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WordPress plugin for the only customer support tool designed for remote troubleshooting and instant problem-solving. Powered with Pointing video calls – live remote video guidance. Loved by teams who sell, repair and maintain devices, appliances and gadgets.

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The plugin relies on external Resolw API for the purpose of your support units data retrieval. In order to retrieve the correct data from Resolw API you are also required to log in to your Resolw account from the plugins administrative view. In order to use the API, one must have created a Resolw account and agreed to our terms of service and our privacy policy.
All REST-api requests are done server side. Your Resolw access key is associated with your wordpress user id and is never exposed to frontside javascript.
Several Resolw API endpoints are used to support the plugin’s.
* GET user/me is used to verify the API key.
* POST user/login is for regular email & password login. Upon successful login as a Team Owner or Administrator, the unit selection view is loaded.
* GET support/units retrieves the list of support units belonging to the team of a logged in user.
No API requests are done by the site visitor/customer. Should you change your support unit’s public link, the selected unit data should be refreshed in the Resolw WordPress plugin settings. Refresh can be achieved either by logging out and back in to your Resolw account from the Resolw WordPress plugin, after which you should select that unit again. Another method is to select a different unit and then return to the former unit.

General file structure

The main plugin file resolw_wp_plugin.php determines which scripts to load, whether you are logged in to the admin pages, or as a regular website visitor. All the administrative options (such as logging in to your Resolw account or changing the support unit) are only available whilst logged in to /wp-admin.

The administrative files, main.php, login.php and units.php, are located in the resolw_wp_plugin/ root folder and provide functionality accordingly. The main.php file serves as a mere wrapper for both, in order to avoid banner from reloading. Once you have logged in, the units.php contains code for the unit selection dropdown. Once you log out from the Resolw account the unit selection is deleted from the database and the login.php content is loaded. Keep your Resolw account logged in after making the selection.

Javascript files are stored in the ./js folder of your Resolw plugin root. Both login.js and unit.js provide administrative functionality accordingly and are only loaded for the /wp-admin user. link_bubble.js provides chat link bubble creation and functionality for the support link if it is stored in the database. From that file the chat bubble is written straight to the DOM body element using createElement and appendChild methods. Generally, it’s composed of 3 svg images wrapped inside necessary div and span elements.

Inside the ./styles directory you will find two stylesheet files: admin.css and customer.css. admin.css is only for the WordPress administrative views and customer.css is only for the chat link bubble.

Chat bubble

In order to change the chat bubble styles it is recommended to use a child theme’s style sheet. It’s possible to edit the plugin chat link stylesheet at plugins/resolw_wp_plugin/styles/customer.css. However, it’s not recommended to edit style sheets in the plugin because your changes will be overwritten when the plugin is updated.

Changing the link bubble colors

.resolwc_link-background-color {
fill: #54BA65;
.resolwc_link-foreground-color {
fill: #FFFFFF;
.resolwc_link-stripes-color {
fill: #54BA65;

Changing the animation speed

The animated chat link bubble is divided into 3 parts with different animations in the customer.css stylesheet file: #resolwc_linkBackgroundElement, #resolwc_linkForegroundElement and #resolwc_stripes. The animations are named accordingly: resolwc_back, resolwc_front and resolwc_stripes.

resolwc_linkBackgroundElement {



@-webkit-keyframes resolwc_back {


Changing link location
The default location for the link is centered at the bottom of the page.

resolwc_svg-bubble {




  • Support Chat link bubble on your webpage
  • Log in to your Resolw account
  • Select a support unit link for the chat bubble
  • Search for the unit you wish to select
  • Support unit is selected


Upload the Resolw Chat plugin to your site, activate it, log in to your Resolw account from the Resolw Chat Settings tab and select the support unit you want your customers to visit for help requests.


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