WooCommerce Live Sales Notification (Recent Sales Popups)


Around 85% of visitors leave an online store without buying an item. Among many reasons, lack of trust, engagement, and authenticity prevents new visitors from placing an order. Built from the concept of Social Proof, Sales Pop plugin helps you combat the 85% rate of site abandonment with recent sales notifications.

This plugin runs beautiful recent sales popups to notify visitors of recently bought items. When visitors are aware that many other customers are buying from this brand, they will be more confident in making the first purchases.

This strategy is suitable for all businesses of any size. Especially, it works incredibly for new stores which haven’t got many orders and customers yet, by allowing store owners to create “fake” notifications to promote any items as hot sellers.

This plugin is built to seamlessly connect your WooCommerce website to our Sales Pop app on Beeketing platform. All features are configured and managed in our server, so the plugin is most lightweight as possible and takes minimum resources from your website.


  • Auto-sync with store’s sales data to generate live sales feed of real orders
  • Create “fake” sales notifications to promote any items as hot sellers
  • Many popups design to match with any store’s look & feel
  • Many options to control how the notification popups look and display


Automatically sync with store’s sales data in real time to generate live sales notifications of recent orders.


Your store is new and you haven’t got many orders yet? No worries, let’s create custom “fake” sales notifications to promote any items you want as hot sellers.


To increase notifications’ authenticity, you can show real name and location of the buyer in popup message, like this: “Camelia from Lyon, France has just bought a Keep Calm T-shirt 2 mins ago”.

For sync recent sales notifications, these information is taken from customer’s order details (name and delivery address). For custom recent sales notifications, you can set up many variables for the plugin to choose randomly when creating notifications.


You can add direct URL link so that if visitors are interested they can click on the recent sales popups to view details in the product page.


Choose one of the pre-designed themes, customize color mix for all elements, design a unique recent sales popup that matches your store’s look & feel.


Schedule perfect timing for your sales notifications so that they:

  • Expiration time: choose to display orders within a long or short period of time (counted by days) so that live sales feed do not look too old or new, depending on your need.
  • Display time: set how long to show one notification on the screen (counted by seconds) so that it does not affect the customer experience on the store.
  • Interval time: set up the interval time between 2 notifications (counted by seconds) or choose to randomize, so that the live sales feeds look natural and real to customers.


Notifications popup are designed to beautifully responsive on both desktop and any mobile devices. You can customize the position of popups on desktop and mobile separately to optimize User eXperience.




This plugin is a Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) plugin that requires connection to our Beeketing platform. When installing this plugin, you will be asked to create a free Beeketing account that connects your WooCommerce store with our service.

Refer to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for more information.


  • Simple black theme on desktop and mobile view
  • Rounded black theme on desktop and mobile view
  • Rounded white theme on desktop and mobile view
  • List of notifications on home dashboard
  • Display options to manage how and when notifications show
  • Design message and theme of notifications to match with your store's theme
  • Holiday themes collection to decorate your store on Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, New Year, Valentines,...


Quick setup

  • Download & Activate the plugin on your WordPress Admin Dashboard
  • Sign up for a free Beeketing account (or login if you already have a Beeketing account) to connect your store with our service.
  • If your store already has real orders: wait 5-60 mins (depending on sales data size) for the plugin to sync with your store’s sales data and generate sync notifications.
  • If your store doesn’t have orders yet: click on the blue “+Add notification” button on the top right corner to create custom notifications. You can create unlimited custom notifications.


Installation Instructions

Quick setup

  • Download & Activate the plugin on your WordPress Admin Dashboard
  • Sign up for a free Beeketing account (or login if you already have a Beeketing account) to connect your store with our service.
  • If your store already has real orders: wait 5-60 mins (depending on sales data size) for the plugin to sync with your store’s sales data and generate sync notifications.
  • If your store doesn’t have orders yet: click on the blue “+Add notification” button on the top right corner to create custom notifications. You can create unlimited custom notifications.
1. Do I need to edit my WordPress / WooCommerce theme?

No, Beeketing works seamlessly with any WordPress / WooCommerce themes. You just need to install the plugin and we will take care of the rest.

2. Are this popup and Sales Pop by Beeketing the same?

Yes, this plugin and Sales Popup by Beeketing are the same same, both are developed and supported by Beeketing team. They are technically 1 plugin – Sales Pop. The plugin is published under a more feature-driven name in WordPress Directory so that it’s easier for people to find it by searching the exact feature they’re looking for.

