Responsive Portfolio – Responsive Image Gallery, Image Portfolio


Responsive Portfolio is based on bootstrap framework. You can Add unlimited images on your blog site. This plugin is mobile compatible and support on any device.Responsive Portfolio is provide gallery with masonry effect and lightbox preview.

Using [WRP] shortcode, you can publish image or photo gallery into any Page or Post in your WordPress sites.

Free Plugin Demo: Responsive Portfolio Free

Free Plugin Features

  • Responsive Gallery
  • Simple & Very Easy Admin Gallery Dashboard
  • Top to Down Hover Effect
  • Two Design Layout
  • Zoom image animation
  • Integrated with Masonry effect
  • Stylish Light Box
  • Browser Compatible
  • Add Unlimited Images into Gallery
  • Multilingual Translation Ready
  • Made By Bootstrap Framework
  • All Device Support
  • All Browser Support
  • Powerful and stylish setting panel
  • Lightbox with Sideshow feature
  • Multiple Shortcode feature

Responsive Portfolio Pro Features:

A Perfect Responsive Portfolio Plugin for WordPress where you are able to create many types of portfolio content like images, vimeo/youtube video, Albums, images with pagination, gallery with carousel slider etc.

  • Responsive Gallery – If you view gallery into any devices like mobile phones, tabs, desktop pc, laptops or other portable devices then gallery automatic adjust itself according to screen sizes.

  • Simple & Very Easy Admin Gallery Dashboard – Gallery creation and setting configuration dashboard is with a fine and simple design with helping settings labels, tips and screenshots

  • 10 Types of Loading gallery Animation Effect – At the image gallery output when the gallery loads on the page ten differents image loading effects give more attractions to user end

  • 16 Types of gallery pagination Animation Effect -When the user triggered between the next or previous pagination buttons it’s also animate images during page loading without page refresh

  • 8 Types of Gallery design layout – Like you can create grid gallery, image gallery, video gallery, link gallery, pagination gallery, loading effect gallery, masonry gallery, album gallery and carousel gallery, content gallery and many more you want.

  • Unlimited Colors Scheme with opacity Effects – You can set color on image caption, image border, pagination color, image hover color.

  • 500+ Google Font Styles integrated with gallery – Google fonts give a randomise image caption facilities with new font styles

  • Album View Styles – Create a album view, where user click on album cover then plugin loads it’s all image using smooth ajax loading with pagination and animation loading effects

  • Gallery Pagination – Set pagination settings on Album galleries, set per page image using this setting

  • Carousel Slider – Carousel slider gives in-line image slider functionality with next and previous buttons

  • Youtube Video Gallery – Create Youtube galleries to group your favourites videos into single or categories your multiple video galleries

  • Vimeo Video gallery – Same as Youtubes you can create multiple Vimeo video galleries

  • External Link Portfolio – If you want create gallery which points out your clients portfolio then you can create external link gallery and set the links on individual images

  • Rectangle/circle image style – Plugin crop image into same sizes so you can set gallery thumbnail shape circle or rectangle

  • Multiple Image Uploader -Create galleries in minutes through uploading image into set of multiples selection using WordPress multiple image uploader

  • Drag and Drop image Position – You can sort out all image using drag and drop feature of the plugin

  • Gallery Shortcode button on page or post – At the time of creating new gallery page / post, gallery shortcode button appear above content editor, using this button you can add gallery shortcode into page / post content

  • Integrated with Isotope Effect – Isotope effect is technical name of masonry effect, this effect adjust all different sizes image according to gap available between them

  • 4 Types Of light box integrated with gallery – For previewing images into large frame there are four lightbox added into plugin like fancy, swipe, pretty photo and nivo lightbox

  • Each Gallery has unique Settings – Specify each gallery a unique so they look awesome or you can specify same settings to them, it’s all into your hand

  • Hide And Show gallery title – Using this gallery setting whether you can show or hide the gallery title

  • Grid and masonry layout – If masonry setting is on then gallery show as masonry layout if this setting off then gallery shows as grid with same size thumbnails

  • Add Unlimited Images into Gallery – There are no limits into for adding image into single gallery, but it’s depends on your server configuration like how much data you can post at a time

  • Browser Compatible – Plugin is tested with all major browsers, sometimes it effect but we provide support for this

  • Multilingual Translation Ready – Plugin setting dashboard can be translatable into any WordPress supported languages

Responsive Portfolio pro is very flexible and and compatible on all devices like ipad, iphone smart phone etc.

Live Demos

Try Plugin As An Admin

Plugin has extreme Admin dashboard. Plugin settings is very easy and user friendly. With Multiple Image Uploader you are easily add multiple images in seconds

We Need Your Support

It is really hard to continue development and support for this free plugin without motivation from users like you. If you are enjoying using our Responsive Portfolio plugin and find it useful, then please consider giving us your positive review on this plugin which will motivate us to perform more better and will help us develop our future products according to your needs.


  • Gallery Preview on Site
  • Gallery Full Preview
  • Gallery Image Preview Light Box
  • Add Images into Gallery
  • Gallery Settings
  • Insert Images into Gallery


  1. Upload the entire responsive-portfolio folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress admin.
  3. Create new gallery, Use [WRP] shortcode to publish you portfolio gallery on any page or post.


Please use WordPress support forum to ask any query regarding any issue.


