Meet RentPress for Apartments

Transform your WordPress website into an incredible apartment marketing tool. Create an amazing apartment website and gain more qualified leads in just a few clicks. Delivering enterprise-level quality and features, all backed by industry veterans with a deep understanding of digital marketing best practices and the online rental market.

Supercharge your RentPress experience by connecting your data feeds from:

  • RentCafe
  • Entrata
  • MRI MarketConnect/Vaultware
  • ResMan
  • RealPage (Coming Soon!)

Contact 30 Lines for a subscription to RentPress Sync.

Get started quickly by enabling our out-of-the-box page templates. Or code your own templates using RentPress to display property data.

RentPress is built by the award-winning team at 30 Lines who also offer apartment websites, email marketing tools, and targeted content to further enhance your property’s online presence.

Don’t see your preferred property management system? Looking for a new integration in the plugin? Let us know you’re interested!

What’s New in RentPress 6:

Multi-property websites can now quickly take advantage of real-time pricing and availability with RentPress and its included page templates. With one click, add property listing pages to your site with all the information from your data feed, showcase apartment layouts, and show the property location on a map (Google API required). Add in a photo gallery from your favorite gallery plugin with a shortcode. Showcase property resident reviews from Modern Message, Kingsley or Google Places with a shortcode (RentPress Reviews add-on required).

Easily enable a properties search page on your site with our new Search Page template. Display all properties across your portfolio, search and filter by beds, price, and pets.

Shoppers can now easily find properties by the location they want with the new “Cities” taxonomy. Automatically organize your properties by their city, add in romance copy and a picture to represent your city, and you’re ready for neighborhood leasing.

RentPress Addons

Grab RentPress Reviews addon for your site to display reviews from Modern Message, Kingsley or Google Places with a shortcode (a Google API key is required to use Google Maps and Reviews features).

If you use Appointments+ from WPMU Dev, RentPress can update the CTA’s to let your prospects easily schedule a tour/

More addons coming soon. Let us know what you would like to see!


  • Automatically create a property listing page for each property
  • Automatically create a Search Apartments page
  • Templates included for /floorplans/ overview grid page
  • Templates included for floor plan "product" pages
  • Templates included for floor plan "product" pages
  • RentPress adopts your website's theme and features property information on floor plan pages
  • Responsive design scales to mobile devices


  1. Upload the plugin files to a /wp-content/plugins/rentPress directory via FTP, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.
  3. Use the RentPress -> RentPress Settings page to start setting up your site.


Does RentPress support my property management system’s data feed?

With a subscription to our RentPress service to parse through property data feeds, RentPress plugin can pull in real-time pricing and availability from the following popular systems:

  • RentCafe
  • Entrata
  • MRI MarketConnect / Vaultware
  • ResMan

And yes, you can mix multiple data sources on one website.

How can I access the property information imported by RentPress?

Since RentPress can import your property pricing and availability information and stores them as custom post meta data, you can access any meta field using the typical WordPress get_post_meta() method or new-up a WP_Query() class.

We also have shortcodes available to pull in listing data, as well as decorator classes and global singletons that give you a variety of methods to call all pricing and availability information in a clean, template-friendly way.

Can I manually enter property information?

Yes, once activated, a custom post type is registered and displayed in the wp-admin area titled ‘Properties’

Can I manually enter floor plan information?

Yes, once activated, a custom post type is registered and displayed in the wp-admin area titled ‘Floor Plans’

Can I manually enter unit information?

Yes, if you use the plugin in single property mode, you can create and assign units into the site.

Are there log files that I can reference if something is breaking with the plugin?

Yes, there is a /Log directory in the root of the RentPress plugin. There will be separate, automatically generated logs for warnings, errors, info, and event triggers.

Can I customize the styling of the RentPress included templates?

The RentPress templates support choosing one accent color. It will pick up the rest of its styling (typeface, font colors, etc) from your chosen theme.

Where can I learn more about RentPress?

We have an extended FAQ page that’s regularly updated at https:/

You can also check our Getting Started Guide.

Contributors & Developers

“RentPress” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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Interested in development?

