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Did you know that 63% of customers are more likely to make an online purchase from a site that displays user reviews? The Rich Reviews plugin empowers you to easily gather user reviews for your business, website, or individual products/pages and display them anywhere on your WordPress site. These rating reviews, called rich snippets, have become a main focus to Google in ranking individual pages in SERPs, and Rich Reviews makes sure they are readable visible.

Rich Reviews in a nutshell:

  • Share your company’s value through positive customer reviews.
  • Attain the top rankings in SERPs by overshadowing your competition with rich snippets.
  • Attract the most qualified customers to your site, and gain their trust.

What’s the big deal about rich snippets?

The Rich Reviews plugin does the work for you to make it possible for your ratings/reviews to be showcased as rich snippets in SERPs. In case you were wondering what rich snippets look like, look at the example in the screenshots tab.

Here are some benefits of using Rich Reviews to show off your rich snippets:

  • They are a visual way to show your business’ value and worth by displaying products, prices, reviews/rankings, contact information, and important links.
  • Current businesses with rich snippets have seen a 10%-30% CTR increase.
  • Users have correct expectations before browsing your site, which also means a decrease in bounce rates.
  • You will stand out amongst your competition.
  • Higher rankings in SERPs.
  • An increase in website traffic, as well as more qualified traffic.

Rich Reviews Plugin Features:

  • Gives you the control to use and customize three types of reviews: per-page/per-post, category, or global reviews – whether you want users to review products, categories, or your entire website.
  • Moderated submissions – allows you to choose which reviews are added to your site.
  • Built completely around shortcodes, allowing you to include any of the three key features on any page, post, sidebar, footer, or widget on your site.
  • Simple design means compatibility across themes and flexible CSS
  • Endless color options for star and numerical rating systems.
  • Includes external stylesheet for ease of customization.
  • Minimalist, lightweight, and efficient code so your users won’t notice any hiccups.
  • Integrates with user accounts and gravatar images.
  • Displayed in microdata format following (Google Rich Snippets) protocol so that site ratings are shown in SERPs with Google Rich Snippets (which increases overall rankings).
  • Plugin doesn’t slow down website.
  • Available for translation.
  • Support for any questions.

Bonus Feature:

Rich Reviews has teamed up with Shopper Approved a Google Affiliate. If you become a Shopper Approved user as well, the combination of this platform being an approved Google partner and having the largest syndication network online, will give your reviews maximum exposure. This means reviews in both organic search as well as PPC. Rich Reviews gives you easy access to manage your Shopper Approved account. Here is an exclusive free trial offer from Nuanced Media which also saves you 20%!

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  • This is an example of what a rich snippet returned in both organically and by paid advertising will look like in an SERP.
  • Show any number of reviews for your whole site, for a specific page or post, or for any custom category. Display these reviews in any post, page, sidebar, or widget!
  • A simple shortcode allows you to post an aggregate review score on any page.
  • A simple and clean review submission form can be placed anywhere on your site, and will not bog down your site.
  • Admin menus allow you to approve the submitted reviews, so YOU control what reviews are real, and which reviews are unwarranted (or even spam). You can also view every review you have already approved, and choose to push it back to a "pending" status, or even delete it.
  • Added options allow for you to customize the star color to match your site.
  • One user shows the versatility of Rich Reviews by placing our shortcodes into various tabs on one of his pages.


  1. You can download and install the Rich Reviews plugin through the built-in WordPress plugin installer. Alternately, download the zip file and upload the ‘/rich-reviews/’ folder to your ‘../wp-content/plugins/’ folder.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. View the instructions page in your the WordPress backend to see detailed explanations and examples of how and where to use the shortcodes which enable reviews to be shown, submitted, or averaged.
  4. Periodically check the Rich Reviews menu in the WordPress control panel to see if there are any pending reviews which need to be approved (or deleted).


Installation Instructions
  1. You can download and install the Rich Reviews plugin through the built-in WordPress plugin installer. Alternately, download the zip file and upload the ‘/rich-reviews/’ folder to your ‘../wp-content/plugins/’ folder.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. View the instructions page in your the WordPress backend to see detailed explanations and examples of how and where to use the shortcodes which enable reviews to be shown, submitted, or averaged.
  4. Periodically check the Rich Reviews menu in the WordPress control panel to see if there are any pending reviews which need to be approved (or deleted).


Good but not enough

I will give without no doubt 5* if a shortecode for pagination will be included. In my opinion doesn't look good at all to see on one page more than 15-20 reviews. I think a shortcode option for pagination where are more than 20 reviews received is a MUST. 3* only for this reason. NOTE: I am very curios to see how much importance is given by the author to this kind of feedback and requirement and I'm curios to see if a pagination shortcode will be included and when(?)...

Abandoned Plugin!

Works but is a half solution. Yes, it provides the opportunity to get reviews from clients BUT..... where is the support on Rich Snippets?? How do you get reviews aggregated onto Google??? When you ask this question in the forums, it goes unaddressed. Great concept, good plugin BUT - - there is ZERO support as the developers "have left the building" almost a year ago.... Sad WP continues to promote abandoned plugins....

