RVM – Responsive Vector Maps


RVM ( Responsive Vector Maps ) allows you to create responsive vector maps for your WordPress site.

Vector maps have the advantage to not loose quality when reducing or increasing their sizes. Using RVM you will not need to create static images for area map tags.
Based on great work of Kirill Lebedev jvectormap, this plugin uses a combination of css, html and javascript to create as many svg maps as you like for your site.

You can use maps in sidebars as widgets or just in the post content using shortcodes.


  • Responsive: Maps will adapt their width to any device
  • High quality image
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • More then 150 downloadable maps available on responsivemapsplugin.com
  • Chance to install dynamic maps with all kind of svg ( not only geographical maps ! )
  • Mouseover tooltip effect
  • Linkable Subdivisions: Customize background colours, links and html popup ( tooltip )
  • Linkable Markers: Add your linkable markers on most of the maps using latitude and longitude. Chance to have html popup, dimension ( marker radius ) and min/max radius dimension scale
  • Pinpoints: Use your favourite images as icons for markers’ pinpoints
  • Customizable look and feel ( even transparent background )
  • Preview functionality: WYSAWYG while creating/editing your map
  • Shortcodes: Use generated shortcodes in your posts, pages or sidebars
  • Widget: Maps can be used in widget area too
  • Zoom capabilities
  • Export and Import features: export and import markers and subdivision settings in just 2 clicks

Arbitrary section

ATTENTION: bare in mind that using same identical shortcode ( same post ID ) in more then one position on the same page will result into a layout issue:
in other words if you create a new map you should not use it in more then one position ( post/sidebar ) per page.
That’s because the javascript managing map creation fires same ID selector.

Create instead a new one and use it for your purposes.


  • RVM once installed into WordPress
  • Start creating your map clicking on Add New Map
  • Regions/Countries section
  • Markers section
  • The result... finally! We see a widget sidebar and a content map ( Notice we used two different shortcode/ID for Italy map )


  1. Download the zip file from this page
  2. Login to your WordPress dashboard
  3. Go to Plugins > Add New, under Install Plugins title click on Upload and use the browse button to search the .zip file you have downloaded at point 1
  4. Once activated you have a RVM tab on the left hand side
  5. Start creating your favourite maps


Can I customize map and canvas colours ?

Yes, these are possible layout customizations:

  1. Canvas colour
  2. Map colour
  3. Map border colour
  4. Add zoom-in/zoom-out buttons
  5. Map width ( can use em, %, px etc.. )
  6. Region background colour, links and html labels
  7. Markers background colour, border colour, links, dimension, html popup message and min/max radius dimension scale
  8. Get rid of map padding
Can I customize map region links ?

Yes, it’s possible to customize links for each region/area displayed in the map. When creating a new map or editing an existing one, you will have chance to
assign url to each area/region of the map. Default areas/regions have just a tooltip mouseover effect displaying area/region name.
Actually is possible to add a custom html tooltip in a secure way.

Which WP version is the plugin compatible with ?

The plugin will work at its best from WP ver 3.6 onwards.

I created a new map, but I would like to give specific width just for a specific post, is it possible ?

Yes, you can create a new map which will adapt to your box container automatically and will be responsive, but you can even use
an additional width parameter to the shortcode within a specific post. Your map will have specific width just for that post.


Works well

RVM is an excellent SVG map plugin that is easy to use and has an active support forum. I compared several similar plugins before deciding on this one.

Keep up the good work on this plugin!


Useful and easy to use. The assistance is fast. I suggest it even for the maps quantity and quality.

Amazing plugin

For your map needs, this plugin has it all and is very user friendly!
I tried purchasing a map and it’s so easy to install and configure.
Love how active the support is 😀

Pretty cool plugin

Plugin works very good and is pretty easy to use.
Support by the creator is also perfect: very quick response if you need some changes done. Thank you, Enrico!

