This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.



Use following code with a PHP-Plugin or in a template, example sidebar.php
or single.php, for WordPress:

Example (shows last 10 items from the specified feed with Galleria plugin):

Example for shortcode:
[rssmedia template=”sidebar” limit=”10″ url=””]


  1. template – Name of the template which will be used to display content of
    the feed
  2. limit – How many items, Default is 5
  3. url – Address of feed, default is

Available templates

  • Galleria [galleria] – Shows product thumbs and images with Galleria JS
  • Galleriffic [galleriffic] – Shows product thumbs and images with
    Galleriffic JS library.
  • jCarousel [jcarousel] – Show carousel with product thumbs
    (uses jCarousel JS library).
  • Featured products slideshow [featured-slideshow] – Slideshow with full
    product’s image and description (uses JS library).
  • Sidebar [sidebar] – Simple template for sidebar widget. Shows product
    thumbs in several columns.
  • Sidebar (images and text) [sidebar-list] – Template for sidebar widget.
    Shows list of items with product thumb, title and product details when mouse
    is over thumb.

Adding templates

Every template consistes from four files: before.php, content.php and

  • setup.php – used to configure template and add scripts and styles
  • before.php – used before repeating part of feed (feed items)
  • content.php – used to display feed’s items
  • after.php – used after repeating part of feed

Template should be placed in its own directory in ‘templates’ directory of
plugin’s root.

Example of directory structure:

wp-content/plugins/rss-media/templates//{setup.php, before.php, content.php, after.php}

Also JS scripts and CSS files which are used in the template should be placed in
its directory.


  • Fix bug in sidebar widget which inserts rssmedia tag


  • Allow inserting rssmedia tag in visual mode


  • Add sidebar widget to post/page editor for easely inserting of rssmedia tag


  • Add an option to ping remote service on post publish

  • Fix examples in documentation


  • Initial release

Contributors & Developers

This is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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