March 3, 2020
Ich hatte mit der kostenlosen Version schon einige Galerien angelegt, die leider nicht in die Pro-Version übertragen wurden. Der Service hat das innerhalb eines Tages erledigt und mir dadurch viel Zeit erspart. Vielen Dank!
March 1, 2019
Installs quickly and integrates easily, I did have an issue with settings not being saved but support was quick and the issue was identified and fixed. Excellent product, I’ll be purchasing other plugins soon.
January 15, 2019
Had used this product on multiple websites. Two of the websites - the portfolios broke and no longer displayed. Check the Portfolios under the plugin and ALL images were gone. Developer could not fix it, I had to rebuild all of them. After the second time this happened on a different site, I switched to another plugin. Be careful using this. Your results may vary.
August 3, 2017
I have installed this plugin 3 years ago on several web sites. I'm so Happy with its useful and so glad with the technical support.
February 20, 2017
I had 2-3 customization I needed! They responded promptly and were so helpful! Amazing support! Thanks!!!!
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Contributors & Developers

“Responsive Portfolio – Responsive Image Gallery, Image Portfolio” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



For more information, see Weblizar(


– Bootstrap update.
– Minor fix


– Minor Bug Fixed.


– Bootstrap and fontawesome library update.


– version update compatible with wordpress 5.2.3
– Updated: font awesome library.
– updated: Nonce and permission check.


– recommendations page update


– version update compatible with wordpress 5.2.1
– bug fixed


– version update compatible with wordpress 5.2
– Pro Banner updated
– bugs fixed


– version update compatible with wordpress 5.1


– version update compatible with wordpress 5.0.3
– minor layout change
– Read me file text update


- Add Feature Banner at all gallery list page


- Add Image Link Setting
- Add Upgrade to Pro Banner in Plugin's Setting Page
- Add Setting and Go Pro link at Plugins's List Page
- Update Gallery's Default Image

2.7.0 – Version update and WordPress 4.9.8 compatible

2.6.20 – Update Bootstrap + font-awesome library + Add Recommendations and Our-Product Page + Update link of View demo,Try Before Buy,Upgrade to pro button + Update Basic Font Family + Add font family on title of page/post (frontend) + Background image path bug fixed in Pro Screenshot Page + Add Custom CSS Settings + version update and WordPress 4.9.6 compatible

2.6.19 – version update and WordPress 4.9.5 compatible

2.6.18 – few typos fix in readme & plugin update

2.6.17 – plugin readme update

2.6.16 – version update and WordPress 4.9.1 compatible

2.6.15 – Add ColorPicker Settings for image border + Font Family not applied on frontend Bug Fixed + Image Label not centered Bug Fixed + version update + WordPress 4.9 compatible

2.6.14 – version update

2.6.13 – version update and WordPress 4.8.2 compatible

2.6.12 – bug fix

2.6.11 – version update and WordPress 4.8.1 + SEO ready image gallery

2.6.10 – version update and WordPress 4.8 compatible

2.6.9 – version update and WordPress 4.7.5 compatible

2.6.8 – version update

2.6.7 – version update

2.6.6 – version update

2.6.5 – version update

2.6.4 – WordPress 4.7 compatible

2.6.3 – update

2.6.2 =
* update

Version 2.6.1 10/10/2016

  • Plugin Version Update

Version 2.6.0 21/09/2016

  • Js error fixed

Version 2.5.9 16/09/2016

  • update

Version 2.5.8 10/08/2016

Version 14/07/2016

  • small update

Version 2.5.7 27/06/2016

  • small update

Version 2.5.6 16/05/2016

  • small update

Version 2.5.5 29-April-2016

  • single update

Version 2.5.4 31-March-2016

  • single update

Version 2.5.3 14-March-2016

  • single update

Version 2.5.2 28-Jan-2016

  • Post data sanitized
  • Escaping all output data
  • Tags updated

Version 2.5.1 31-Dec-2015

  • External link removed

Version 2.5 31-Dec-2015

  • Small update

Version 2.4 17-Dec-2015

  • image upload issue fixed for new and old WordPress

Version 2.3 11-Dec-2015

  • Compatible with WordPress 4.4 version
  • resolved image upload issue

Version 2.2 03-Oct-2015

  • Compatible with wordpress 4.3.1
  • Small bug resolved

Version 2.1 01-Sep-2015

  • Small Update in css file

Version 2.0 21-April-2015

  • Compatible with WordPress 4.2 version

Version 1.9 26-Mar-2015

  • Resolved apostrophe and comma error from image label

Version 1.8 10-Feb-2015

  • Resolved Lightbox disappear error

Version 1.7 04-Feb-2015

  • Add Multiple shortcode feature for display portfolio on multiple page
  • Add Sideshow feature in lightbox

Version 1.6 07-Jan-2015

  • Small Updates in bootstrap-admin.css file

Version 1.5 22-Dec-2014

  • Image titles capitalization issue is resolved
  • Add posts_per_page code
  • Compatible with WordPress 4.1 version

Version 1.4.1 06-Dec-2014

  • Small changes in plugin files

Version 1.4 06-dec-2014

  • Update Plugin File
  • Update Bootstarp.css file

Version 1.2 27-oct-2014

  • Small changes in css file.

Version 1.1 15-sep-2014

  • resolved Some small error.

Version 1.0 11-sep-2014

  • This version provides basic functionality to create Portfolio