This plugin has been closed and is no longer available for download.

Register Plus Redux


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Register Plus Redux enables the user registration (or signup) process to be customized in many ways, big and small. Is there another field you want users to complete when registering? Do you want to change the message your users receive after they register? Do you want users to have to verify their email address is legitimate? Do you want to queue up new users to be approved or denied by an administrator? Register Plus Redux can do all that and more.

Enhancements to registration include:

  • Replace WordPress logo with your own logo on registration and login page

  • Verify new users Email Address following registration

  • Keep new users in a queue to be verified by an Administrator

  • Alter redirect of users following registration or signup

  • Automatically logon users following registration or signup (functionality still in development)

  • Option to use Email Address as Username

  • Optionally require users to enter Email Address twice for accuracy

  • Show and potentially require any profile fields on registration or signup form

  • Allow users to specify their password (with optional password strength meter)

  • Invitation code system (with dashboard widget to track invites)

  • Add your own disclaimer, license agreement, or privacy policy to registration or signup page

  • Add additional custom fields (textbox, select, checkboxes, radio buttons, textarea) to registration, signup, or profile (textboxes can be validated against regex)

  • Customize message to new users

  • Customize message to Administrators when users are registered or signup

  • Specify CSS to be applied to registration or login page

Register Plus Redux was forked from Register Plus, developed by skullbit, after that plugin was abandoned in 2008. Register Plus Redux resolves many known bugs and added compatibility with WordPress 3.0+.

Versions 4.0 and later of Register Plus Redux include the optional functionality of ReadyGraph. If they choose to do so, plugin users can enable ReadyGraph through Register Plus Redux. When ReadyGraph is activated, a set of growth features, which include: a signup pop-up form, invite/sharing capabilities and automated email re-engagement campaigns are initiated for the purpose of increasing the rate of user-growth. The following information provides additional details on these features and the benefits that they deliver.

ReadyGraph App

ReadyGraph is a system that automates the growth of your site’s userbase. It is optimized to deliver audience growth and motivate users to consistently revisit your site.

Optimized Signup Form

ReadyGraph’s signup form with intelligent pop-up functionality and one-click login is designed to maximize signups to your email list. You can configure when the popup appears so as to maximize the likelihood that the user is engaged enough to register for your list.

Viral Friend Invites

ReadyGraph adds a friend invite process to your site’s signup flow. We then power the entire viral loop by sending email and Facebook invitations that encourage your visitors’ friends to signup for your site.

Automated Re-engagement Emails

ReadyGraph’s automated email system encourages visitors to return to your site. Users receive optimized emails such as a welcome email, re-engagement email, regular digest with new content from your blog, and social emails. All emails are configurable including the ability to turn on and off individual campaigns. We handle all sending to maximize deliverability.


Track daily-new subscribers, daily invites, total traffic, and other key metrics that quantify growth and user engagement. ReadyGraph safely stores user data in the cloud so you can access data from anywhere.


ReadyGraph’s newsfeed is an optional overlay on your site where your users can engage with others in your community and recommend your content or products to each other. It is like having a social network that engages users embedded on your site. Users can leave comments, ‘like’ comments left by other subscribers and ‘follow’ other subscribers. Subscribers will receive automated email updates based on these actions.

Monetization Through Sponsored Units

Due to popular demand, we are excited to announce that we have now added a new layer onto the ReadyGraph product: monetization. For quality sites with enough users and traffic to qualify, we will enable you to earn revenue through a set of elegant, unobtrusive sponsorship units.The ad units will be shown occasionally (much of the time they won’t be noticeable) and are highly targeted based on user interests. Most importantly, they can be turned off or on at any time. In addition to helping qualifying sites support themselves, this initiative will allow us to continue to put resources towards enhancing the free features we offer each and every site owner. Sites qualify on the basis of quality and a minimum traffic threshold. You can view, adjust, or opt out through your site monetization settings page.