Works nice

I like it 99%. On thing it really needs is in your widget that shows the reviews it needs to have a link to the page the review is on. When someone sees the sidebar review it don't help much because they should have a link to the page the review is on. Other than that I love it.
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Contributors & Developers

“Rich Reviews” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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  • Fixed several vulnerabilities reported to us by the awesome people at — Thanks!
  • Hi, did you miss us? We’re discussing returning to this plugin and furthering development on it, but a lot of the WP and rich snippet landscape has changed since we first created this plugin. Stay tuned 🙂


  • DB update for ipv6 strings
  • Integration for Shopper Approved Widget
  • CSS override for Shopper Approved Header Text on review form
  • Javascript accessible elements to translate
  • Brought more i18n to overlooked elements
  • namespaced css classes
  • stars only snippet attribute (stars_only=”true”)
  • Redirect form submission option
  • Schema type option “Product” or “Service”
  • Options for setting text values for “Read More” and “Less”
  • Option for Excerpt Length on Review display


  • HOTFIX: Custom Style Output
  • HOTFIX: Media Disruption from js script
  • Rolled back solution for multiple form submition until media plugin conflicts could be resolved.


  • HOTFIX: db update for new field
  • Updates .pot file


  • Further Refactor of i18n formatting for translation
  • Added support for displaying reviews by parent page id
  • Added option to scroll automatically back to form
  • (solution under construction as of 1.7.2 due to js conflicts with other plugins, contact us for the patch) Fixed bug issues when multiple forms are displayed one the same page, by adding unique_key param to form shortcode
  • Added basic user integrations
  • Added avatar support, and alternatively user image upload to form
  • Added login gate option
  • Added optional Shopper Approved integration and support.


  • hotfix: removed obsolete support for 1.0 – 1.2 version updates
  • Added Rich Markup options for author and subject fallbacks
  • Fixed minor overlooked bugs


  • hotfix: global post for snippet query
  • hotfix: Fixed non-categorized item reviewed schema, and itemreviewed and author defaults
  • hotfix: Widget dependency on deprecated code.
  • Added “all” value for both snippet and show shortcodes
  • Altered and fixed aggregate category query
  • Uppdated Rich Snippet output for markup
  • Fixed random order bug
  • Added dynamic response message for name field dependency and approval requirement.
  • Refactored file structure and option handling
  • Refactored i18n string formatting


  • hotfix: fixing longstanding global reviews show issue
  • added option for email notifications, and accompanying field for admin emaail
  • added option for scroll back to form after submission


  • hotfix: scroll after submission
  • updated rich formatting


  • Updated layout of user opttions
  • Made form fields editable
  • Added Rounding for Aggregate Rating


  • Updated rich snippet format to microdata
  • Added option to display reviews at full width
  • Added option to display date along with reviews


  • Correcting star display issue.


  • Fixing issue with stars not displaying.


  • Fixing issue with extra div creation.
  • Adding link to new plugins website on dashboard.


  • Hot fix: Correcting the correspondence with Google Rich Snippets.


  • Hotfix


  • Added options admin page.
  • Option to edit the color of stars.
  • Option to edit form input title of previous “Review Title” input.
  • Option to allow various user roles to manage reviews.
  • Option to display stars in snippet instead of numerical value.
  • Option controlling the order in which reviews are displayed.
  • Option to skip the pending process for reviews.
  • Adding the ability to add and edit reviews from the WordPress dashboard.
  • Fixed minor css issues.


  • Removing a debug dump function that was accidentally left it.


  • Correcting admin page errors.


  • Removing foxytech links


  • Bug fix: correcting popular display issue


  • Introducing new dashboard styles


  • Database bug fix correcting possible site crashes
  • Added option for credit line


  • Big update! Complete rewrite of plugin to make it easier to update in the future, and to add more features
  • We are now branching to add Nuanced Media as a developer of this plugin
  • Everything about the plugin should function better, and with the rewrite and addition of Nuanced Media as a contributer, the updates should come much faster


  • Hotfix: vertical-align: top on the review submission form


  • Changed display order so that reviews are displayed newest-first
  • Changed version numbering, and changed version checking function to compensate


  • Some much needed tweaks, such as better displaying data from the database (no more “rnrn”!)
  • VASTLY improved admin menus – now the tried and true WordPress menus you know and love are in Rich Reviews! This means that now you can approve/delete bulk items with much greater ease!
  • Added scss files for easier css maintenance
  • Much better css! I am no longer providing the majority of the styles – instead I will allow whatever theme you currently have installed to do the leg work (as it should be!)
  • Much better javascript!


  • Added the much-requested feature of per-page/per-product reviews, as well as adding optional review categories to go along with it
  • Revamped the backend instructions page to be more pretty and to be much more informative, and to give detailed examples and explanations for each shortcode
  • Cleaned up the CSS pretty much everywhere
  • The stars in ratings are now orange/yellow when reviews are displayed


  • Fixed a large bug where the MySQL database was not created properly if plugin was installed fresh, and hence no reviews could be sent, stored, approved, nor displayed! (Thanks, Mik!)


  • Altered CSS to make the reviews and the review form more pretty (Thanks, Andrew!)
  • New, altered CSS allows reviews to properly be displayed and stacked vertically (for example, in a sidebar)
  • Integrated/fixed support for non-English characters (Thanks, IvicaD!)
  • Split menu up into three parts: instructions, pending reviews, and approved reviews
  • New “Approved Reviews” admin menu allows you to view every review you have ever previously approved, and change its status (to pending, or mark it for deletion) at will


  • Initial release