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RankScanner: Rank Tracking


With the Rank Tracking plugin you can track your keywords and SEO efforts automatically on Google, without having to check the search engine ranking positions manually.

All SERPs will be reported back to you directly in your WordPress admin area, with detailed statistics, graphs and other data that will prove useful in keeping track of your SEO performance.

SERP Rank Tracking Features

  • Automatically track your blog’s SEO rankings on Google
  • Smart keyword suggestions, based on content
  • Visually analyze your SEO performance with interactive graphs and statistics
  • … and much more!

Create a free account, or use your existing RankScanner account, to get started immediately.

Monitor your Google positions automatically

RankScanner will automatically crawl your rankings on Google, and report back to you with updates and changes in your search engine positions, to let you know if you blog has improved or dropped on a weekly basis. All positions will be checked either every day, week or month depending on which plan you have selected for your blog’s domain.

It has become increasingly important to keep track of your SERPs on Google, as organic search traffic accounts for a significant part of most blog’s website traffic. This rank tracker makes things much easier, as rankings will be checked automatically by RankScanner’s engine and you can therefore sit back and enjoy beautiful statistics and reports without lifting a finger, as you will be kept up to date on your rankings on Google.

Mobile Rankings vs Desktop SERPs

If you are curious about which SERP positions your website has on mobile phones, look no further – With a simple click you can switch the view from desktop to mobile, and compare the rankings between the two different platforms. It’s an extremely easy way to keep track of both, and start working on improving the mobile positions along with the usual search engine optimisation for your website. And the best part is, that everything happens entirely automatically.

Track keywords for free

Any RankScanner user – with an interest in SEO – will be able to track their performance on Google without having to pay a dime, as RankScanner’s entry plan is completely free to use and gives you up to 30 keywords and monthly rank checks – everything is still automatic, and this is by far the most popular plan for most WordPress bloggers, as they will still be able to enjoy email alerts and tracking data (such as graphs and historical rankings), when they drop or improve keyword positions on Google’s search engine ranking pages.

Get more out of RankScanner with these plugins

  • SEO Audit: Get a comprehensive onsite SEO review of your entire blog
  • Buzz: Get alerts when someone mentions you, your brand or your keyword.


  • The rank tracking dashboard allows you to view the historical data, both for each individual keyword and for the domain's average rankings in general. Never miss a beat when it comes to knowing how your blog performs in Google's organic search results.

  • Each keyword is listed on the main page and gives you accurate SEO ranking data, that shows exactly which positions your website held on Google on a particular date. Also note that there is a built-in failsafe algorithm, that double checks certain keywords day-to-day (even on the free plan) if a keyword suddenly drops or rises more than averagely in the organic search results.

  • Don't know which keywords to add? Don't worry, RankScanner has a smart keyword suggestion engine, that automatically suggests search phrases for you to add bases on your blog's content and previously added keywords.

  • The average chart gives you a nice idea of how your blog has performed in Google over time.

  • You can trust RankScanner to keep you updated when keywords have been checked and when there is a significant event, such as a sudden boost or drop in your average SEO rankings.

  • The RankScanner: SEO Audit plugin.


From your WordPress dashboard

  1. Go to ‘Plugins’ > ‘Add New’
  2. Search for ‘RankScanner: Rank Tracking’
  3. Activate ‘RankScanner: Rank Tracking’ from your plugins page


  1. Download ‘RankScanner: Rank Tracking’ plugin here or on RankScanner’s official website
  2. Use an FTP client to upload the ‘rankscanner-rank-tracking’ folder to your ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory, or simply go to ‘Plugins’ > ‘Add New’ > ‘Upload plugin’ from your WordPress dashboard and upload the .zip file there
  3. Activate ‘RankScanner: Rank Tracking’ from the plugins page

After activating the plugin, all you have to do is to navigate to ‘RankScanner’ > ‘Rankings’ in the WP sidebar, and you can start adding keywords to your domain which will then be tracked automatically at least once a month.

You are now good to go! RankScanner will automatically monitor your keywords’ positions on Google, and a easy-to-read reports will be delivered directly to your WP-admin. Enjoy!


How often does RankScanner check the rankings of my keywords?

At least every month. However, RankScanner has a smart queue system that checks some keywords more frequently than others depending on how stabile the individual keyword positions are. Should you want more keywords tracked for your domain and for your keywords to be checked more frequently, there are 30-day trials on all paid plans which will each extend the functionality of all features, as well as allow you to see all SEO recommendations, fixes, errors and warnings in the ‘RankScanner: SEO Audit’ plugin.

Is it possible to monitor more keywords?

Definitely. Just refer some friends or colleagues, or simply upgrade your domain to one of the extra plans.


Does not work, They Never Reply

I use both directly from the website and plugin. The keyowrd rankings have not updated in over a month, no invoices for payments on the premium plan are provided and they never never answer enquiries. The Buzz feature never ever worked either. Avoid like the plague.

Doesn't accept pw

have installed and used it for a few days, but today the password is not accepted anymore.
Would like to give more stars, but since it does not work and it makes own decisions on if to accept the pw or not, I can’t access it and so I can’t rate it higher.

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Contributors & Developers

“RankScanner: Rank Tracking” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Announcing Mobile Rankings: Track your mobile SERPs automatically, with no extra cost, and start comparing desktop positions to mobile positions with a simple click. Enjoy the new feature!


  • Minor fixes


  • Lots of speed improvements, that help rankings appear much faster and search results being checked at a higher rate. This really benefits free users, as they will start seeing their rankings being checked more often, despite not paying for a higher frequency.


  • The automatically generated average statistics have now been adjusted to show a smoother, yet more precise, graph/chart of your website’s average positions/rankings on Google historically over time.


  • Upgrades to the Google position identifier algorithm, allowing for better and more solid redundancy checks every time mobile rankings or desktop rankings improve or drop by more than 10 %.


  • Preparation for new rank checking features and Google domain compatibilities.


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Added support for RankScanner: Buzz, a killer feature which monitors the web for mentions of your keyword.


  • Major Firefox bug fixed preventing some users from loading any content in the dashboard. Also setup for next week’s big feature release! (also added support for WordPress version 4.5)


  • Minor bug fixes preventing page to load correctly in Firefox.


  • Preparation for upcoming features. Stay tuned.


  • Fixed a bug disabling the screen for some users in Firefox


  • Several performance hotfixes after 1.0.1


  • First major release of RankScanner’s keyword position checker, including new and more intuitive interface for SEO SERPs and keyword rankings, as well as better integration with WordPress.


  • Updated language and text, plus fixing some minor issues


  • Added support for WordPress 4.4


  • Minor bug fixes and text changes


  • Minor bug fixes and text changes


  • Ability to activate installed RankScanner plugins directly


  • SEO Audit functionality has been released


  • Changed menu position + minor bug fixes + added more screenshots


  • Preparation for SEO Audit stand-alone plugin


  • Minor design changes and bug fixes


  • First public BETA release of the Rank Tracking plugin.