A combination of frame-breaker and scraper protection. Protect your website content from both frames and server-side scraping techniques. If either happens, visitors will be redirected to the original content.

Website scraping comes in two forms: 1) sites that place your content in frames on their site, and 2) server-side scripts that get the contents of your page and insert them into another page using, PHP, ASP, etc, making it look like the scraper site created the content.

Also some well-known sites display a bar with their content above your content, rob you of traffic, and skew the look and feel of your page. Anyone remember the Digg Bar? Yeah.

Other scrapers just outright jack your site content. Well, that’s over now.

This plugin is better than other any frame-breaker plugins out there. Other frame-breakers will only test to see if your site is framed or not. This one will test to see if your content is present on a different domain, and if so, will redirect to the original content’s URL. Also, uses X-Frame-Options in HTTP headers to keep your content from showing in frames on other web domains.

The plugin won’t activate the protection features in the WordPress Admin area or if a registered user is navigating your site while logged in.


  • Get your website visitors back.
  • Retain credit for your work.
  • Protect your website content and your brand.
  • Improve your SEO.

Try it and see for yourself.

More Info / Documentation

If you want to test it out, be sure you are logged out, as it won’t activate while you’re logged in.

For more info and full documentation, visit the ScrapeBreaker homepage.

Languages Available

  • Serbian (sr_RS)


Unfortunately no plugin can stop 100% of scrapers, but we can dramatically reduce the amount of scraping that is done on a website.


Installation Instructions

Option 1: Install the plugin directly through the WordPress Admin Dashboard (Recommended)

  1. Go to Plugins -> Add New.

  2. Type ScrapeBreaker into the Search box, and click Search Plugins.

  3. When the results are displayed, click Install Now.

  4. When it says the plugin has successfully installed, click Activate Plugin to activate the plugin (or you can do this on the Plugins page).

Option 2: Install .zip file through WordPress Admin Dashboard

  1. Go to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload.

  2. Click Choose File and find on your computer’s hard drive.

  3. Click Install Now.

  4. Click Activate Plugin to activate the plugin (or you can do this on the Plugins page).

Option 3: Install .zip file through an FTP Client (Recommended for Advanced Users Only)

  1. After downloading, unzip file and use an FTP client to upload the enclosed scrapebreaker directory to your WordPress plugins directory (usually /wp-content/plugins/) on your web server.

  2. Go to your Plugins page in the WordPress Admin Dashboard, and find this plugin in the list.

  3. Click Activate to activate the plugin.

Other Notes

This plugin has not been designed specifically for use with Multisite. It can be used in Multisite if activated per site, but should not be Network Activated. As with any plugin, test and make sure it works with your particular setup before using on a production site.


Can I set an option to just use the JavaScript Frame Breaker (redirect) and not use the X-Frame-Options HTTP header?

Yes, the option was added in version 1.1. Just check the option on the Settings page and click ‘Save Changes’.

If you don’t want slow your site down by adding additional database calls during page loads, you can set this option with a constant in the wp-config.php file. If you’re not familiar with editing this file, then don’t edit it. If you are, add these 2 lines to your wp-config.php file (before the line where it says to stop editing):

define( 'RSSB_OVERRIDE', true );
define( 'RSSB_JS_ONLY', true );

Or if just want the speed improvement, but don’t want to use that option:

define( 'RSSB_OVERRIDE', true );
define( 'RSSB_JS_ONLY', false );

Keep in mind that this completely overrides anything you set in the Settings page, and we’re not responsible if you break your site when you edit this file. (As always, back it up first.)

You do great work…can I hire you?

Absolutely…go to my WordPress Consulting page for more information.


Scrape Breaker

Nice plugin, I enjoyed reading your review rebuttals lol… Anyhoo, figured I would give you a 5-star rating for the plugin as it seems to be doing its job effectively, and your support seems to be swell as well 🙂

P.S., have you had anybody comment about images that are pinned from their site getting blocked on Pinterest? Random question and in a weird spot (my review) but I figured I would ask anyways cuz reasons.

Thanks again for being a gr8 dev!

Poor experience: 502 errors, subdomains issues, organic traffic decreasing


I had already asked questions on support forum. In a week without answers…here is my review.

After installing these plugin:
1. After of installation and cache cleaning site was down for a 2-3 hours – 502 error (it’s not hosting issue – I have powerful VPN hosting);
2. Increasing of 502 errors in Google Search console.
3. Redirects all subdomains on root domain. Decreasing of traffic -20% (organic traffic from Google) for a month of using this plugin (because of that this plugin has “one star” mark from me).

After of fixing these issues this plugin it can be useful in future.

great too;

Its easy to setup and Thanks for this important plugin that provies a mush have functionality that i like.

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Contributors & Developers

“ScrapeBreaker” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




released 07/17/15

  • Made various code improvements.


released 06/20/15

  • Made various minor code improvements.


released 04/22/15

  • Increased minimum required WordPress version to 3.8.
  • Added an .htaccess file to the scrapebreaker directory to control browser access to certain files.
  • Made various minor code improvements.


released 04/11/15

  • Added an uninstall function that completely uninstalls the plugin and removes all options, data, and traces of its existence when it is deleted through the dashboard.
  • Added a fix to prevent network activation when used in multisite, and added network admin notice to explain. The plugin can be used in multisite just fine, but will need to be activated individually per site for now. Once we can get time to adapt the plugin to multisite more specifically, we can remove this restriction.


released 03/17/15

  • Fixed an issue with URLs containing fragments (“#”) that were incorrectly redirecting to the non-fragment version. This was fixed by modifying the JavaScript redirect to match the main part of the URL instead of doing an exact match for the full URL.


released 03/06/15

  • Fixed a minor bug.
  • Made various code improvements.


released 01/19/15

  • Increased minimum required WordPress version to 3.7.
  • Minor update to translation files.
  • Added recommended partners to settings page.


released 12/18/14

  • Prepared the plugin for internationalization and localization, and created .pot file for translation.
  • Added Serbian Translation (sr_RS). Thank you to Ogi Djuraskovic of First Site Guide for doing the Serbian translation.
  • Increased minimum required WordPress version to 3.6.
  • Minor code improvements.


released 09/06/14

  • Added a Settings page in the Dashboard.
  • Added an option to only use the JavaScript Frame Breaker (redirect) and not use the X-Frame-Options HTTP header.

released 04/28/14

  • Fixed a bug that caused an error message on certain server configurations.

released 04/13/14

  • Added additional security checks.

released 04/03/14

  • Minor code improvement.

released 03/16/14

  • Improved the implementation and removed deprecated code.


released 03/15/14

  • Added X-Frame-Options to HTTP headers for increased protection against framing and clickjacking.


released 03/10/14

  • Initial release.