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Rublon Two-Factor Authentication

Instant account security with effortless, email-based two-factor authentication; optional mobile app for more security; no tokens.

The Best Two-Factor Authentication for WordPress

  • Instantly increase security for you (Personal Edition) and all users (Business Edition)*
  • 1-click download; 1-click activation
  • No configuration or training needed

The Most Advanced and Intuitive Two-Factor Authentication

10 Reasons Rublon Rocks: http://wordpress.rublon.com/

Recommended by Security Experts and Industry Professionals

"Impressed" — Tony Perez, Sucuri
"A must for any WordPress install" — Christian Elsen, VMware
"The easiest and most secure 2-factor auth" — Max Monty
"Absolutely essential for all WordPress installs" — Chuck Lasker
"A little marvel of a plugin and authentication system" — Álvaro Degives Más
"The best 2-factor authentication solution for WordPress" — rain3r.walt3r
"Two-factor authentication for our thousands of customers" — Steve Truman, a3rev
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Why Do I Need Two-Factor Authentication?

Botnets carry out brute force attacks against thousands of WordPress sites and blogs every day, regardless of size. Once inside, botnets infect your visitors with malware. A compromised website leads to delisting by search engines or blocking by your hosting provider. Rublon Account Security prevents such attacks.

Why are Passwords Not Enough?

Many people use a simple, easy-to-guess password. It can be easily stolen when they use multiple devices; the same password across multiple services; or on unsecured connections, such as public Wi-Fi networks. Botnets hammer at your WordPress site trying to compromise it using millions of common passwords and character combinations.

How Does Rublon Work?

During the first login, confirm your identity by clicking on the link you’ll receive via email. Your next login from the same device will only require your WordPress password. For additional security, the Rublon mobile app scans a Rublon Code to confirm your identity.

Why Should I Use Rublon?

Rublon is simple and easy. Activate the plugin and you're done. Your users don't need to install or configure anything and don’t need training or one-time codes. Once they confirm their identity on a device, they can log in to all web services by only entering their WordPress password.

How is Rublon Different?

Traditional two-factor authentication solutions demand users enter a one-time password each time they want to login. That’s why people don’t like them. Rublon is different. With Rublon, you confirm your identity by simply clicking on a link or scanning a Rublon Code.

*What Does Rublon Cost?

By default, the Rublon for WordPress plugin makes use of the free Rublon Personal API that protects up to 1 account per website. In order to protect more accounts or use business features, you need access to the paid Rublon Business API. Please contact sales@rublon.com for more information.

In What Languages Is Rublon Available?

  • English
  • German
  • Japanese (translated by Digital Cube)
  • Turkish (translated by Mehmet Emre Baş, proofread by Tarık Çayır)
  • Polish

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Requires: 3.5.x or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.5
Last Updated: 3 months ago
Active Installs: 3,000+


4.3 out of 5 stars


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