RegisterONE – Total Exhibitor Registration Management


Total, “best of breed” exhibitor registration and resource management for expos, events and festivals, all from ONE unified, web-based application. Built in support for Paypal and payment gateways. Manage and review your applicants easily and efficiently from RegisterONE. Quickly generate vendor registration forms and keep your applicants on your website throughout the registration process. Just add your event shortcode to a blank page and you’re done. All vendor details and files are saved to your account on for easy access and administration.

Supports venue mapping, form-based booth selection and reservations with price override.

Import vendors and booth locations via spreadsheet XLS file. is a unified event vendor registration and management solution. You need a account to use this plugin.


NEW with v1.1.7 – Payment Gateway support! New amenity type to allow applicant to apply to multiple applications from one form.

RegisterONE is a powerful registration manager, and includes:

  • Complete exhibitor/vendor/applicant registration management, from start to finish
  • Manage and review your applicants easily and efficiently
  • Payment support via directly to your account
  • Payment support via Paypal directly to your account
  • Responsive, mobile friendly forms with great UX
  • Import your current vendor list via XLS file, including custom fields
  • Venue location mapping, selection & pricing (ie. booth spaces)
  • Map reservations & placement by organizer with price override/expiration date
  • “Earlybird” fee discounts with auto-expiration date
  • Amenity discount options, both global and form specific tied to early bird discounts
  • Dynamic contract generation with e-signatures
  • Supports multiple forms feeding a single event for greater flexibility
  • Applicants can go back to application, make changes & payments at any time
  • Auto-importing of your Wufoo forms
  • Customizable profile fields and sort order
  • Application deposit payment support that are subtracted from remaining payments
  • Applicant/vendor profiles and custom keywords
  • Dynamic document requirements and uploads based on applicant/vendor type
  • Streamlined document auditing
  • Amenity selection and pricing (ie. tables, tents)
  • email and SMS text blasts to individual and groups of vendors
  • Flexible fee payment options via Paypal
  • Parsley form validation
  • Easy sorting of form fields and form values (selectors)
  • Granular “required” field settings along with asterisk (*) after field label
  • and the list is growing…

Automatic Installation

  1. Go to Plugins > Add New in your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Search registerone to find this plugin, by Vandenberg Media Inc.
  3. Click Install Now to install it and then activate it after the installation.
  4. IMPORTANT: WordPress > Permalinks must be set to anything OTHER THAN “Plain/Default”. Also see: Permalinks

Manual Installation

  1. Download the plugin from and follow the instructions on the page.

Plugin Setup

  1. Go to Settings > RegisterONE Forms or Plugins > RegisterONE > Settings
  2. Generate an API key in your account and paste it into the plugin API key tab.
  3. From Event Form Shortcodes, select the shortcode you want and add it in a blank page. See the Help tab for more info.
  4. IMPORTANT: WordPress > Permalinks must be set to anything OTHER THAN “Plain/Default”. Also see: Permalinks

WP v5.0 Compatibility Notice

  1. This plugin works properly with v5, but when you add our shortcode to a page, you need to use the “classic editor” so you are able to select the RegisterONE template for proper display.
  2. After you add your shortcode, you can switch back to the new block editor if you wish.
  3. View the Classic Editor Plugin here.


  • Get your private API key from
  • Add your API key to the RegisterONE API Settings.
  • Access your event form shortcodes on the Shortcode tab.
  • Insert your shortcode into a blank Page (not a Post) and select the RegisterONE template for display.
  • Your vendor registration form will be displayed on your page.
  • Forms are mobile friendly for tablets and smartphones.
  • Document uploads are handled automatically based on vendor type.
  • Applicants can select the venue location or booth they want.
  • Vendor amenities are selectable, including venue setup location.
  • Event terms are displayed for them to sign off on.
  • e-Signatures can be made from desktops, tables or phones.
  • Payments can be made based on your payment preferences.


What exactly does this plugin do?

It displays your event vendor registration form. You first need to register on RegisterONE and create your first event. Once you do so and setup your API key, the plugin will display your registration form via event form shortcode. All form details are generated and saved to your account.

Can I use my existing Wufoo forms to start with?

Yes, our Wufoo to RegisterONE import tool allows you to pull your existing Wufoo forms right into your RegisterONE application forms with just a few clicks.

For more faqs, please see our FAQ page.

Do you support Paypal?

Yes, you can accept vendor payments via Paypal. Once you set it up, funds go straight to your Paypal account. Refunds are also easy with RegisterONE.

What does it cost?

The plugin is free to use. is free to try for your event vendor registration forms. See for details on pricing.

Contributors & Developers

“RegisterONE – Total Exhibitor Registration Management” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



  • New: Added new amenity type to allow applicant to apply to multiple application forms from one form.
  • Added location registration of hosted forms.

  • Added Gateway as a payment method to cart page.

  • Updated WP 5.0 compatibility notice and links.

  • Fix: Amenities settings for single/multiple qty now enforced on form
  • UX: If unselected Amenity is checked/selected, qty will be changed from 0 to 1 automatically.

  • Fix: Display booth reservation in Amenities if exists but hide map selector based on Events > Map Policy
  • UX: If booth shared with another vendor, display 2nd party name


  • Added: Amenity description now displays under the main Amenity title
  • UX: better mobile support for Amenity quantity selections
  • UX: increased spacing of File Upload boxes
  • UX: increased font size for Terms and Conditions scroll box

  • Fix: File download now supports multiple files on form page.

