RcVCite Homepage.

RcVCite makes looking up bible verses on a website or blog fast and easy. It is
a Bible verse reference processor that locates verse references on any webpage.
It displays the content of that verse when you click on a reference or your
mouse moves over the reference.

RcVCite retrieves verses by accessing a public API for the Text Only Edition of
the Holy Bible Recovery Version published by Living Stream Ministry, Anaheim,

RcVCite is in public beta which means it still may have problems to be worked
out, but it is available for anyone to use.


  • An example of RcVCite.
  • The RcVCite Settings page.


Where can I find more information about RcVCite?

RcVCite’s homepage is http://rcvcite.net.
You can find more information about this plugin and the RcVCite browser
extensions there.


  • Added support for HTTPS.

  • There were several under-the-hood changes to make the Mozilla reviewers happy.
    Also, the book name matching was changed back to case sensitive and new
    matching rules were added for all caps.
  • This was necessary because with all lowercase there were too many false
  • An error message was added for the case when the text-only Online Recovery
    Version API is unreachable.

  • First published release

Contributors & Developers

This is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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