Responsive Mobile-Friendly Tooltip


tooltips are used to present a tiny amount of hidden content (mainly explanatory, so-called tips), that pops up when user moves a cursor over or clicks (less common) on a special target.

Key Features

  • It’s responsive. It relies on a maximum width value when viewed on large screens, adopts to narrow environments and picks the best viewable position relatively to the target (top, bottom; left, center, right).
  • It’s mobile-friendly. It pops up when a call-to-action button is tapped and disappears when tapped on the tooltip itself.
  • It’s HTML formatting capable. Need to write some words in italic or so? No problem, this will work out.
  • It’s extremely easy to use: A tooltip button in added to the default WordPress editor, all you have to do it click it and fill the pop-up dialog, the rest is taken care of automatically.


  • The button adds a WordPress short-code, if you want the tip to be HTML formated (avoid block level elements) you can just wrap it with [tooltip tip=””][/tooltip] in tinyMCE.
  • You can also assign the attribute rel=”tooltip” and title=”Enter your tip here” to any of body tags in HTML file where you want the tooltip to pop up when called.
  • You can change the pop-up look by editing responsive-tooltip.css. change it to what ever suits your website best!


Thanks to Osvaldas who made the Js and the CSS. WordPress plugin adoption by me.


  • The tooltip in action.
  • The editor dialog.


  1. Upload the unzipped folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Check out your new button on the WordPress editor.


Non I can think of, contact for help.


Easy to use!

Nice plugin, easy to use and works great on mobile as well.

As far as styling I do not like the underline it creates and not sure how to use custom css.

Apart from that, great plugin that works well!

Update: With latest version, went from 4 stars to 5

My previous review said:
“It hasn’t been updated in 2 years, but still seems to work just fine, though I am not actually using it with the editor (I use it coded in my theme in multiple locations) so I cannot speak to that. I also agree with the review by @thorshammer that it cuts off the display if it is long and near the top of the screen – it would be great if it automatically recognized screen position and changed location accordingly.”

As you can see in the comments, the developer responded to my review and then fixed the previous problem. So, now it works great and, I think, deserves 5 stars. Definitely recommend

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Contributors & Developers

“Responsive Mobile-Friendly Tooltip” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




*Fix arrow in down position.


  • Fix up position.


  • Both “Invert” and “Hover” attributes are deprecated.
  • Hopefully all bugs fixed.
  • Dialog is working again.


  • added the ajax folder we.. lost


  • Allow the “hover” attribute to provide nested shortcode available in bubble content
  • “invert” attribute is still available but it’s deprecated


  • Allow the “invert” attribute to provide nested shortcode available in bubble content


  • Nested Shortcodes in tooltip base content (not the bubble content)


  • Bug fix- Dialog underlay.


  • Bug fix- Fixed the blinking\flashing tip (Hopefully).


  • Bug fix – fixed problem when using ‘.


  • Adds CSS editor and style options (image in tooltip coming soon).


  • Bug fix – fix tip flashing when the target (the content to be hovered) is a block level element.


  • first version!