  • Fix: UX changes to submit buttons & invite details

  • Fix: CSS mods to Public facing booth map


  • New: Promo Upsell/Advertising Amenity type to display logos on Public facing booth map^^
  • New: Profile PDF download option
  • New: Display order changed so Amenities comes before Uploads
  • New: Customized display order of the Amenities listing^^
  • Added: Improved UX on Public facing map
  • Added: Improved Flex formatting for Amenities with smaller screens
  • Fix: File download button was missing on Uploads screen
  • Fix: bottom cutoff of Public facing map
  • Fix: Missing declare vars
  • ^^ = client driven additions

  • Added: Outer-facing map flex-layout revamp & top nav bar
  • Added: Keyword search dropdown in Outer-facing map


  • New: Attendee registration module to handle ticket/special event registration.^^
  • New: Dedicated screen to help registrants retrieve application profile link.
  • New: Dynamic form step display based on event & form settings.
  • Added: Note about file size upload limit in File Uploads screen.
  • Added: Improved form UX and navigation
  • Added: Customization of front-facing map display, including colors and booth info fields.^^
  • Fix: Incorrect redirect URL from Uploads screen.
  • Fix: Contract editor was not bringing up data.
  • ^^ = client driven additions


  • Added: Multi-badge types supported per form.


  • New: Invitations to past applicant to new event forms with pre-filled application fields, including booth reservations.
  • New: Exhibitor badge forms added to amenities with support for free badges per booth reservation.^^
  • New: Amenity discounts can be added per vendor.
  • Added: Booth reservation expiration notice on Amenities screen.
  • Added: Comping of individual cart items per vendor.
  • Added: Callback on new profile creation to detect hosting site page per form.
  • ^^ = client driven additions


  • New: Booth selection now can be marked as required. Includes form feedback.
  • New: Customizable messages for new vendor profile and application “Complete” notices.
  • Fixed contract display when using both terms and contract signature requirements.
  • Fixed map display vertical scrolling for application map/booth selector.


  • New: Front-facing map to display your vendors on a separate page on your website.
  • Changed format of booth labels in Amenities and Cart page to display sizes


  • Fixed possible compatibility issue with dynamic plugin pages


  • UX tweaks to map and cart page


  • New: custom amenity discount options (global and form specific early bird discount)
  • New: “booth fee multiplier” for variable booth rates based on vendor/applicant type
  • New: form specific notify preferences to send notice of new applicants to admins
  • Added more booth details during selection process
  • Added support for “booth fee only” when applying early bird discounts
  • Added support for custom map booth selector styling


  • New support for artist applicant type
  • Upload thumbnails and extra fields for upload details
  • Change CDN for fontawesome


  • Added option for Amenity Types with radio selector or checkboxes
  • Changed dialogue notice for Code 409 (profile already exists)


  • Fixed parsley validation with radio selectors


  • Dynamic contracts added to e-signature screen.
  • Added discount details to payment screen


  • Swapped out older image of shortcode for Help screen.
  • Better UX when using pre-launch event forms


  • New support for multiple currency types (USD, CAD, EUR).
  • Added better support for manual override of payments.


  • Added release button for booth reservations.


  • Repo fix


  • Added more payment details to cart page.
  • Added support hiding vendor selector if there’s only one type
  • Fixed rounding error in calculated totals.


  • Added multiple form support to feed single events.
  • Changed shortcode to use form_key instead of event_key
  • Added “earlybird” discounts with expiration date
  • Fixed bug in Cart screen for paid amount display


  • Added Vendor Selection option to display as radio (single selection only) or checkboxes (multi-select).
  • Added horizontal form separator element to Custom Fields
  • Vendor form keys are now tied to application keys
  • Fixed bug in Cart screen for paid amount display


  • Added support for application deposit payment types
  • Application deposits are subtracted from remaining payments
  • Added notice about possible payment status delay for a second or two
  • Fixed a few malformed html tags in Uploads screen
  • Fixed required doc filter to flag application status


  • Parsley form validation added for better usability/UX
  • Added easy sorting of form fields and form values (selectors)
  • New Comments block added to form field types.
  • New opt-in footer optional to display “powered by RegisterONE” in footer.
  • Added better error handling if PK is invalid (not valid applicant pk).
  • Granular required field settings along with asterisk (*) after field label.
  • Added mandatory checkbox on Terms page before signature button can be clicked.
  • Better clarification on Cart page as to status


  • Added the ability to create custom form fields on Profile application form
  • Added the ability to customize system field labels and help text
  • Added easy sorting of form fields and form values (selectors)


  • Compatibility check for WP v4.9
  • Added jBox tooltips for amenity descriptions


  • Added Paypal logo on checkout page of form
  • Corrected a few CSS formatting issues


  • Changed shortcode display in control panel to form input cell for easier cut-n-paste
  • Select2 css tweak to override fixed-width formatting issue
  • Added Vendor Type description under Vendor labels on Profile form
  • Added better fallback if no file uploads required
  • Added better error return if email collision found in event applications
  • Added support for Images as Doctype in Uploads screen
  • Form completion status now displays in the top-right of form
  • Completion status is now based on required file uploads as well as payment and signature status. These criteria are mostly set from Event Setup from RegisterONE account.
  • various fixes


  • Added custom, selectable keywords for vendor services/merchandise.


  • Initial release