Want To Grow Even Faster?

Try ReadyGraph premium for free to get these advanced features:
1. Monthly Promotion to 10,000 New Users
2. Unlimited New Blog Post Emails
3. Unlimited Viral Email Invites
4. Unlimited Facebook Invites
5. Many more premium features added all the time
Get it here!
If you have questions or concerns contact us anytime at

Available in the following translations:

  • zh_CN Chinese
  • nl_NL Dutch
  • de_DE German
  • fr_FR French
  • ir_FA Persian
  • it_IT Italian
  • pl_PL Polish
  • pt_BR Portuguese
  • pt_BR Brazilian Portuguese
  • ro_RO Romanian
  • ru_RU Russian
  • es_ES Spanish
  • es_AR Argentinean Spanish
  • tr_TR Turkish


  • A Modified Registration Page
  • Register Plus Settings
  • Invitation Tracking Dashboard Widget
  • Unverified User Management


nstallation Instruction and Configuration can also be found at Installation Instruction and Configuration

  1. Upload the ‘register-plus-redux’ directory to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  2. When installed on WordPress with Multisite, you must Network Activate ‘Register Plus Redux’ from the ‘Plugins’ menu in Network Admin to have access to all functionality (refer to the FAQ for more information)
  3. -OR- Simply Activate ‘Register Plus Redux’ from the site’s ‘Plugins’ menu
  4. Configure Register Plus Redux from the ‘Register Plus Redux’ page under Settings on individual sites


For detailed FAQ and other support visit

How is Register Plus Redux related to Register Plus?

Register Plus was abandoned by skullbit sometime after September, 2008 following the release of Register Plus 3.5.1. As of September, 2009 skullbit’s website was undergoing maintenance. Several bugs had been reported to the Register Plus plugin forum since that time, to resolve these bugs and continue development radiok forked the project.

What’s New? or What’s Coming Soon?

Visit for all information Register Plus Redux related

Register, Signup, what’s the difference?

Historically, users registered for WordPress sites. WordPress MU (Multiuser) introduced the signup process which is conceptually similar to registration, but also very different, especially from a coding perspective. WordPress MU has since been merged into WordPress as the Multisite (a/k/a WordPress MS) feature. The actions, filters and, overall request lifecycle are dramatically different, as is the presentation. The registration and signup pages are different in every way, even though they have similar intentions. As such, developers must make the distinction between registration and signup.

Why should I Network Activate vs activating on individual blogs?

This question is specific to WordPress with Networks, or WordPress Multisite, whichever terminology tickles your fancy. If you don’t know what either means, you most likely don’t need to concern yourself either way. After much trial and error, I learned that due to an odd executive decision in WordPress core, site plugins are not loaded during user or blog activation (see WordPress Trac #18278 or #23197), however, network plugins, that is plugins “Network Activated” are loaded. This behavior prevents Register Plus Redux from restoring information stored after a user signs up when only activated at the site level. There’s nothing forcing you to Network Activate, however, features involving adding additional fields to the signup page will not function properly. This mandate does create some odd situations in which you may have one site, or a subset sites, in which you wish to utilize Register Plus Redux, however all your sites will have access to its functionality. This is a decision Network Administrators must make.

Didn’t Register Plus have a CAPTCHA feature? How do I add a CAPTCHA to the registration form?

Register Plus offered two different CAPTCHA methods, a simple random CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA. The simple one randomly created a 5-character sequence on a background image with two random lines drawn across the image, this CAPTCHA would be very easy for any OCR program to decipher as the characters were not modified in anyway and contrast was high. reCAPTCHA is a great idea, but there is another plugin, WP-reCAPTCHA endorsed by the reCAPTCHA developers that can be used to add reCAPTCHA to the registration page. I endorse the use of that plugin for that purpose.

Didn’t Register Plus have a feature to allow duplicate e-mail addresses?

