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Did you know that WordPress supports a wonderful native gallery? Quick Gallery leverages core WordPress. Once enabled Quick Gallery will allow the larger image


Once activated you can enable Quick Gallery from the WordPress settings menu. It is accessible via the sub-menu Quick Gallery. Enable it. Select which post types use Quick Gallery. Done.

Quick Gallery will now be used on any item that has a gallery.

Settings are as follows:

  • Enable/Disable
  • Select Post Types

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  • Front-end styling in TwentyFifteen
  • Front-end styling in Cohesion: http://demo.zanematthew.com/cohesion/downloads/download-with-quick-gallery/
  • Settings


My gallery is too small?

Adjust the gallery max/min height as needed. By default the medium height from your media settings is used.

My images appear to jump?

Set the max/min height of the gallery settings as needed. By default this matches your Medium size images. Note, all images should be the same height.



  • Initial release

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