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Contributors & Developers

“RVM – Responsive Vector Maps” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • New feature : Export and import subdivisions of your maps
  • New feature : Export and import markers of your maps
  • Improvements : minor style update


  • Fix : fix the “warning count() parameter must be an array or an object” issue of PHP ver 7.2


  • Fix : map width and padding accept <10 values
  • New feature : customize markers’ image for map pinpoints installing the Custom Icon Marker Module
  • Improvements : css updates


  • Fix : when clicking on publish an error message appeared if switched from custom map to default one
  • New feature : Internationalization ready. Plugin can now be translated


  • Update : jvectormap core lib updated to ver. 2.0.3
  • New feature : Map uploader directly into the RVM settings area
  • New feature : Map Padding field to set map padding
  • New feature : Feature to open link in a new window
  • New feature : editor in your map settings page to see it using the “View post” link
  • Fixed : small map issue with ajax loaded content
  • Fixed : issue for single entries in Map Width field ( i.e.: 5% )
  • Fixed : “Unexpected value 0 0 100% 100% parsing viewBox attribute.” warning message in console
  • Improvements : style update ( i.e.: label background opacity, zoom effect etc… )


  • Release on October 2015
  • Compatible with WP 4.3 ( use construct for widget building )
  • Introduce dynamic map paths: now you can use same maps for local and remote webservers
  • Enable/disable subdivisions selected status
  • New control settings for hover status, hover background opacity and borders width
  • Chance to have transparent canvas background ( wow , thnaks Phill )
  • Chance to enable the hover over status each single subdivisions
  • Improved “Installation” feature for custom maps ( now the entirepath can be placed )
  • Subdivision and maps in main settings sorted alphabetically in ascending order ( finally ! )
  • Small css layout improvements


  • Release on June 2015
  • Better management of map name when pasted inside the “Install Your Map” field. No more issues with spaces and .zip extensions


  • Release on June 2015
  • Introduced Custom Maps feature: you can now download and install many other maps then defaults from responsivemapsplugin.com site
  • Fix links issues with some browsers ( desktop / mobile ) like Chrome, etc…
  • Link target not available anymore in order to fix links issues with some browsers ( see upon )
  • Chance to get rid of padding ( space around the map ) for any single map
  • Created a settings page in order to fix eventual issues created by wp_emoji script with all svg images on front end and in dashboard
  • Change name of Regions/Countries tab into Subdivisions for more consistency


  • Release on April 2015
  • Fix regions and markers links with query-strings ( thanks macsag ! )
  • Fix p tag not closed in main settings


  • Release on April 2015
  • ( World Map ) Fix on Niger country not picking up customization
  • Fix Portugal aspect ratio
  • Added rvm-map-container class to map container div ( less conflicts and more consistency )
  • Minor css fix ( map container now has min-width: 100% and box-sizing: border-box; )
  • Fix typo $map_apsect_ratio into $map_aspect_ratio in rvm_shortcode.php
  • Fix issue on single quote, new line and line break in regions and markers
  • Changed function esc_url_raw ( for database entries ) into esc_url ( for input field displaying security purpose ) in rvm_region.php


  • Release on December 2014
  • Fix on Indonesia not showing region custom color and custom html popup


  • Release on November 2014
  • Added popup to region countries
  • Chance to load custom html in region and markers popup label in total security
  • Added USA and Belgium maps
  • Improved tabs navigation: active tab memory
  • General code cleaning
  • Fixed minor bugs ( visible just when WP_DEBUG active )


  • Release on November 2014
  • Fixed issue display weird link on blank field in region section


  • Release on November 2014
  • Markers added: use long/lat for markers to display on the map
  • Regions/countries colour customizable
  • Completely redesigned: tabbed navigation through main settings, regions/countries and markers
  • Improved data storing: use of data series for regions/counties codes


  • Release on 05/09/2014
  • Fix Polish map not saving region links
  • Added Europe and World map !
  • Use of WP default color picker for map setting


Fix Sweden map not displaying : release on 28/07/2014


First release on 22/07/2014