Register Plus did have a feature that allowed multiple users to register with the same e-mail address. I’m not sure when that stopped working for Register Plus, but I can assure you, that method does not work in WordPress 3.0 and will not work in the foreseeable future. Register Plus’ method was pretty simple, if the email_exists error was thrown, ‘unthrow’, or more accurately, unset it. That is still possible, however, when WordPress actually creates the user, it chokes up and unpleasant things happen, in my experience. I’ll leave this feature to brighter minds than my own to implement.

I do not want users to go to the Dashboard after logging in. How do I redirect users after they login?

This isn’t quite a registration issue, but I can see how the line blurs since A) Redux does have configuration options for the Login screen, and B) Redux has a configuration for redirect after registration. I briefly considering programming this feature, but Peter’s Login Redirect does everything I could do and so much more. I endorse the use of that plugin for this purpose.

Why does Register Plus Redux require WordPress 3.3+

Prior to WordPress 3.2, WordPress required PHP 4, version 3.2 bumped up the requirement to PHP 5 (specifically PHP 5.2). Register Plus Redux has been built specifically against PHP 5, functions and features may not function properly in PHP 4 or older. WordPress 3.3 included the full jQuery UI library, previously Register Plus Redux had to include its own copy for the Datepicker widget.

Why does Register Plus Redux require WordPress 3.5+

Register Plus Redux uses WP_User_Query meta queries which was a developer feature added in WordPress 3.5.

Can you add a feature to change the width of the Registration Form? / How you change the width of the Registration Form?

You can use the Custom Register CSS (found in Register Plus Redux’s settings) to specify the width of the Registration form via CSS. Specifically the code follows:
#login { width: 500px; }
This is a neat feature that could be expressed explicitly in a Register Plus Redux setting, but considering the simplicity of the solution I have determined that to be unnecessary.

Things to Keep in Mind

Really more for me than you, but who’s nitpicking.

HTML attributes should go in the following order name -> id -> class

ReadyGraph FAQ

What is ReadyGraph?

ReadyGraph is a tool that makes it easy for websites to grow and manage their user-base, by allowing/utilizing: user sign-up, through an optional notification tab and an intelligent pop-up, with one-click sign-up and social login options; user friend invitations, through the sign-up pop-up, or a sidebar button; automated emails (optional) that keep visitors coming back, such as welcome messages to greet new users, recent site updates/posts to keep them informed, gentle reminders for inactive users, and a weekly digest of new content; mass emailing, for fast communication to all your subscribers; user-interaction, through an optional comment-feed sidebar; analytic tools, to track new subscribers, daily visits, and other key metrics that quantify your website’s growth and user engagement.

How do I install ReadyGraph?

After installing this plug-in, you can activate the ReadyGraph features by connecting/signing-up for your ReadyGraph account.

How do I uninstall ReadyGraph?

You can deactivate the ReadyGraph features by navigating to the upper-right corner of the “ReadyGraph App” page, clicking the drop-down menu with your email address, and disconnecting your ReadyGraph account.

Can I delay the sign-up pop-up?

Yes, you can delay the pop-up for up to 20 minutes; however, the most effective delay is only a few seconds. That ensures that users are engaged, before showing the pop-up to them.

How do I check my website’s stats?

You can check your website’s stats by clicking the “Insights” button at the upper-right corner of the “ReadyGraph App” page. There, you will find various metrics about your site growth.

Can I use both the pop-up and the form widget?

Yes, you can; they will not conflict with each other.

How do I contact someone for support, or to suggest a feature?

You can contact us at We appreciate all feedback.

I’m having problems with the latest version of the plug-in; can I switch back to an older version?

Yes, just navigate to the “Developers” tab on the plug-in page, and select the version that works for you.


How do I change my account email address?

Contact us as

How do I turn off email notifications from ReadyGraph?

You can turn them off via the account settings page on

How do I disconnect ReadyGraph from my site?

