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Qoob is a super powerful and simple-to-use page builder. Create your website fast, easy and absolutely for FREE!

Introductory description

Qoob is a truly DIY website builder!
Creating, running and updating websites shouldn’t be expensive, difficult or time-consuming. Bearing this in mind, we’ve created a simple, powerful and absolutely free Qoob site builder that will become a great helper and time-saver for you! Qoob is so intuitive and easy-to-use that you can proceed with building your website even without going through the documentation. The first page of your brand-new site is about to appear. To get it done make some baby steps: add ready-made blocks, arrange them, configure settings, insert media elements and add your content. What is more – you can start, run and update your website right from your smartphone!

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Why use Qoob?

Drag-and-drop builder

Qoob includes a set of predefined blocks that have everything ready for the work of your website. You just need to add blocks to your blank page and arrange them according to your needs. All the blocks are grouped into categories and it considerably simplifies your searches. Within a block you can add your content, media and customize effects.

Live editor

Qoob is the most convenient site builder ever, it allows you to change your content fast and easy and do it in real time. Since now you will never ever work with backend and guess what your page look like in frontend. With Qoob live editor you can edit your content and at the same time view the changes.

Responsive design

Websites created on Qoob look attractive on any device be it a desktop, laptop or even a smartphone. Pages automatically adjust to different screen sizes and look natural. With Qoob you can be always confident that your visitors are pleased with your website and are likely to come back again.

User-friendly interface

Clean and uncluttered interface is so easy to deal with, that even a child can make a simple website. All the interface elements (frames, buttons, lists and fields) are intuitive and unobtrusive, so you need a little time to get to know how to deal with them. Creating a website with Qoob is really enjoyable and pleasant.

Mobile editing

Imagine that all of a sudden you’re struck with inspiration and you want to share a new post or, for instance, you need a very quick price update but you’re away from the computer. Qoob is your go-to in case of a need for instant updating, formatting or even making a website. It’s unprecedentedly easy and fast to create pages, insert images and videos, change the layout and edit texts right from your mobile device. No matter where you’re you can always keep your website up-to-date!

Template creator and saver

The developers of Qoob do their best to make it as feature-rich and convenient as possible. That’s why they constantly work on new updates. Recently they have added a new enhanced feature that allows users to create templates with a number of blocks, save them and use them later on for new websites.

Need more help? That’s what we are here for.

With Qoob it’s possible to create not only bespoke and feature-rich websites but also beautiful themes.

  • Qoob – free WP theme – clean and minimal theme for corporate and business websites
  • Flareup – flat and harmonic theme with a creative design specially made for professional websites
  • Pizza – appetizing template with attractive pictures suitable for any kind of cafe, restaurant, bar or canteen
  • Reflect – bright and eye-catching WP theme made in a creative way, it will help your website stand out of the crowd
  • Spring – its name speaks for itself, fresh and brisk design, cute animation makes it a good option for any project or business
  • Birva – fast, laconic and original template that can serve for different kinds of online businesses
  • KEO – truly multipurpose template with several demos inside, can be the right choice for photographers, web studios, design agencies, personal blogs etc.
  • Happy Seniors – Light theme crafted for medical-related websites Senior or Elderly Care projects, in particular


Documentation on Qoob can be found here


  • Live editor

  • Add block

  • Move blocks

  • Responsive

  • Interface view on desktop

  • Blocks preview on desktop

  • Editor on desktop

  • Interface view on tablet

  • Blocks preview on tablet

  • Editor on tablet

  • UI on mobile device

  • Blocks preview on mobile device

  • Editor on mobile device



  1. Head over to Plugins >> Add New in WP admin panel
  2. Search for Qoob
  3. Install & activate the plugin
  4. Visit any page in your frontend
  5. Click Edit with qoob at the top of the page and start building your page!


  1. Download a ZIP plugin file and unpack it
  2. Upload qoob plugin to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin on the Plugins menu in WordPress
  4. Now you are ready to use qoob builder by going to any page and clicking on Qoob


How to create a page with Qoob

Qoob is an editor that consists of blocks. It’s easy to create pages by Qoob.

Go to Page -> Add New
Click on Qoob
How to add blocks

There are several ways of adding a block on Qoob.

  • To add a block to a page, please, click on it. After that you can add other blocks by dragging them. Every new block appears at the bottom of the page, under the blocks that were added earlier on.
  • To add a block to a page find it in the group and move it to the necessary place. This place will be highlighted.
How to edit blocks

You can edit the content of each block. To do it click on the necessary block on the right side of the page. Block settings can be found on the left side of the page.

How to delete / move blocks
  1. Click on the necessary block.
  2. By pressing Delete / Move button in the bottom left corner of a block’s settings you can change the position of a block or delete it from the page.
How to change the media center
  1. Click on a necessary block.
  2. Click on a image, video or icon to choose a necessary one from the list in a block’s settings. To return to a previous media element, click on it again.
Contributors & Developers

Qoob is truly an open source and it was created by a team of professional and experienced developers who are always ready to assist you in solving any issues. We provide around-the-clock support and we do it absolutely for free.


Nice plugin

Отличный плагин. надеюсь на его дальнейшее развитие.

Looks promising

... but, there are room for improvement, like - easier blocks reordering, image uploading for galleries or other blocks (instead of plugin/theme embedded). I give it a 5 stars to boost interest to continue the development :). EDIT: oops, sorry, I just realized uploads are possible. But there are some things that can be better... it would require more in-depth analysys ...
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Contributors & Developers

“Qoob – Realtime Frontend Page Builder” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Bugs fixed
  • Fixed styles


  • Fixed field colorpicker
  • Fixed method in Handlebars helpers
  • Fixed styles


  • Quotes page title fixed
  • Fixed styles


  • Masks were fixed
  • The field accordion was update


  • Bugs fixed
  • Icon presets fixed


  • Conflict with Polylang fixed
  • Search by tags in media center and icon center fixed
  • Bugs fixed


  • New user interface created
  • Compatibility with mobile devices (ability to create and edit pages)
  • New field datepicker added
  • Bugs fixed


  • Page loading issue fixed


  • We’ve added an opportunity to use https protocol


  • built-in helpers have been added
  • the bug on page loading has been fixed


  • Issue of libraries load has been fixed


  • The error of trying to get non-object has been fixed on page 404
  • Issue #17 has been fixed


  • Media search was fixed
  • The library absence bug was fixed
  • ID identification for formatting was fixed


  • Fix iframe cross-domain erorr


  • Libraries’ manager in “wp-admin” created
  • Layout import/export created
  • Fixed bugs issues
  • Fixed styles


  • Add new menu link “Show on frontend”
  • Fixed images and videos search
  • Fixed remove options from base when uninstall
  • Fixed styles


  • Full rebuild


  • Change priority JS files for lib’s
  • Fix sortable fields
  • When changing size viewport scrolling to edit block


  • New demo blocks added
  • New lib’s system for storing blocks, using wp-options
  • groups.json became lib.json and contain addition info about blocks (name and url)


  • Refactoring fields localization


  • Update localization


  • Add localization


  • Refactoring handlebars helper methods


  • Refactoring PHPUnit tests


  • ‘Edit with qoob’ button for pages in list


  • Fix saving of qoob data through basic wp function update_post_meta()


  • Migrating issue


  • Working with database has been refactored. Custom table ‘wp_pages’ has gone. Now we are using basic features (page post type and custom field) for data storing.


  • First release