Loan Repayment Calculator and Application Form


Ideal for payday loans, fixed fee payments, regular payments, savings, comparisons and pretty much anything else that gets calculated from a variable amount and term.

GDPR compliant.

Bespoke versions available for bank comparisons, quotes, full loan applications and so on.


  • Ultra lightweight – under 5kB
  • Any currency
  • Multiple interest rates: fixed, simple, compound and amortization
  • Set the max, min, initial and step values on the sliders
  • Set the term to days, weeks, months or years
  • Set interest rate changes with period and amount tiggers
  • Select from a range of different outputs
  • Change the labels on all outputs
  • Style borders, colors and backgrounds
  • GDPR compliant

Upgrade to Pro

  • Application form and autoresponders with GDPR compliance
  • Akismet validation
  • Apply Now button for external processing
  • Store, manage and download applications
  • Annuity and amortization repayment calculations
  • Additional layout options
  • Currency selectors and foreign exchange
  • Tooltips
  • Downpayment calculation
  • Interest rate sliders
  • Application tracking

Developer’s plugin pages
Example forms
Bespoke versions


  • The repayment calculator
  • An example application form
  • Some of the settings
  • A bespoke version of the plugin


This plugin provides 1 block.

  • Loan Calculator


  1. Login to your wordpress dashboard.
  2. Go to ‘Plugins’, ‘Add New’ then search for ‘Loan Application Form and Interest Calculator’.
  3. Follow the on screen instructions.
  4. Activate the plugin.
  5. To use the plugin in your posts and pages add the shortcode [qis].
  6. Change the options in the plugin settings page.


January 29, 2021
it is completely unclear how to set it up where to get the shortcode
August 6, 2019
I was in need of a customized form for calculating rent based on market value of a property. I was inclined to use sliders for the best customer experience and found the Loan Repayment Calculator. The standard and already available forms were good in themselves, but I needed some specialized functionality with interdependent sliders etc. I thus contacted the team for a custom form and received very swift feedback from Graham. All in all, the communication and collaboration to create the sliders I had envisioned, was on point and I cannot say anything else but that I am extremely satisfied with the level of service and invaluable help. The final product meets all my expectations and requirements. To anyone in need for a great form with slider functionality, I highly recommend the use of the Loan Repayment Calculator with Apllication form.
June 24, 2019
I really like this plugin, simple and powerful. Would like to see an option for more advanced interest options though. 4 is pretty limited.
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Contributors & Developers

“Loan Repayment Calculator and Application Form” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Changed slider styles from em to px
  • More styling and layout options
  • SVG buttons
  • Improved application function
  • More coding improvement (faster and more efficient)


  • Fixed the breakdown graph bug
  • Simpler currency selectors and FX functions
  • Updated the settings guidance
  • Improved the increase/decrease button functionality and location
  • Updated slider JavaScript
  • Slider label position option
  • General code improvements (it’s now a bit faster)


  • Improved settings UI
  • Cleaned up some iffy code


  • Fixes currency codes bug
  • Improved security


  • Fixes Gravity Forms conflict
  • Fixes processing fee error
  • Fixes XSS bug


  • Added GET options for initial amount and term


  • Fixes downpayment label bug
  • Fixes application for attachments bug
  • Show attachment thumbnail on applications list
  • Add downpayment and interest slider values to application form emails
  • removes duplicate labels on text inputs


  • Fixes saving bug
  • Adds [rate] to shortcodes
  • Displays all relevant application fields in report
  • Application form no longer breaks page builder layouts


  • Up to 25 tables (pro users only)


  • Improved styling for input buttons
  • fixes undefined indexes


  • Custom application reference numbers
  • Application form tracking
  • Application status management


  • Fixes PHP warning
  • Zero interest option
  • Fixes incorrect currency in emails


  • Fixes text inputs
  • Allows application query customisation
  • Fixed slider output settings
  • Calculator selector (pro version only)
  • Fixes output on the right bug
  • Adds second dropdown to application form


  • Fixes the rounding bug
  • Fixes compound interest
  • Styling updates to prevent overlap
  • Option for dot as thousands separator
  • Term buttons
  • Application form fix
  • Unlocks form header


  • Add attachments to the loan application
  • Downpayment slider
  • Fixes application form settings bug
  • Switch and configure up to 6 different forms
  • New form fields
  • Fixes redirection bug
  • Updated [term] and [period] shortcodes
  • Option to use nominal APR


  • Sorting option to change the order of the components
  • Loan breakdown display
  • Fixes the broken translation filter
  • Interest rate dropdown option


  • Support for Gutenburg blocks
  • Fixes application deletion bug
  • CommonJS and ‘use_strict’ filters removed
  • Display annual, monthly and weekly repayments


  • Display outputs as a table
  • Option to float the outputs to the right of the slider.
  • Loan application editing and approvals
  • Show two interest rates in the outputs
  • Percentages shortcodes
  • Option to hide/reveal advanced settings


  • Option to restrict applications to logged in users
  • Option to prevent duplicate applications
  • jQuery Bug fix
  • Checkbox saving bug fix
  • Amortization fix for non-annual terms
  • Downpayments


  • Improvements to full loan application form (still in beta)
  • Checkbox filters, radio buttons and consent checkbox on application form
  • Options to store/not-store application data (GDPR compliance)
  • Double optin and unsubscribe feature (GDPR compliance)
  • Fixes missing captcha text
  • Fixes slider input box bugs
  • Interest rate selector
  • Repayment date shortcode


  • New processing fee options
  • Tooltips (pro version)
  • Interest rate slider (pro version)
  • Currency Selector and foreign exchange (pro version)
  • More styling options
  • Akismet validation


  • Fixes interest calculations for non annual periods
  • Fixes outputs if period labels have been set
  • Better output message shortcodes
  • Custom registration forms
  • Slider label shortcodes
  • More triggers
  • Amortisation variant options


  • Block styles for the slider
  • Handle border thickness
  • Improved application form spam filters
  • Options for form label position
  • Redirection option for registration form
  • Better amortization repayment calculations


  • New registration form fields
  • Tracking options for the application form
  • Fixes the [period] shortcode
  • Additional shortcodes for the autoresponder (interest rate, repayments and total to pay)
  • Option for a fixed charge on loans
  • Improved Formatting in the settings
  • Fixes registration form styling bug


  • Improved interest calculations
  • Option to trigger interest rate changes by amount or period
  • Interest set to APR as default
  • Option to display decimals
  • New options for how outputs are displayed (selections, show/hide and labels)
  • Added pro option for an ‘Apply Now’ button


  • javascript bug fix
  • Application form CSS bug fix
  • More shortcodes


  • Multiple Interest rates
  • Position markers on the sliders
  • Optional admin fee
  • Improved output messages
  • Form and slider labels
  • Amoritzation and annuity repayments
  • Option for text inputs on the sliders


  • Compound Interest
  • Year to month repayment converter
  • Loan Application form


  • Initial Issue