SearchIQ – The Search Solution


SearchIQ provides an enhanced search experience to your WordPress site by delivering fast and accurate search results as you type. Your SearchIQ account also includes a realtime analytics dashboard that helps you understand your users’ search intent so you can optimize your content strategy to help your site grow.

Scalable from tens to millions of documents, SearchIQ powers sites ranging from small blogs to large enterprises.

KEY Features

  • Easy to setup – just minutes to implement
  • Customizable UI
  • Results optimization to prioritize relevant content
  • AI to handle typos, synonyms, fuzzy matches, etc.
  • Search against custom fields and taxonomies
  • A passionate, world-wide support staff available (nearly all hours) at


SearchIQ is absolutely free to get started with. For businesses in need of advanced features such as PDF, Facet, CDN or custom branding; we offer simple and affordable packages that are easy to turn on. For more information on premium features, visit pricing page

Installation Video

Demo Site

Demo site link

More Information

Visit or contact us at


  • SearchIQ on fashion site sample
  • SearchIQ facet feature sample


  1. Create an account on SearchIQ.
  2. Copy the API key from SearchIQ account.
  3. Once you’ve created an account, go to your WordPress site and install SearchIQ WordPress plugin.
  4. You will be asked to enter your searchIQ API key.
  5. Select the post types you want to search.
  6. Index your posts, you are all set!

If you are facing any issues then please email at


Installation Instructions
  1. Create an account on SearchIQ.
  2. Copy the API key from SearchIQ account.
  3. Once you’ve created an account, go to your WordPress site and install SearchIQ WordPress plugin.
  4. You will be asked to enter your searchIQ API key.
  5. Select the post types you want to search.
  6. Index your posts, you are all set!

If you are facing any issues then please email at

Where can I find the API key?

Login to your dashboard at and select “Interface” from the menu on the left. You will find your api key at the bottom of the page.

Why isn’t SearchIQ working for my website?

Assuming you have installed everything according the instructions, there could be two reasons you still can’t see SearchIQ working as planned:

  1. Your site doesn’t have a search bar – In this case, go to options tab in the SearchIQ plugin admin. You will see options to add a search bar as a widget or as an icon in your site’s menu.

  2. If your site does have a search bar – The search box input element name could be something other than the default value of ‘s’. Inspect the search box element on your site and copy the name into the “Search box name” field found under the “Options” tab in SearchIQ plugin.

If you are still facing a problem, please drop us an email at

What about support?

If you face an issue and need help, just send us an email to Our support team will get back to you as soon as possible.


Easy Plug and Play – Best Search

I installed this search plugin expecting the usual WP experience:

* That something would surely break, either my theme styling / layout, or a php conflict.

* Or that it would be a pain to set up and configure.

I am pleased to report that all I had to do to make this search fit perfectly into my setup and theme was to simply press “Activate Plugin”. That’s it.

Even beyond that, this search is really modern and fast. Autofill fuzzy search and spell check work fast and accurately, all with default settings.

I hope these guys keep at it. So far so good.

needs improvement


It is displaying out of stock products in search even if I have hidden out of stock products in woocommerce.

Also, I think you should try to make results load a bit faster. I tried algolia search as well, and results load in 50-100 milli seconds, whereas here it still takes 0.5-1 second.

I hope you guys can fix this asap.

PS: I am a paying customer

Easy to Use plugin

Gives reliable search output
Very fast.
Love this plugin.
I have one important question:
How to show filters on left side of page as shown in your demo site?

Too Greedy

When I first installed this on my site I was more then excited. Unfortunately when I went to go look at the stats of my site I found a giant red flag. This plugin is great if your willing to spend at least $240 a year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For a search plugin?!?!?!??!!??!?!??!!?

If you don’t sign up for a paid plan with this developer you only get site stats for the previous 24 hours. Which is completely useless unless you check it daily and track the data manually. If this would have been $40-$60 for a year I would have begrudgingly paid it, but $240 a year to find out what people are searching for on my site?? Thats excessive, more then excessive and I don’t plan on keeping this plugin on my site when there are plenty of adequate alternatives for free or a fraction of the cost.

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Contributors & Developers

“SearchIQ – The Search Solution” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • bug fix for unnecessary warn logs


  • handled out of stock products status
  • added an option to show/hide out of stock products


  • Bug fixes


  • Fix for broken built-in search page


  • Fix for broken search page


  • Absolute and relative url fix for images and pdfs.
  • Fixed the thousands separator issue for e-commerce sites


  • upgrade in the search algorithm
  • migrated to
  • bug fixes


  • bug fixes


  • bug fix for delta sync
  • added a fromDate & toDate parameter for delta sync api


  • added feature to do delta sync
  • added api to do delta sync for direct db change
  • improved thumbnail generation sync process


  • added shortcode option to add a search bar (see options tab)


  • minor bug fix
  • index improvements


  • php 7 error fix
  • fixed hidden products indexing bug
  • added default thumbnail option if no image is found in the options tab
  • bug fixes


  • added searchIQ Plus feature to hide searchIQ logo – only visible to paid user
  • minor UI fixes
  • fixed notices issue


  • For pro user – added support for shortcode to add search bar or search icon
  • For pro user – added option for post type selection in search widget


  • added an option to open results in new tab under options tab
  • fixed warning notices


  • fixed post synchronization and UI bugs


  • fixed bugs


  • added cross site search to mobile version
  • improved performance
  • fixed bugs


  • added option for thumbnail generation: crop or resize


  • added a feature to change the default sort by (Relevance, Newest) – visit options tab to see a sort by option
  • fixed mobile search enable/disable issue
  • fixed mobile search to search on configured post types and not just posts


  • bug fix (removed unicode filtering code)


  • resolved font conflict issue for icomoon


  • launched mobile search
  • bug fixes


  • post count bug fix
  • warnings bug fix
  • ui fixes


  • added more text customization option
  • bug fixes


  • bug fixes


  • bug fixes


  • bug fixes


  • bug fixes


  • bug fixes


  • added support for search on custom fields
  • added an option to add search to widget and/or menu
  • simplified plugin configuration process
  • bug fixes


  • bug fixes


  • fixed sync issue


  • added option to select search algorithm exact match or broad match
  • bug fixes


  • fixed bugs


  • added some customization for search results


  • released mobile search
  • bug fixes


  • resolved plugin settings issue


  • resolved conflict issue with autoptimize plugin


  • https bug fix


  • fixed bugs
  • performance improvement
  • new search result layout


  • fixed delete/trash a post bug


  • changed js & css request to non blocking call
  • added O.S, Country, State, Browser details in dashboard
  • combined cross domain search results into one results
  • improved plugin performance


  • added support for custom field image


  • css sync fix
  • added support to customize autocomplete UI text to any language


  • faster custom search page redirect
  • css override sync
  • stable custom search page layout


  • thumbnail bug fix
  • https bug fix
  • added css override in the options tab
  • added support for indexing post with empty content


  • bug fix


  • bug fixes
  • added support for https


  • bug fixes and added support for cross site search


  • added capability to support themes that has search box name other than ‘s’
  • bug fixes


  • fixed thumbnail generation process
  • other bug fixes


  • UI enhancement
  • Resolved jquery conflict issue
  • bug fixes


  • Bug fixes


  • Indexing performance improvement
  • Bug fixes


  • Initial Release