Rate my Post – WP Post Rating


Rate my Post is a lightweight, responsive and free WordPress rating plugin which allows you to quickly and easily add rating widgets to your posts and pages. You can add rating widget to your posts and pages with a shortcode or automatically in plugin settings (every post/every page, below the content). The plugin also comes with results widget which can be added automatically, above the content of your posts, or manually with a shortcode.

The plugin also has an analytics section where you can see how many votes each post/page received and what is its average rating. It also allows you to change ratings from backend and supports structured data for rich snippets.

What sets Rate my Post apart from other WordPress rating plugins is its simplicity, performance and impact on engagement. It works with any page cache plugin and is probably the most customizable free WordPress rating plugin.

Rating Widget Features:

  1. Choose between different types of rating widget: Stars, Thumbs and Hearts

  2. Add rating widget to any page/post with shortcode: [ratemypost]

  3. Add rating widget to all posts or pages with one click in settings

  4. Option to show results above post/page content or add results manually with shortcode: [ratemypost-result]

  5. Exclude ratings from certain pages and posts – such as About Us page etc.

  6. All texts and colors can be easily changed in plugin settings

  7. Option to add structured data for Rich Snippets to be displayed in search engines

  8. Option to get email when a post is rated

  9. Prevent double votes with cookies

  10. Analytics section with data about votes, average ratings and feedbacks

  11. Enables you to manipulate votes from backend

  12. Option to hide average rating

  13. Option to color the stars in rating widget with average rating

  14. Option to show half stars

  15. Option to show descriptive ratings while users hover on stars

  16. Option to disable headings for compatibility with table of contents plugins

  17. Option to track votes with Google Analytics – tested with GA Google Analytics, MonsterInsights and Google Analytics by ShareThis plugins, but might also work with others.

  18. You can define what is a negative rating to use the feedback widget and social widget

Feedback Widget Features:

  1. Optional feature – you can enable it or disable it

  2. After negative vote (you define what is a negative vote), displays the feedback widget

  3. Users who give you bad rating can help you improve your post

  4. Feedback is not posted publicly – it is available only to you

  5. Option to get an email if somebody leaves you feedback

Social Widget Features:

  1. Optional feature – you can enable it or disable it

  2. Shows “follow us on social media” after positive vote

  3. You add URLs to your social media profiles in settings

Why use Rate my Post?

  1. Increase engagement

  2. Get feedback and improve posts/pages

  3. Get more followers on social media

  4. It’s responsive, lightweight and simple to use

  5. It’s probably the most customizable free WordPress rating plugin

  6. It uses AJAX and thus works super fast

  7. It’s compatible with caching plugins

  8. It supports structured data for rich snippets

  9. It works with multilingual websites


  1. German translations thanks to Stefan (smik2002)


  • Ratings in posts/pages
  • After vote, if feedback is enabled
  • After vote, if social is enabled
  • Plugin Settings
  • Plugin Customization
  • Plugin Stats
  • Manipulate Votes


  1. Unzip the plugin file
  2. Upload the folder rate-my-post and it’s contents to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  4. Click Rate my Post in the main menu or add the shortcode [ratemypost]



For support please use the support forum.

Can you add an extra feature?

Drop me a line in the support forum and we can discuss it.

Does it work with multilingual websites?

Yes, the plugin is fully compatible with multilingual websites. If you are planning to use the plugin on a multilingual website enable Multilingual website compatibility mode in the settings and then translate strings through your plugin for translations.

Do I have to translate the plugin if my website uses langauge other than English?

Not necessarily because the plugin allows you to customize all frontend strings in the options. However, backend strings can only be translated by generating PO translations.


Most easiest but useful post rating system!

Totally love it and it just needs to switch the toggle to enable the functions, it even supports google rich snippet, really like this plugin! I've tried several post rating plugins already, none of them are so much easier then Rate my post to let me add rating and reviews system without extra settings on my website. Just download it and enjoy!

Great Plugin!

I realy like the plugin, keep up the good work! The feature I would realy like to see in the future is that I can show "top rated posts" on home page or in the side bar of every page, so the visitors can see which are the most popular and best rated posts. Thanks
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Contributors & Developers

“Rate my Post – WP Post Rating” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Improvement: Vote count and links to posts in emails
  • Improvement: Option to not load FontAwesome
  • Improvement: Compatibility with FontAwesome autoreplace (icons to SVGs)
  • Improvement: Better compatibility with various themes
  • Improvement: Event tracking with Google Analytics (tested with GA Google Analytics, MonsterInsights and Google Analytics by ShareThis plugins)
  • Bug fix: On mobile hover-color of stars does not disappear after vote until user taps somewhere else
  • German translations thanks to Stefan (smik2002)


  • Fix: Added missing POT file for translations
  • Fix: Support for multilingual websites
  • Improvement: Custom thank you text is displayed after vote
  • Improvement: Interaction with the rating widget is not possible after vote
  • Improvement: Stars stay highlighted after vote (only if “color the stars in rating widget” option is disabled)
  • Improvement: Option to disable headings in rating widget
  • Improvement: Option to display descriptive rating under the stars on hover (tooltips have been discontinued)


  • Improvement: Rewritten frontend ajax
  • New feature: Recalculate vote count and average rating after vote (enabled by default, but can be disabled)
  • New feature: Set border color, border radius, border width, background color and stars spacing
  • New feature: Customizable vote count and average rating text
  • New feature: Supports half stars
  • Minor improvements


  • Minor improvements
  • Bug fix: On some websites the rating widget did not show


  • Bug fix: Plugin crashed on some server configurations


  • Rewritten in OOP for easier scalability
  • New feature: In addition to stars, supports thumbs and hearts
  • New feature: Change stars, thumbs or hearts size
  • New feature: Change stars, thumbs or hearts color
  • New feature: Option to not show the results in rating widget
  • New feature: Define what is negative and what is positive rating


  • Bug fix: Option to color the stars in rating widget works only if results widget is enabled


  • Option to color the stars in rating widget according to the post rating


  • Structured data for rich snippets
  • Results widget (shortcode or automatically before every post’s content)
  • Security improvements


  • Compatibility with custom post types


  • Does not allow to submit empty feedback
  • Custom notice if the feedback is empty
  • Allows you to reset ratings


  • Fixed “division by zero” warning


  • Customize section allows you to customize plugin to your liking (strings, font size, margin etc.)
  • Exclude from feature allows you to exclude ratings from certain pages and posts
  • Disable cookie feature
  • Supports Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin
  • Other minor improvements


  • Initial release