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Rotating Tweets (Twitter widget and shortcode)

Twitter widget and shortcode to show your latest tweets one at a time an animated rotation

  • Replaces a shortcode such as [rotatingtweets screen_name='your_twitter'], or a widget, with a rotating display of your most recent tweets
  • Supports v 1.1 of the Twitter API (i.e. it still works)
  • Space efficient - instead of showing all your tweets at once, shows one at a time and then smoothly replaces it with the next one. After showing all your tweets, loops back to the beginning again.
  • Reliable - keeps showing your latest Tweets even if the Twitter website is down.
  • Customisable - you decide whose tweets to show, how many to show, whether to include retweets and replies, and whether to show a follow button. You can also decide how quickly the tweets rotate and what type of animation to use.
  • Responsive - resizes as your page resizes
  • Gives you the option to show a fully customisable Twitter 'follow' button
  • Replaces t.co links with the original link
  • Caches the most recent data from Twitter to avoid problems with rate limiting
  • Uses jQuery, jQuery.Cycle and jQuery.Cycle2 to produce a nice smooth result.
  • Compatible with W3 Total Cache.
  • Multi-lingual - now set up to be multi-lingual. The Twitter 'follow' button is automatically translated to match your site's language setting if Twitter has made the appropriate language available. Also uses WordPress's multi-lingual capability to enable translation of all the other text used by the plug-in via language packs.

Currently the following languages are available:

  • US English (complete)
  • British English (complete - mainly changing 'favorite' to 'favourite'!)
  • Brazilian Portuguese (complete - many thanks to Wilmerson Felipe for his help on this)
  • German (almost complete - many thanks to Nils Kroneberg for his help on this)
  • Spanish (complete - many thanks to Alberto Lario for his help on this)
  • Italian (complete - many thanks to Mattia Migliorini at deshack for his help on this)
  • Dutch (public facing translation complete - many thanks to Natasja Weijer for her help on this)
  • French (almost complete - many thanks to Alexandre Trudel for his help on this)
  • Serbian (complete - many thanks to Borisa Djuraskovic at Web Hosting Hub for his help on this)

If you have made the plug-in work in your language, please send the translations you'd like to see or, even better, the relevant gettext PO and MO files to me and I will then share them with everyone else. You can download the latest POT file, and PO files in each language from this site. You may find Poedit rather useful for translation and creation of PO and MO files - although the PO files themselves are quite simple text files and can be edited in Notepad or Notepad++.

If you'd like to see what the plug-in looks like in action, you can see the plug-in working here.

Requires: 3.2 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3
Last Updated: 2015-8-29
Active Installs: 30,000+


4.9 out of 5 stars


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