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Quick Event Calendar is a very simple, performant and WordPress-integrated event calendar plugin. Quick Event Calendar allows you to add posts, events or any other custom post type to a flexible, responsive calendar which can be placed in a post, page or widget.

Quick Event Calendar Demo | Quick Event Calendar Demo

The calendar works on one page only using AJAX loading. All events (or posts) in one month are displayed under the calendar. It is simple, fast, with no bloated styles and visual scripts. Use the included themes to style your calendar. Use the default or the minimal theme to match your current WordPress theme appearance.

The calendar is feature-packed: works with custom posts, only needs one page, includes predefined themes and is responsive.



  • UPDATE: Updated WordPress compatibility
  • FIX: Fixed performance


  • FIX: Fixed readme.txt file
  • FIX: Fixed several i18n tags
  • FIX: Fixed documentation
  • FIX: Security fixes


  • UPDATE: Moved to WordPress.org
  • UPDATE: Updated FontAwesome to latest version
  • FIX: Security fixes


  • FIX: Fixed conflict with other calendar plugins by using more CSS specificity
  • FIX: Moved some hardcoded styles to their own CSS stylesheet
  • FIX: Added default styles for the submission form
  • UI: Removed Dashicons requirement


  • FIX: Only apply category query if post type is “post”


  • UPDATE: Added default settings on plugin initialisation
  • UPDATE: Updated FontAwesome library
  • UPDATE: Added uninstall routine (plugin will clean up after uninstall)
  • UPDATE: Added Material theme
  • UPDATE: Combined Minimal theme into Default and Flat themes
  • UPDATE: Updated translations


  • FIX: Fixed custom CSS not appearing in wp_head()
  • FIX: Removed FontAwesome from backend
  • UPDATE: Updated FontAwesome version
  • UPDATE: Added correct plugin URL in readme.txt
  • UPDATE: Increased posts per page to 1000 (from 900)
  • FEATURE: Added custom meta fields option for date


  • UPDATE: Added frontend publishing
  • UPDATE: Added internationalization


  • First public release

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