You can disconnect ReadyGraph from your site by navigating to the upper-right corner of the “ReadyGraph App” page in this plug-in, and clicking the drop-down menu with your email address on it; there will be an option there to disconnect ReadyGraph from your site.


Can I customize the pop-up?

Yes, you can choose a template that matches your site design, from the various templates available.

Can I customize the friend-invite form?

You can customize the text on the friend invite form to something that suits your website.

Can I customize my emails?

Yes, on the right side of the “ReadyGraph App” page, you will find a link to a page where you can Configure/Enable/Disable the various automated emails that you can send via ReadyGraph.


How do I view my subscribers?

Clicking the “Insights” button at the top of the “ReadyGraph App” page of this plug-in will take you to a page where you can view a list of your subscribers.

How do I mail my subscribers?

On the right side of the “ReadyGraph App” page, you will find a link to a page where you can send mass emails to your subscribers.

Can I import a list of existing subscribers?

This is a feature currently under development and is scheduled to be released in our next update.

Can I export a list of my subscribers?

This is a feature currently under development and is scheduled to be released in our next update.

If I decide to stop using ReadyGraph, do I keep my subscribers?

Yes, contact us at for assistance.

Can I send automated emails/newsletters to my subscribers?

On the right side of the “ReadyGraph App” page, you will find a link to a page where you can Enable/Disable/Configure the various automated emails that you can send via ReadyGraph.

Is ReadyGraph necessary in order to use this plug-in?

No, it isn’t; you can use this plug-in without ReadyGraph features enabled, but you would be missing out on added growth opportunities.

Does this plugin help me earn revenue?

Due to popular demand, we are excited to announce that we have now added a new layer onto the ReadyGraph product: monetization. For quality sites with enough users and traffic to qualify, we will enable you to earn revenue through a set of elegant, unobtrusive sponsorship units.The ad units will be shown occasionally (much of the time they won’t be noticeable) and are highly targeted based on user interests. Most importantly, they can be turned off or on at any time. In addition to helping qualifying sites support themselves, this initiative will allow us to continue to put resources towards enhancing the free features we offer each and every site owner. Sites qualify on the basis of quality and a minimum traffic threshold. You can view, adjust, or opt out through your site monetization settings page.

If you have questions or concerns, contact us anytime at


Very bad security

I tried this out, and it seems to work. However, I looked into the database and it saves a copy of the password in plain text. This is just atrocious, against all appropriate security practices. If users lose their password, they get a new one, not get the old one back.

I am uninstalling immediately.

Have had very good luck with Register Plus Redux

Wow – the developers did an awesome job.

I can tell this plugin was not very easy to implement so well. It is a pretty complicated piece of work.

I’m not a coder so this has been very helpful to me.

It does what it says it is supposed to do. I’ve been using it for a little while – sorry it’s taken so long to write a review!

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Contributors & Developers

“Register Plus Redux” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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December 1, 2015 by tanaylakhani

  • Remove readygraph from register-plus-redux


July 1, 2015 by tanaylakhani

  • Security Fix


June 25, 2015 by tanaylakhani

  • Bug Fix for readygraph


June 22, 2015 by tanaylakhani

  • Bug Fix for readygraph


June 10, 2015 by tanaylakhani

  • Bug Fix for readygraph


June 2, 2015 by tanaylakhani

  • Bug Fix for readygraph and compatibility with other plugins
  • New code structure for readygraph
  • User can delete the readygraph to completely remove it.
  • Subsequent upgrades wont load readygraph except a plugin is disabled and re-enabled.
  • Add monetization option for readygraph


March 22, 2015 by tanaylakhani

  • Get larger blog post for daily digest
  • Code cleanup


February 19, 2015 by tanaylakhani

  • bug fix


February 18, 2015 by tanaylakhani

  • Readygraph premium plan selections
  • Site profile for readygraph promotions


October 7, 2014 by tanaylakhani

  • ReadyGraph Bug Fix, broken links.


