Rundiz PostOrder


If you want to customize the post order to the other than date, id, name. For example: You want to re-arrange it to display as what you want in your agency or company website.
This plugin allow you to re-arrange the post order as you wish.

Re-arrange or re-order the posts but not interfere with sticky posts. Make your web sites different.

You can re-order the single post (move up/down) or multiple posts (sortable items). Move up or down action is very helpful when you have many posts and many pages to display and you want the old post to list up to the top.

You can also disable custom post order in some category or all everywhere by adding rd_postorder_is_working and rd_postorder_admin_is_working filters and its value is boolean.
You can disable custom post order in front page, categories in the settings menu. That’s very easy.

It’s clean!
My plugins are always restore everything to its default value and cleanup. I love clean db and don’t let my plugins left junk in your db too.

It’s completely free!
It’s not the “pay for premium feature” or freemium. It’s free and no ADs. However, if you like it please donate to help me buy some food.

System requirement

PHP 5.4 or higher
WordPress 4.0 or higher


  • Front end re-order with sticky post.
  • Admin re-order page.
  • Re-ordering action.


  1. Upload “rd-postorder” folder to the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress.
  3. Done.


Is multisite support?

Yes, of course.

Support for re-order the pages or custom post type?

No, it doesn’t support for now.

Does it gonna be mess if I uninstall this plugin?

No, on uninstallation or delete the plugin, it will be reset the menu_order to zero which is WordPress default value for post content.

How to disable custom order in some category?

Create your plugin and conditions whatever you want such as is_category(['your','category','id','or','name']) and then add this code add_filter('rd_postorder_is_working', '__return_false'); to disable custom order in the categories you choose.
If you want to enable, just remove the filter or change from __return_false to __return_true.
Please note that to hook into this filter in the theme some times it might not work due to pre_get_posts limitation on the template. See more at .
For anyone who use this plugin v 0.8 or newer, there is a settings page that you can check front page or categories to disable custom order. To do this, go to Settings > Rundiz PostOrder menu.

How to disable custom order in admin list post page?

Same as disable custom order in the front-end. Add this filter hook into your theme or plugin. add_filter('rd_postorder_admin_is_working', '__return_false');
Please note that to hook into this filter in the theme some times it might not work due to pre_get_posts limitation on the template. See more at .

Contributors & Developers

“Rundiz PostOrder” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.





  • Add settings to disable custom order in front page.
  • Add settings to disable custom order for selected categories.



  • Fix current page input that was not work.



  • Add debugger class to debug uninstallation.



  • Tested with multisite enabled and it works!
  • Fix uninstall for multisite enabled.



  • Add support for filters rd_postorder_is_working and rd_postorder_admin_is_working



  • Change from buttons actions to bulk actions
  • Add manually change order numbers
  • Move help text to help screen



  • Fix uninstall error
  • Fix single quote in the input array but this maybe the cause of sort items wrong number.



  • Fix ajax replace list table
  • Fix PHP notices



  • The beginning.