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Save Contact Form 7 is totally free and has plenty of features. It keeps track of all the forms created through Contact Form 7, and also allows a beautiful dropdown to chose from. You can select any form and data gets populated itself. We have made sure that you see the data in a perfect tabular format. Unlike CFDB, the plugin itself is very smart and creates column name from your Contact Form 7 Field names. Hence, all the entries can be scanned at a single glance. Here are some of the coolest features we are providing with the plugin, which no other plugin provided in a single package.

  1. Select from multiple CF7 to populate the entries.
  2. Track even deleted CF7 Form’s data
  3. Search, sort, filter all the entries.
  4. Export all, or only searched or filtered results.
  5. Export in PDF, CSV.
  6. Print Button to print all or filtered entries.
  7. View Uploaded Image, and download uploaded image/file
  8. Very beautiful pagination so all the records are not loaded at once, to save resources.
  9. All the entries are populated through ajax call for smooth user experience and lightening speed
  10. Awesome interface with user friendly layout
  11. Works pretty well with WP 3.0 and above

Tools/Plugins Used

Free version of Version 1.10

Coming soon

  • Facility to select which columns do you want to populate
  • Facility to reorder columns once the entries are populated
  • Multiple select of records
  • Delete feature [if we see the demands in comment section]

If you have suggestions for a new add-on, for more information please visit :
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  • Install - Search for Save Contact Form 7 and install it. In order to use Save Contact Form 7, you will also require CF7 plugin.
  • Deleted Form Entries - This facility allows you to keep the data of deleted CF7 Forms. Even if you have deleted CF7 form, you can still keep track of entries made through those form.
  • Activate - Once you install Save Contact Form 7, you need to activate the plugin. As you activate the plugin, you will receive success message ‘Plugin activated’
  • Requires Contact Form 7 - Once you install Save Contact Form 7, it will check if the required CF7 Plugin installed. in case if CF7 is not installed/activated, our plugin will inform you to activate it.
  • Select Form - Once you install Save Contact Form 7, and open it from left sidebar, you will see dropdown to Select Form, you can select desired form to display entries of that form.
  • Display Entries - Once you select the form Save Contact Form 7 will automatically populate the entries of that particular form. Entries are being loaded via ajax call with the help of
  • Sort - To sort entries, all you need to do is to click on the title of that particular column. Once you click the title it will display the data in ascending order, click again to sort in descending.
  • Search - We have made searching damn easy, just start typing characters in search box and that’s it. It will search through every column + every row and will populate the results accordingly.
  • Download Attachments - We also provide the facility to download attachment of CF7, if your CF7 file field, we show separate column for file field in listing. You will see two icons to Open and Download.
  • Export Entries - Now, you can download all the entries of any particular form into CSV/PDF as per your need. You can also download only searched entries, or sorted records.


Will this plugin work without contact form 7?


How do I download the files?

If your Contact Form 7 Has File Input, it would be shown in display of entries in Save Contact Form 7, you will find two icons, one for view and one for download. You can click relevant icons to perform your task.

How do I export only searched records?

Select any form for which you want to download the entries, then search the keyword which you want to search, and press on either CSV or PDF as per your requirement.

How do I download records in ascending / descending order?

Select any form for which you want to download the entries, from the populated entries click on the tile of the column to change the order, and click on CSV or PDF as per your need. To reverse the order of the records click the column title again.


Nice Plugin but NEEDS a DELETE Function


Works well from what I can see. Have it installed on a couple of different websites. However, it does not have a delete functions for the records it stores. Thinking about looking for another plugin that will have the delete function. I want to be able to remove the entries once I have them downloaded into my marketing software. May re-install this after the delete function is added.

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  • Solved conflict with contact form skin plugin.


  • Jquery error resolved.


  • Corrected CSV title.


  • Given setting page option to view/hide Record created Date and Time column.


  • Extension/Plugins like MailChimp extension, Dynamic Text Extension etc were creating hidden fields for their functional purpose, which were being stored unnecessarily in Save Contact Form 7, now it’s corrected to ignore those hidden form fields


  • Captcha issue fixed.
  • Other minor form submission issue fixed.
  • Add Media button error fixed.


  • Corrected Invalid Argument error on activation, which was arising while all the records were deleted directly from database.
  • Provided support to display all UTF8 languages. Now, any language inserted from Contact Form 7 can be displayed in backend.
  • Changed fonts to Lato, which is more readable and clean.
  • Removed unnecessary underscore from Column Header during listing.
  • Corrected Notice for Undefined variable: new_ver / old_ver
  • Long text issue solved

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