October 7, 2014 by radiok

  • Properly fixed uninitialized $errors object


October 6, 2014 by tanaylakhani, radiok

  • ReadyGraph Growth Engine added as an extension- tanaylakhani
  • Fixed jQuery that was altering attributes when it should be altering properties- radiok
  • Fixed uninitialized $errors object- radiok


September 11, 2014 by radiok


May 14, 2013 by radiok

  • Fixed bug, under WordPress for Networks, super_admin users could not login
  • Added pl_PL translation


May 8, 2013 by radiok

  • Fixed bug, upon verification usermeta was purging when changing user role from unverified to default role
  • Fixed regression from 3.9, show Datepicker
  • Fixed bug, when both email and admin verification were enabled, admin verification was not obeyed after completing email verification
  • Delete WordPress option register_plus_redux_last_activated on deactivation or uninstall
  • New WordPress option, register_plus_redux_version to assist in debugging
  • Moved scripts to footer of page to improve rendering


March 3, 2013 by radiok

  • Regression, PHP 5.3+ required for static keywords, reverting to static methods
  • Added sanity checks to allow default behavior if Redux activation fails
  • New WordPress option, register_plus_redux_last_activated to assist in debugging


March 2, 2013 by radiok

  • Regression, PHP 5.3+ required for class constants, reverting to global constant


March 2, 2013 by radiok

  • Added ability to disable user email verification on WordPress Multisite
  • Significant re-factor of code base, specifically involving explicit conversions
  • Improved Unverified Users page with consistent behavior and added functionality
  • Added new ‘rpr_unverified’ (Unverified) user role
  • Added new ‘rpr_can_login’ capability
  • Converted ‘unverified_*’ users to Unverified user role
  • Added activation/deactivation/uninstall functions, specifically for new role purposes
  • Removed filter_login_message hack, use action to determine behavior following registration
  • Use Default CSS now adds ID’s to username and e-mail’s label and paragraph element on registration form


February 19, 2013 by radiok

  • Added user_id parameter to rpr_signup_complete action
  • Fixed bug, could not delete users from unverified users page
  • Fixed CSS on additional checkbox and radio fields on signup page
  • Fixed bug with signup not validating due to bad $pagenow check
  • Fixed bug, %user_login% was not replaced properly in messages following email verification


February 15, 2013 by radiok

  • Created action, ‘rpr_signup_complete’ which occurs after any verification in place and after user data is committed but prior to messages being sent out
  • Misc. bug fixes, nothing significant
  • Improved CSS on various elements


February 7, 2013 by radiok

  • Added new feature dynamic keywords for custom messages, %=keyword% will search user_meta for keyword and replace
  • Fixed bug with custom admin messages


February 6, 2013 by radiok

  • Improved initial ‘meta_key’ definition
  • Fixed bug with Network Activation warning which prevented any activation on WordPress Multisite
  • Fixed some broken jQuery
  • Fixed regression from v3.7.3 introduced in v3.9 in the way that additional select, checkbox, and radio field values were stored


February 5, 2013 by radiok

  • Removed hack to filter random passwords in messages
  • Fixed malformed labels for additional fields on signup page
  • Fixed bug with additional checkbox fields on registration page
  • Fixed bug with saving additional checkbox fields on profile page
  • Fixed bug with clearing additional fields on profile page
  • Updated javascript to be more compatible with jQuery 1.9


January 21, 2012 by radiok

  • Converted custom_fields to redux_usermeta
  • Can now specify database key for meta fields
  • Remove hack to workaround non-english custom fields
  • Added option for unique invitation codes
  • Improved CSS of Checkbox and Radio fields on standard WordPress registration page
  • Converted jQuery for Email Address as Username option to JavaScript DOM commands
  • Added help feature (in progress) for meta fields
  • Changed method of sanitizing user data to preserve percent signs
  • Completely rewrote all form validation
  • Apply KSES to HTML enabled form fields
  • Added CSSTidy to validate CSS
  • Broke out code across several php files