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New Features

RentPress now has Single Property Listing and Properties Search page templates.
* Single Property template
* When enabled, will automatically generate a listing page for each property.
* Add property featured image.
* Add a tracking phone number specific for your website.
* Add a property online application link.
* Display a banner to announce leasing specials at a property. Specials can be linked and also set to automatically expire.
* Invite shoppers to connect to property social networks. Supports: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
* Invite shoppers to share property listing with a friend.
* Add a tagline or slogan for a property.
* Display property romance copy and available amenities.
* Add in the property pet policy.
* Showcase floor plans and available units for property.
* Add and display 360 Virtual Tours (ex.: Matterport Tours) for each floor plan.
* Display photos from your favorite gallery plugin by adding a shortcode.
* Direct shoppers to your property with a Google map. Google Map API key required.
* Display in romance copy about the property’s city from the cities taxonomy.
* Add social proof with reviews from Modern Message, Kingsley, or Google Places. RentPress Reviews addon required.
* Show a default placeholder image if a property does not have a featured image set.
* Properties Search template
* When enabled, will automatically generate a Search Apartments page at /search/
* Visitors can search across any information about your property: name, city, state, or zip code and more.
* Filters are available for bedroom count, price, and pets.
* Add a featured image header and headline text.
* Add page content at top or bottom of search page.
* Show a default placeholder image if a property does not have a featured image set.
* New “Cities” taxonomy for Properties
* A directory page is created to display each city’s properties.
* Cities will be automatically generated based on the location data from properties on your site.
* Properties will be automatically assigned into their city. 
* Romance copy about the city entered here will be displayed across all properties in that city.
* A default placeholder image if a city does not have a featured image set.


  • New options are included to customize the property and search templates.
  • The ‘Pets’ taxonomy now automatically creates the terms “Cat Friendly” and “Dog Friendly” for properties
    • The “Cat Friendly” and “Dog Friendly” terms are also used on the search page top help filter and sort through properties.
  • New floor plans grid shortcode allows you to shows property floor plans on any page of your site. Supports inline contact forms.
  • Updated look and feel throughout.
  • SEO Schema, Markup, and Headings added throughout.


  • New Features
    — Adds a new fallback mode for the floor plan template to help with on-page SEO and to increase compatibility with older web browsers
    — Adds a new option to hide the floor plan availability counter
    — If enabled along with “Show Waitlist CTAs” enabled, the Join Waitilist indicator will be hidden as well
    — Adds an option to hide floor plans with no availability
    — The floor plan product pages will still exist, but will be hidden from view


  • New Features
    — Adds a new option to show Waitlist CTA’s. When enabled:
    — On the /floorplans/ grid page, for floor plans that have no avilable units, “Join Waitlist” will show
    — On the floor plan product pages, the main CTA’s become “Join Our Waitlist” and “Browse Floorplans” so shoppers have other options
    — Adds an option to change the URL that the “Join Our Waitlist” CTA links to.
    — By default, it will link to /waitlist/
  • Updates
    — Cleaner handling of ranges for properties
    — Updates to floorplan syncing
  • Bugfixes
    — Addresses an issue with property sorting
    — Addresses an issue detecting when Appointments plugin is active
    — Fixes a typo on floor plan product pages
    — Fixes a typo on floorplans grid page
    — Resolves an error that could show up on every property page while WP_Debug is active
    — Resolves a bug handling zip codes starting with a “0”
    — Addresses a PHP warning with property importing

  • Bugfixes
    — Resolves an issue where custom templates could become disabled


  • New Features
    — Floorplans Grid Template now supports showing content added through the page editor
    — New option to show page content above or below RentPress template
    — Single Floorplan Template now supports showing content added through the page editor
    — New option to show page content above or below RentPress template
  • Updates
    — Options page reorganized for clearer structure
  • Bugfixes
    — Resolves an issue where templates could show incorrectly if no availability dates ever existed for any units


** Important: This update replaces the option for “Waitlisted” units. If you are not seeing the units you want to see, please visit the new Unit Availability option. **

  • New Features
    — This brings major updates to the included templates for the /floorplans/ grid and single floor plan product page
    — The floorplans grid page has been overhauled behind the scenes to be more accurate and more dynamic
    — Filtering and sorting floorplans happens immediately – no longer requiring a page reload
    — When filtering floorplans, the Available count updates in real-time according to your filters
    — Default sorting is by Soonest Available unit first
    — Adds an option to choose a default sort for your site
    — When pricing is disabled across the site, pricing options disappear
    — More granular options for showing unit availability
    — Includes options to show units with date, availability status, only today, and to simply show all units
    — ** Important: This option replaces the previous option for “Waitlisted” units. If you are not seeing the units you want to see, please visit this new option. **
    — Updates the single floor plan page for a new experience when no units are available
    — A message is now displayed including a link to send shoppers to your /floorplans/ page to browse other options
    — The section for Matterport tours has been moved up the page to better highlight the tour experience
    — The CTA buttons have been replicated in the tour section as well
    — A button has been added to the bottom of the page to allow visitors to return to the /floorplans/ page
  • Improvements
    — Options in RentPress settings will now conditionally show and hide based on their relevancy to your chosen settings
  • Updates
    — Improvements to date handling for units synced from Vaultware
  • Bugfixes
    — Resolves an issue that could cause WordPress to crash when RentPress is the only installed plugin


