This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Sendola – contact form widget – send to phone


Add the unique Sendola button to your WordPress site, and let your website visitors send your contact details to their phones.

Clicking the Sendola button on your website will open a small form allowing your users to send your contact details to their phones. This means they will find it easier to contact and visit you or your business. This in turn could help you get more business.

Details sent can include phone number, map, address, opening times, payment details, images, directions, streetview etc.

The plugin connects with your Sendola account (from, and lets you add a Sendola button to a page or post very quickly. You can also use shortcodes to tell the page which button you want to display.

Using Sendola is completely free for both website owners and visitors. Sendola is a great plugin for contact us forms, about us, or location pages.


  • Enter Sendola plugin key (find key in your account)

  • After Sendola account has been linked, but no buttons have been created

  • After some Sendola buttons have been created for the site on

  • Highlighting the "Add Sendola to page" button in visual editor
  • Highlighting the "Add Sendola to page" button in HTML editor
  • Example of a Sendola button on a contact page
  • Example of the Sendola popup on a contact page


Using WordPress dashboard

  1. Login to your WordPress site
  2. Go to Plugins
  3. Select Add New
  4. Search for “Sendola”
  5. Select Install
  6. Select Install Now
  7. Select Activate Plugin

Manual installation

  1. Download the Sendola plugin zip file and unzip
  2. Upload the entire Sendola folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress
  4. You can access settings through “Settings” > “Sendola” within WordPress

Add your plugin key to activate the plugin. You must have a account for the plugin to work. Log into your Sendola account and visit the Plugins page to find your plugin key. Copy and paste the key into the text box and click the “Update key” button.

Any existing Sendola buttons you have set up for your domain will automatically be displayed in the Sendola plugin settings. If no buttons are displayed, log into your account at and set up a new button, ensuring the domain for the new button is the same as that of your WordPress site.

Adding, editing and deleting Sendola buttons must be done on Any changes you make to a button (e.g. updating phone numbers, address details etc.) will automatically be reflected in the content that is sent to your website visitors when they use the button.

To use the Sendola button on your WordPress site, you can copy and paste the Shortcode (e.g. [sendola id=1234]) from the relevant button listed in the Sendola settings page into the WordPress page editor.

You can also add the button from within the page editor by clicking the Sendola icon and selecting the relevant button.


How much does Sendola cost?

Sendola is completely free to use. Neither the Sendola account holder or the Sendola user pays anything to use the Sendola service. We don’t ask for any payment details either, so you can’t be charged without knowing!

How do I get Sendola working on my website?

After installing the plugin, simply copy and paste the shortcode from the Sendola plugin settings page into the page you want the button to appear. You must have previously opened a account (free, takes about 1 minute) and entered the plugin key into the Sendola WordPress plugin settings page.

Where’s the best place to put the button?

To make the button most effective, make sure it appears next to or just below your written contact details. This can be on the contact us page, or any other page/area where you list your contact details.

Can I customise the Sendola button?

Yes you can. Create an image file of your button design, and upload it into the “Custom buttons” field of your Sendola button (when logged into your Sendola account on

How many buttons can I create?

As many as you want! If you are looking to create a large number of buttons (e.g. for a chain of retail stores) then you may want to use our API. Otherwise additional buttons can be created when you are logged into your Sendola account on

What is your API?

Our API allows businesses to create Sendola buttons ad-hoc. It’s great for large companies with many locations, or directory listings websites for example. Details of our API can be found when you are logged into your Sendola account.

Does Sendola work internationally?

Yes it does! Wherever in the World your website visitors are from, Sendola will work.

What about privacy?

We take your privacy very seriously. We will not sell your details to any third party companies, or send you any unsolicited messages. This goes for both Sendola account holders, and users of the Sendola button.

Any other questions?

Visit or email if you have any more questions regarding the use of the Sendola WordPress plugin, or the service itself.

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