March 29, 2011 by radiok

  • Regression, WordPress 3.1 does not resolve wp_enqueue_script problem, reverted code to 3.7.1


March 23, 2011 by radiok

  • Added new custom field type, Static Text
  • Added Registration Redirect option
  • Added Email Address as Username option
  • Text fields may now be validated against a regular expression if entered
  • Additional fields are now visible to admin, regardless of visibility to other users
  • Change registration error checking from action to filter for better compatibility with PHP versions before PHP5
  • Fixed bug with asterisks and required fields
  • Fixed bug with l18n only loading for admins
  • Fixed bug with user set passwords still nagging, as reported by Jim
  • Found and repaired additional untranslated strings
  • Added de_DE translation


March 16, 2011 by radiok

  • Moved load_plugin_textdomain from constructor to initialization


March 16, 2011 by radiok

  • Major change, wp_new_user_notification is only created as necessary
  • Added fr_FR, ro_RO, ru_RU, and tr_TR translations
  • Fixed bug with auto-complete not filling in user_login and user_email, as reported by webakimbo
  • Fixed invitation code tracking dashboard widget, as reported by Galyn


November 5, 2010 by radiok

  • Fixed bug in custom checkbox fields, as reported by notquitewild
  • Added hack to workaround allow_url_fopen, for problem reported by shrikantjoshi
  • Added hack to workaround non-english custom fields, for problem reported by Vrefr


November 3, 2010 by radiok

  • Added ir_FA and it_IT translations
  • Fixed multiline email or admin responses breaking jQuery
  • Removed old responses from before jQuery that were now hidden
  • Changed logo title to not include empty blog description
  • Added %verification_link% keyword
  • Fixed change to logo title to not include empty blog description
  • Localized a few more strings
  • Fixed bug in custom CSS that did not allow quotes as reported by webakimbo
  • Fixed major bug that could automatically delete users other then unverified users
  • Fixed bug with apostrophes in custom field name or options


October 21, 2010 by radiok


October 13, 2010 by radiok

  • Reorganized Settings Page to better reflect order of fields on Registration Page
  • Started adding jQuery to summarize when and what messages are going out
  • Rewrote jQuery on Settings Page
  • Added id tags to every field on Registration Page for better CSS use
  • Added custom Email Verification and Admin Verification messages, as requested by Eric Bostrom


October 12, 2010 by radiok


October 11, 2010 by radiok


October 9, 2010 by radiok


October 8, 2010 by radiok

  • Fixed a little bug in custom admin messages having no from name or from email address.


October 8, 2010 by radiok


October 6, 2010 by radiok


October 5, 2010 by radiok


September 30, 2010 by radiok


September 29, 2010 by radiok


September 28, 2010 by radiok

  • Rewrote nearly every echo statement to be enclosed in quotations
  • Rewrote function to purge unverified users exceeding grace period
  • Rewrote code for password strength indicator, resolves issue reported by iq9 on Register Plus forum
  • Changed default user and admin messages to match WordPress defaults
  • Renamed some of the replacement keys to match their true nature or name
  • Renamed several variables
  • Changed wp_update_user to $wpdb->query for updating user_login
  • Removed function to create random string, use wp_generate_password instead
  • Reorganized wp_new_user_notification more logically


September 25, 2010 by radiok


September 24, 2010 by radiok

  • Fixed custom logo feature
  • Update registration page HTML to better match WordPress 3.0.1
  • Changed add/remove buttons on settings page to not be links, no more jumping around the page
  • Invitation codes are no longer stored in lowercase, making way for option to enforce case sensitivity


September 24, 2010 by radiok

  • Introduce hooks for WPMU
  • Cleaned up wp_new_user_notification
  • Fixed custom fields, tested, tested, and retested text fields, more testing due for other field types


