Recurring PayPal Donations


The Recurring Donations plugin allows you to accept recurring donations via PayPal from your website.

It has a user-friendly and simple shortcode that lets you to place a donate button anywhere on your WordPress site.

The recurring donations widget this plugin creates is nice looking and user-friendly.

Your users will be able to select a subscription or recurring donation amount and pay you monthly.

This plugin allows you to accept one time donations also. So if some users prefer to pay a once-off donation, they can click on the “Donate Once” tab and make a one-time donation payment.

  • Quick installation and setup.
  • Easily take recurring donations via PayPal.
  • The ultimate plugin to create PayPal recurring donations buttons.
  • Create the donations buttons on the fly and embed them anywhere on your site using a shortcode.
  • Ability to add multiple recurring donations widgets on your site for different causes.
  • Allow your users to specify a donation amount that they wish to pay.
  • Ability to accept recurring payment in any PayPal supported currency.
  • Send your users to a custom thank you page after the payment.

The setup is very simple and easy. Once you have installed the plugin, all you need to do is enter your PayPal Email address in the plugin settings and your site will be ready to accept recurring donations from users.


Insert the following shortcode into a page or post to create a donation button.

[dntplgn recurring_amt1="25" recurring_amt2="50" recurring_amt3="100" item_name="For the victims of XX"]

Here, am1, am2 and am3 are the donation options.


In order to place a widget on the sidebar, go to “Appearance -> Widgets” and add a new text widget. Now add the following shortcode to the text widget.


After adding the widget to the sidebar, you can enter a title for the widget and some descriptive text that will appear above the button. You can also customize the shortcode parameters to override the default options.

For detailed instructions please check the Recurring Donation Plugin documentation page.


  • Donate Plugin Settings.
  • Monthly Recurring Donation Option.
  • Once Off Donation Option.


  1. Upload plugin donate plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin using the ‘Plugins’ menu in your WordPress admin panel.
  3. You can adjust the necessary settings using your WordPress admin panel in “Donate Plugin”.
  4. Create a page or a post, customize button settings and insert generated shortcode into the text.


How can I add Donate Plugin form to my website?

Use the following shortcode to add a recurring donation button to your website:

[dntplgn recurring_amt1=”25″ recurring_amt2=”50″ recurring_amt3=”100″ item_name=”For the victims of XX”]

Can I add more then one Donate Plagin form on the same page or post?

Yes, you can add multiple Donate Plugin forms on your page or post or text widget.

Can I create multiple recurring donation widgets using different paypal accounts?

Yes, you can specify the paypal email address (where the donation should go to) in the shortcode. Example below:

[dntplgn recurring_amt1=”10″ recurring_amt2=”20″ recurring_amt3=”50″ item_name=”For a good cause” paypal_email=””]



It works but it is $$$'s only and I would like to see it in other currencies (at least major currencies) Also, it is fixed to three parameters, no less no more.

ok plugin, does what it says but can be a bit better

ok plugin, does what it says but can be a bit better 0. it looks like reccurent payements not possible for "non pro" paypal accounts This feature is only available to Business and Premier Accounts. please add this info in the plugin description so people don't loose time. 1. on monthly reccurrent payements we ca see (p/m) i imagine this means per month, however i think that this is not clear for everyone. can be 2. on "DONATE ONCE ONLY" interface there is no information of selected "currency" that is confusing for people. DESIRED FEATURES 3. shortcode to select donation currency would be cool, at least some basic once : US, EU, GB 4. a redirect to a thank you page

Great springboard

This is a great, still functional plugin that I used for a website that needed something close to the functionality provided. I added the modifications unique to their situation, but out of the box this worked great.

Perfect Solution

This is super easy to use and does exactly what it promises. People can choose how much to donate either for one payment or recurring payments. Highly recommend.

Broken after Paypal Changes

Paypal changes something in how they process form submissions about two months ago. I was working on a similar plugin called Custom Donations. I was experiencing a problem where Paypal would say that the link was bad. I was looking to see how this plugin handled that problem and found that it was also broken.
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Contributors & Developers

“Recurring PayPal Donations” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Added a new option in the settings to allow customization of the currency symbol.
  • Added a new shortcode parameter that can be used to customize the currency symbol using the shortcode.
  • The item name parameter value now gets transferred to PayPal for the one time custom donation also.


  • More strings are now translatable.


  • Added a new settings option that can be used to customize the payment currency. Receive recurring donation in any currency supported by PayPal.
  • Added a new settings option that can be used to specify a return URL.
  • The (p/m) label next to the amount value has been removed. This label can now be customized from the settings menu of the plugin.
  • The currency code can also be customized in the shortcode by using the “currency_code” parameter.
  • The return URL can be customized in the shortcode by using the “return_url” parameter.
  • The payment currency code is displayed in the widget.
  • Minor CSS improvement to add some padding between the donate button and the text above.


  • Fix for when someone selects the other amount and then goes back to selecting a fixed amount and it doesn’t read the amount correctly. Thanks to @jvo33 for providing the fix.
  • Updated the admin menu icon to use a dashicon.


  • The shortcode can now accept a paypal email address as a parameter. This will allow you to create multiple recurring donation widget with different paypal email address.
  • The recurring amount will work correctly with the decimal places when the amounts are specified in the shortcode.
  • Improved the usage instructions wording in the settings interface.


  • Recurring Donation plugin is now compatible with WordPress 4.3


  • First Commit