook Comment. The reasons that could possibly lead to this are:
* You haven’t correctly configured the APP ID or APP SECRET
* Facebook can’t find the Host/Link of your page (this might happen if you are using a LOCAL HOSTED SERVER for example)
* You didn’t correctly configured all the necessary options in the page

It’s normal that my comments appears only after some refreshes?

Yes, in order to avoid excessive memory and server usage this plugins only updates the pages comments after someone loads that specific page.

So if someone update the page with a comment right now and someone else opens that page the comment will not appear to that user yet. It will, however, appear normally on the Facebook comments box.

Loading a page only make the Plugin sees that there is a new comment and that it should be added to the database, so in the next reload (2nd one) the comment will already appears at the page, if auto-approved or goes to the line of approval from the Admin.

How SEO Facebook Comments keep track of the already added comments?

The plugin uses a table that it creates (normally wp_comments_fbseo, depending on the prefix you used for your wordpress database tables) to keep track of all the added comments and also the facebook users that added that comment.

Be careful when managing those databases, if something goes wrong it can result in many duplicate comments.

So what happens when I Remove this plugin and Reinstall it?

On uninstall this plugin won’t remove that table from database in order to avoid duplicating all the comments on a future re-install.

However you can access your database and manually remove the wp_comments_fbseo table, but keep in mind that it can cause you a lot of problems if you Reinstall this plugin later since it will duplicate all the Facebook Comments already added to your WordPress Database comments table.

How do I insert the comments in my custom template or if I don’t use the comment_template() wordpress default function?

Just add the action ‘seo_facebook_comments’ with the do_action() function wherever you want the comments to show.

How do I customize the layout of my Facebook Comments area?

There are many options available through the admin page. But you can also change the file fbseo-style.css for custom layout.
Keep a backup of the changes since it will be overwritten in future plugin releases.


September 3, 2016
not working, i guess the plugin needs to be updated 1 STAR FROM ME, forgot to press it
September 3, 2016
But I got this warning after installing the plugin and activating it Warning! The SEO Facebook Comments plugin(s) might cause issues when used in conjunction with Yoast SEO. Both Yoast SEO and SEO Facebook Comments create OpenGraph output, which might make Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks use the wrong texts and images when your pages are being shared. Configure Yoast SEO's OpenGraph settings Recommended solution We recommend you deactivate SEO Facebook Comments and have another look at your Yoast SEO configuration using the button above. Deactivate SEO Facebook Comments let me know if this is really possible
September 3, 2016
Best ever! And i really, really like that the comments shows in WPยดs recent comments widget ๐Ÿ™‚
September 3, 2016
Hi people, I was using this excellent plugin and suddenly it stopped working. After a year of trying to find a working plugin, I decided to write one that works. This is the facebook comments plugin that works:
Whats the load on Page speed? You can do it with out plugin. Just with code. But can not import comments into word press database. The question is how to do that? I have been able to do it for single post here:
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Contributors & Developers

“SEO Facebook Comment” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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  • ADDED Screen size auto detection for Fluid Layouts
  • FIXED Bug fix caused in Fluid Layouts after an update from Facebook on their Comment Plugin


  • ADDED The mobile version of the Facebook Comments Plugin
  • ADDED How the comments should be sorted. The available options are: “social”, “reverse_time” or “time”
  • ADDED A hook that allows the SEO Facebook Comment to be called directly in the template for sites that do not use the default comment_template function (custom themes)
  • TWEAK The plugin now accepts width parameters in px for fixed layouts or in % for fluid layouts
  • FIXED Layout fix in the admin configuration page for WordPress 3.8+


  • UPDATE Added multilanguage support. Initially the available languages are Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR) and US English (en_US)
  • UPDATE All Facebook PHP SDK Files are now up to date
  • TWEAK Many layout improvements

  • TWEAK The Sharing link defaults to false now


  • FIXED Comments are saved/retrieved through the page permalink, and not by it’s id
  • TWEAK Updated Javascript SDK


  • FIXED Added a validation in order to show facebook comments only on published posts @ thanks Marcin Pietrzak
  • FIXED a curl call, pointing to the correct link now
  • FIXED Absolute link with ID to Open Graph tags, avoiding facebook losing track of it if the permalink changes @ thanks again to Marcin Pietrzak
  • FIXED Now the Admin open graph tag will output only if there is a valid admin ID (thus avoiding OG errors)


  • FIXED many compatibility issues beetween the plugin and some php servers
  • FIXED more compatibility issues beetween the plugin and some WordPress installations
  • FIXED color scheme bug, dark color scheme wasn’t working
  • TWEAK Added extra PHP Classes validations to avoid further compatibility issues

  • FIXED A new validation to avoid compatibility issues with wordpress versions before 2.9
  • FIXED Some issues with Windows Servers.

  • FIXED Removed a invalid hook that was causing a PHP Warning


  • TWEAK The Open Graphs are now added in a smarter way and with more information
  • TWEAK Added a help link to configure the Facebook App Language
  • FIXED Problems with the layout color selection
  • FIXED Minor issues with the checkboxes in admin pages
  • FIXED Minor issues with the Facebook Class
  • FIXED A bug that could happen in PHP running on Windows environment


  • FIXED Language is now correctly set for the facebook app again
  • FIXED Some problems that were occurring related to checkbox fields
  • FIXED Open Graphs are now correctly added only when the user chooses to
  • FIXED No option are lost now when the plugin is deactivated/reactivated


  • Tested Tested and Working on WordPress 3.3
  • Tweak More information about the comments from Facebook are now stored in the database
  • Tweak Many code improvements
  • Tweak Better positioned in the Admin WP Menu to allow easier access to the configuration page
  • FIXED Some changes on Facebook classes to further avoid conflicts with other WordPress Plugins
  • FIXED Now the Facebook App configurations won’t be lost after the plugin is upgraded


  • FIXED Warnings that were being throw to users who are using Windows Servers to Host WordPress
  • FIXED Facebook implementation class name changed and removed some unused methods
  • ADDED Extra validation to avoid conflicts with other plugins using Facebook PHP SDK
  • Tweak Minor css changes


  • FIXED The comments are now being hidden again
  • FIXED Fixed a issue regarding the loading of the Facebook Comment with IE versions bellow 9
  • FIXED Open Graph tags are now optionally embed in the page, they were conflicting with some other plugins
    that would also create Facebook Open Graph Tags.


  • Updated All the files of Facebook PHP SDK
  • FIXED The plugin correctly detects the wordpress installation prefixes before creating its database
  • Tweak Major Admin pages re-design in the layout
  • Tweak Added some extra validation to avoid errors and bugs


  • Fixed Now the tags are correctly sanitized before being inserted in the database
  • Tweak Removed two self-made code in favor of the function wp_insert_comment (does more, better and with less code)
  • Tweak New method to verify if the comment already exists in the SEO Facebook Comment table


  • FIXED Validate to prevent a Fatal Error if there’s another plugin also using the Facebook Class (from Facebook PHP SDK), instead of appending it again it will only instantiate it.
  • FIXED The option to Hide WordPress Comments are now working.
  • FIXED Now the options from the plugin are removed from wp_options table when the plugin is uninstalled.
  • Tweak Changed some texts to better guide the user in the Admin Configuration Page.
  • Tweak Better commenting and tweaks on code to improve readability for developers.


  • Initial Release