September 22, 2010 by radiok


September 21, 2010 by radiok

  • Fixed dumb bug with get_user_meta returning arrays


September 21, 2010 by radiok


September 16, 2010 by radiok


September 13, 2010 by radiok


September 13, 2010 by radiok


July 29, 2008 by skullbit

  • Added Logo link to login page


July 29, 2008 by skullbit

  • Changed Logo to link to site home page instead of and set the Logo title to “blogname – blogdescription”
  • Added Date Field ability for User Defined Fields – calendar pop-up on click with customization abilities


July 28, 2008 by skullbit

  • Fixed admin verification error


July 25, 2008 by skullbit

  • Fixed verification email sending errors
  • Fixed Custom Fields Extra Options duplications
  • Added Custom CSS option for login and register pages


July 23, 2008 by skullbit

  • Updated conflict warning error to only appear on the RegPlus options page only.


July 22, 2008 by skullbit

  • Fixed Custom Field Checkbox saving issue
  • Additional field types available for Custom Fields.
  • Password Meter is now optional and text is editable within options page


July 8, 2008 by skullbit

  • Added Logo Removal Option
  • Updated Email Validation text after registering
  • Added User Sub-Panel for resending validation emails and automatic admin validation
  • Added User Moderation Ability – new registrations must be approved by admin before becoming active.
  • Fixed bad version control code


June 23, 2008 by skullbit

  • Updated Email notifications to use a filter to replace the From Name and Email address


June 19, 2008 by skullbit

  • Added more localization files
  • Added documentation for auto-complete queries
  • Fixed Admin notification email to now actually really go to the administrator


June 18, 2008 by skullbit

  • Added localization to password strength text
  • Added stripslashes to missing areas
  • Added Login Redirect option for registration email url
  • Added Ability to populate registration fields using URL GET statements
  • Added Simple CAPTCHA Session check and warning if not enabled
  • Added ability to email all user data in notification emails


June 10, 2008 by skullbit

  • Fixed foreach error for custom invite codes
  • Custom logos can now be any size
  • Login fields are now hidden after registration if email verification is enabled.


June 9, 2008 by skullbit

  • Fixed Fatal Error on Options Page


June 8, 2008 by skullbit

  • Added full customization option to User Registration Email and Admin Email.
  • Added ability to disable Admin notification email.
  • Added style feature for required fields
  • Added Custom Logo upload for replacing WP Logo on register & login pages


May 15, 2008 by skullbit

  • Fixed error on ranpass function.


May 14, 2008 by skullbit

  • Fixed registration password email to work when user set password is disabled


May 13, 2008 by skullbit

  • Fixed localization issue
  • Added License Agreement & Privacy Policy plus user defined titles and agree text for these and the Disclaimer
  • Fixed Javascript error in IE


May 12, 2008 by skullbit

  • Added reCAPTCHA support
  • Fixed PHP short-code issue
  • Added option to not require Invite Code but still show it on registration page
  • Added ability to customize the registration email’s From address, Subject and add your own message to the email body.


April 27, 2008 by skullbit

  • Fixed About Us Slashes from showing with apostrophes
  • Modified the Captcha code to hopefully fix some compatibility issues


April 26, 2008 by skullbit

  • Fixed Admin Registration Password issue
  • Added Dashboard Widget for showing invitation code tracking
  • Added Email Verification for ensuring legitimate addresses are registered.
  • Unvalidated registrations are unable to login and are deleted after a set grace period


April 20, 2008 by skullbit

  • Added Profile Fields
  • Added Multiple Invitation Codes
  • Added Custom User Defined Fields with Profile integration
  • Added ability to ignore duplicate email registrations


April 13, 2008 by skullbit

  • Altered Options saving and retrievals for less database interactions
  • Added Disclaimer Feature
  • Allowed register fields to retain values on submission if there is an error.


April 10 2008 by skullbit

  • Fixed Invitation Code from displaying when disabled.
  • Added Captcha Feature