Scheduled Post Shortcut


If you’re someone who blogs with any type of regularity, then you likely have a
number of posts sitting in the scheduled queue in your WordPress back-end.

The problem? It’s a little tedious to access them. You have to navigate through
the Posts menu, view All Posts then click on the Scheduled tab. And if
you’re an author who spends a lot of time in WordPress, then this can become
a bit of a chore.

Scheduled Post Shortcut aim to make this easier. The plugin introduces a new
Scheduled menu item under the Posts menu that will take you directly to the
Scheduled Posts page so that you can manage your content.

This is yet another plugin that aims to streamline your blogging process. Should
you opt to uninstall this plugin, then no data will be lost or affected.


Thank you for choosing Pressware’s plugins to streamline and improve
your blogging!

  • If you’re curious about the changes found in this plugin, review the Changelog
  • If you opt to download a non-tagged version of the plugin (that is, the
    version in trunk), then know that this is a development version. Use at
    your own risk.

Running the Tests

Scheduled Post Shortcuts includes a server-side test suite that verifies the
plugin’s functionality works as expected. In order to use these tests, your
development environment should include:

Once the tools are installed, run the following commands from within the root
directory of the plugin:

  1. $ composer update
  2. $ wp scaffold plugin-tests scheduled-post-shortcut
  3. $ cd $(wp plugin path scheduled-post-shortcut --dir)
  4. $ bash bin/ wordpress_test root root localhost latest
  5. $ vendor/bin/phpunit

This will make sure that PHPUnit, WP-CLI, and the necessary scaffolding is set
up and the tests are executed against the plugin without interfering with your
installation of WordPress.


  • A screenshot showing the new Scheduled post menu item.


You can install this plugin by searching for ‘scheduled-post-shortcuts’ in from
the WordPress Plugin screen.

If you download a copy of the plugin and want to install it in another way,
please see the methods below.

Using The WordPress Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the ‘Add New’ Plugin page
  2. Select from your computer
  3. Click ‘Upload’
  4. Activate the plugin on the WordPress Plugin Dashboard

Using FTP

  1. Extract to your computer
  2. Upload the scheduled-post-shortcuts directory to your wp-content/plugins
  3. Activate the plugin on the WordPress Plugins dashboard


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then you will receive support.

We offer no guarantee for support for those who have not purchased a license.

What if I have a feature request or bug report?

That’s great!

  1. Please visit the Pressware
  2. Locate the “Support” page,
  3. And send us an email.

We read every email we receive and will do our best to accommodate our

We don’t guarantee a response to all users; however, if you have purchased
a support license, then you receive priority support. Further, we seek to
respond to each customer’s questions, comments, and feedback directly.


Does one thing good

Sure, not everyone needs a plugin like this for such a specific need. But as a serious blogger, this one really helps my workflow. At anytime I can see how many posts I have scheduled quickly. It does one thing and it do it good.

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Contributors & Developers

“Scheduled Post Shortcut” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Fixing a bug that showed ‘0’ scheduled posts.
  • Updating tabs to spaces in the Sass.


  • Updating coding standards
  • Preparing for Gutenberg release
  • Removed tests directory
  • Updated GPL version to 3


  • Support against WordPress 4.9.4
  • Namespaces
  • Coding standards to PSR2
  • Version number to 1.5.0
  • Composer information to provide updated URLs


  • Fixes a problem that caused errors to display when a user didn’t have access to certain menu items.


  • Verifies compatibility with WordPress 4.7.
  • Adds PHP CodeSniffer to composer.json.
  • Adds updated CodeKit configuration.
  • Changes references from Blogging Plugins to Pressware.


  • Changes version number in the DocBlock of the main plugin file


  • Adds note about following Keep a Changelog
  • Removes the keyboard shortcut for the scheduled post shortcut
  • Removes the unit tests for the JavaScript functionality
  • Updates all anchors to ‘’


  • Verifies compatibility with WordPress 4.6.


  • Fix version number in the WordPress Plugin Repository README
  • Fix version number in the relevant plugin files


  • Fix typo in the WordPress Plugin Repository README
  • Remove an old i18n file


  • Initial release