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Easy to use rsvp plugin originally created for weddings but could be used for other events.

This plugin was initially created for a wedding to make rsvp'ing easy as possible for guests. The main things we found lacking in existing plugins was:

  • Couldn't relate attendees together so one person could easily rsvp for their whole family
  • Required people to remember/know some special knowledge (a code, a zipcode, etc...)

Please Note - I don't monitor the forums for issues. If you would like some help or would like to see a new feature please email me at mike AT mde DASH dev.com. I will see what I can do to help.

All new features are being developed in the pro version of the plugin, found at - http://www.swimordiesoftware.com/downloads/rsvp-pro-plugin/. We will continue to do bug fixes on the free version but new features will more than likely not be found in the free plugin

The main development repository for this plugin is now on GitHub at https://github.com/medelibero/Wordpress-RSVP-Plugin/

The admin functionality allows you to do the following things:

  • Specify the opening and close date to rsvp
  • Specify a custom greeting
  • Specify the RSVP yes and no text
  • Specify the kids meal verbiage
  • Specify the vegetarian meal verbiage
  • Specify the text for the note question
  • Enter in a custom thank you
  • Create a custom message / greeting for each guest
  • Import a guest list from an excel sheet (column #1 is the first name, column #2 is the last name, column #3 associated attendees, column #4 custom greeting)
  • Export the guest list
  • Add, edit and delete guests
  • Associate guests with other guests
  • Create custom questions that can be asked by each attendee
  • Have questions be asked to all guests or limit the question to specific attendees
  • Specify email notifications to happen whenever someone rsvps

If there are any improvements or modifications you would like to see in the plugin please feel free to contact me at (mike AT mde DASH dev.com) and I will see if I can get them into the plugin for you.

Available CSS Stylings:

  • rsvpPlugin - ID of the main RSVP Container. Each RSVP step will be wrapped in this container
  • rsvpParagraph - Class name that is used for all paragraph tags on the front end portion of the RSVP
  • rsvpFormField - Class for divs that surround a given form input, which is a combination of a label and at least one form input (could be multiple form inputs)
  • rsvpAdditionalAttendee - Class for the div container that holds each additional RSVP attendee you are associated with
  • additionalRsvpContainer - The container that holds the plus sign that allows for people to add additional attendees
  • rsvpCustomGreeting - ID for the custom greeting div that shows up if that option is enabled
  • rsvpBorderTop - Class for setting a top border on certain divs in the main input form
  • rsvpCheckboxCustomQ - Class for the div that surrounds each custom question checkbox
  • rsvpClear - A class for div elements that we want to use to set clear both. Currently used only next to rsvpCheckboxCustomQs as they are floated
  • rsvpAdditionalAttendeeQuestions - Class name for the div that wraps around all additional attendee questions
  • rsvpCustomQuestions - Class name for the div that wraps around all custom questions for each attendee

Prefill Attendee:

Go to the page associated with the RSVP form and add to the querystring the following parameters.

  • firstName - For the person's first name
  • lastName - For the person's last name
  • passcode - If passcode is enabled and/or required this will need to be added as well

For example if you have a page that is /rsvp for domain example.com your URL might look like - http://www.example.com/rsvp?firstName=test&lastName=test

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.1.1
Last Updated: 2015-3-30
Active Installs: 5,000+


4.2 out of 5 stars


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