  • New Features
    — Floor plan templates now support displaying Matterport Tours inline.
    — Paste your tour URL in the “Floor Plan Matterport Video” field when editing a floor plan, and the section will automatically show.
  • Updates
    — Updates to the floor plans table to help manage floor plans easier
    — Floor plans can now be sorted in the WordPress admin by Name and SQ FT as well
  • Bugfixes
    — Addresses an issue with handling floor plan images
    — Addresses an issue with to display pricing as a number instead of a string
    — Addresses an issue with rounding latitude and longitude coordinates on search pages


  • Updates
    — Minor bugfixes to remove deprecated functions


  • New features
    — New Integrations tab in RentPress settings helps you see what currently available integrations are installed, active, and how to configure them.
    — Option for managing Appointments+ plugin integration and showing a “Schedule A Tour” CTA on floor plan pages. By default, this CTA will link to /tour/ on your site.
    — Option to override the default /tour/ link for the “Schedule A Tour” CTA and point to any URL.
  • Updates
    — Updated options to help override the URL for the “Request Info” button included on floor plan pages. By default, this button will link to /contact/ on your site.
    — Option to override the default /contact/ link for the “Request More Info” button and point to any URL.


  • New Features
    — Ability to add a global override for application URLS. Visit RentPress > Display Config


  • Updates
    — Price calculations no longer set to use only available units by default
    — Updates to options pages


  • Features
    — Ability to manually create new units on single-property sites
  • Improvements
    — Updates to options pages
    — Improvements to sync logic
    — Addresses sorting by square footage


  • Bugfixes
    — Addresses issue with pricing in search
    — Addresses issue with related floorplans
    — Updates to Disable Pricing logic


  • Features
    — Option to show pricing as “Starting at…” or range of prices
    — Option to open Apply links in new or same window
  • Bugfixes
    — Updates to unit sorting
    — Bugfixes to RentPress templates
    — Disable neighborhood archive
    — Updates for Angular compatibility


  • Features
    — Users can now override “Apply Now” button links, on the single floorplan template page, through the RentPress menu in wp-admin. This allows for custom links to be used globally instead of relying on links through a feed or manually changing every link.
    — Detects if Appointments+ plugin by WPMU Dev is installed. If so, RentPress will display a “Schedule a Tour” CTA on the single floorpan pages.
    — By default this value will navigate to /tour, but this can be customized. The plugin can be found here
    — Added email share link on single floorplans templates
  • Bugfixes
    — Made map plugin integration more generic so it fits with other Google Maps plugins
    — Improved coordinate syncing
    — Patched a couple property search issues


  • Bugfixes
    — Fixed an issue with lease term pricing. The loop now appropriately checks the ignored properties and floorplans
  • Improvements
    — Query restructuring
  • Template Changes
    — Resolved an issue regarding sort clearing all results


  • Bugfixes
    — The floorplan title now has appropriate h tags to follow the rest of the theme
    — Apply button functionality was not working appropriately and was replacing the schedule a tour link as well
  • Improvements
    — More text changes for user experience


  • Improvements
    — Users can now select whether they want the floorplan title or the bedroom|bathroom count to be shown on the floorplans template page
    — Fixed a search error that occurred when you would try searching for a property that had no availability, it now shows properties with no availability in the results


  • Improvements
    — Unit cleanup data should now be much more accurate


  • Bugfixes
    — Added WP prefix to SQL query
    — Cleaned up template warnings
    — Cleaned up PHP warnings
  • Updates
    — More Options and label updates for the menu
    — Template alterations


  • Major Changes
    — Templates
    We have new templates!
    Inside your RentPress options page, you’ll find new templates for single-property websites

    • Floor plan grid with sort options in a sidebar
    • Single floor plan page with units table, sharing options, and descriptions (pulled from your property feed)
      Both of these templates also support a custom accent color.
      — Updates to search logic for future compatibility
      This new search is built with Angular and available through a new plugin and is for multi-property sites. This new functionality is for the new multi-property search templates that will arrive later this year. Right now functionality has been added to this plugin to allow the separate plugin to work with RentPress Core for our beta testing sites.
      — Reorganize Folder Structure
      — Removed Deprecated Functions
  • Minor Changes
    — Option to show waitlisted units
    — Default lat/long location for maps – moved from default 0/0 location. Can be edited by user.
    — Option to disable pricing on floorplans with no vacancy
    — Option to disable all lease term pricing