3. Where can I find guides and documentation for this plugin?

All general & detailed guides to help you use this plugin at its best can be found here: http://support.beeketing.com/support/solutions/24000000594

4. What is the difference between Sales Pop and Beeketing plugins?

Beeketing is a Marketing Automation platform for eCommerce websites. There are 10+ built-in features (which we call “apps”) in Beeketing platform, which include coupon popup builder, upsells & cross-sells, email marketing, etc.,… and recent sales notifications – which is Sales Pop.

Sales Pop plugin connects your store with Beeketing platform, in which you can manage your Sales Pop settings. Actually, you can install other apps once you are logged in to Beeketing platform. However, if you don’t want to use Sales Pop and delete the plugin from your WordPress admin, you are disconnected from Beeketing platform and all other apps you use are uninstalled accordingly.

Thus, we recommend that you migrate to Beeketing plugin, which also connects your store to Beeketing platform and allows you to manage all Beeketing apps in just one plugin dashboard. You can install/pause/uninstall any free or premium apps you want, including Sales Pop.

Find more information here: Why should I migrate from Sales Pop to Beeketing plugin

5. Where can I get direct support from the developer?

The best way to reach us for support is by sending an email to hi@beeketing.com or submit form at https://beeketing.com/contact, our support agents will get back to you within 12 hours. We are dedicated to super-fast & efficient customer support. You can also chat live with us or call us directly on our website https://beeketing.com

6. Do I have to pay for technical support from Beeketing?

No. Our support is forever free for all customers. Our marketing & engineer experts can help you tackle any sales, marketing, UI/UX and technical issues, even when you stop using our service.

7. Do I have to pay for this plugin at any point?

No, Sales Pop is a totally free plugin. You do not have to pay for any features at any time. There are no hidden fees in the future as well.

8. Is our store’s data legally safe?

Yes. This plugin relies on our 3rd-party service to work properly. Our sole purpose is collect and analyze your store’s data of sales history and customers’ behaviour to provide you with user and usage data analytics services. Your data is legally safe and we, as 3rd party, guarantee to not make use of it under any circumstances.

For more information about our Term of Service and Privacy Policy, please go to https://beeketing.com/privacy-policy.


Great potential

I love all the right apps being in once place, stops me having to hunt around and ‘Hope’ i get the right now.

Great Work And Use Of Sense !

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1.2.8 – 22/07/2018

  • Fix – Fix title name for variant discount

1.2.7 – 17/07/2018

  • Fix – Fix image query bug
  • Update – Update sync files locate path

1.2.6 – 26/06/2018

  • Update – Update order api to use billing info if contact info doesn’t exists

1.2.5 – 25/06/2018

  • Fix – Fix mysql warning when query cart

1.2.4 – 13/06/2018

  • Fix – Fix mysql error when query product, collection images

1.2.3 – 07/06/2018

  • Update – re-sync shop if store change domain address

1.2.2 – 14/05/2018

  • Fix – update correct open dashboard and add custom notification urls

1.2.1 – 11/05/2018

  • Fix – update correct sidebar menu url

1.2.0 – 17/04/2018

  • Update new dashboard

1.1.9 – 10/04/2018

  • Fix collection, product url bug

1.1.8 – 28/03/2018

  • Update plugin cookie

1.1.7 – 31/01/2018

  • Fix image query get medium image size

1.1.6 – 31/01/2018

  • Fix popup cross sell

1.1.5 * 31/01/2018

  • Add popup cross sell

1.1.4 * 26/01/2018

  • Fix images not in arrange order
  • Fix api cart warning

1.1.3 * 18/01/2018

  • Update api, fix bugs

1.1.2 * 06/01/2018

  • Remove icon notice upsell

1.1.1 * 04/01/2018

  • Fix api tracking

1.1.0 * 25/12/2017

  • Update upsell page

1.0.9 * 21/12/2017

  • Fix authenticate conflict with walkme.com service

1.0.8 * 18/12/2017

  • Update api
  • Update plugin events

1.0.7 * 11/12/2017

  • Fix api order with wc version less than 2.6

1.0.6 * 06/12/2017

  • Fix query order bug with latest wc version

1.0.5 * 23/11/2017

  • Cache query option

1.0.4 * 14/11/2017

  • Update plugin api

1.0.3 * 17/10/2017

  • Remove deprecated functions

1.0.2 * 11/10/2017

  • Update app snippet

1.0.1 * 10/10/2017

  • Update app dashboard

1.0.0 * 21/03/2017

  • Initial Release: Sales Pop