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UpsellMaster – One Click Upsells for WooCommerce and EDD

UpsellMaster – One Click Upsells for WooCommerce and EDD


The UpsellMaster Plugin offers a comprehensive solution for eCommerce businesses seeking to optimize their upselling strategies. Its key features include one-click automation, swiftly calculating suitable upsell products, and eliminating manual effort. Users can tailor suggestions with a customizable algorithm, offering flexibility to optimize upsell strategies according to specific preferences and business needs.

The plugin seamlessly displays calculated upsells or recently viewed products on critical pages. Additionally, it enables the effortless creation and management of promotional discount campaigns, automating the process and saving time for eCommerce stores. The detailed upsell results tracking report empowers users to analyze performance within WordPress, make informed decisions, and refine upselling campaigns for optimal effectiveness.

Automatically Calculate Suitable Upsells in One Click

The plugin’s key feature is its one-click automation, swiftly calculating suitable upsell products for your many products. This efficient process eliminates manual effort, enabling eCommerce stores to effortlessly optimize their upsell strategies and boost revenue.

Tailored Upsell Suggestions fetch by the Custom Algorithm

Users can customize and fine-tune the upsell algorithm to receive tailored suggestions. This means that online store owners have the flexibility to optimize and adjust the algorithm according to their specific preferences and business needs. By simplifying the upsell process, the plugin streamlines the user experience for online store owners.

Display Upsells or Recently Viewed Products on Product, Add to Cart, and Checkout Pages

Enables users to seamlessly showcase calculated upsells or recently viewed products on crucial pages like Product, Add to Cart, and Checkout. By effortlessly integrating these suggestions into key stages of the customer journey, the plugin enhances visibility and promotes additional purchases, creating a more engaging and conversion-friendly shopping experience.

Create Promotional Discount Campaigns on Autopilot

Effortlessly create and manage promotional or holiday discount campaigns throughout your website. The plugin automates the process of creating and implementing promotional discounts, ensuring that businesses can run effective campaigns seamlessly. This feature streamlines the workflow, saving time and effort while helping eCommerce stores attract and retain customers through automated and strategically timed promotional offers.

Detailed Upsell Results Tracking Report

Allows users to meticulously track and analyze the performance of their upsell strategies within WordPress. By providing comprehensive insights into upsell sales, this feature empowers users to make informed decisions, refine their approaches, and ultimately enhance the effectiveness of their upselling campaigns for optimal results.

If you face any problem installing and bringing this plugin to work, please contact us via support, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Why do you need this plugin?

The UpsellMaster Plugin presents an invaluable solution for eCommerce store owners seeking to optimize their upselling strategies effortlessly. With features like automatic calculation of suitable upsells in one click and the ability to create promotional discount campaigns on autopilot, the plugin not only enhances operational efficiency but also maximizes revenue potential. By seamlessly integrating with platforms like WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads, and offering customizable algorithm logic, UpsellMaster empowers users to refine and tailor their upsell strategies with ease, making it an essential tool for any WordPress-based online store.

UpsellMaster Pro Version

Unlock advanced capabilities and take your upselling strategies to the next level with the UpsellMaster Pro version. This upgraded offering goes beyond the Lite version, providing an array of additional features and removing any limitations. Experience the power of an enhanced toolkit designed to maximize your eCommerce potential.

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  • Add to Cart Popup Upsells
  • Checkout Page Upsells
  • Product Page Upsells
  • Upsell Products Page
  • Campaigns Overview Page
  • View Specific Campaign Page
  • General Settings Page
  • Algorithm Logic Settings
  • Add Preferred Upsells


  1. Simply install and activate this plugin.

  2. Then, the plugin will automatically calculate product Upsells for you. Just go to Upsells > Products > Recalculate All Upsells.

  3. You can go to Upsells > Settings to fine-tune your strategy then Recalculate again if needed.

  4. You can also adjust all configurations as you like by going through each of the Settings tab.


How does this plugin calculate upsells in autopilot?

After the plugin has been installed and activated on the website, it will automatically calculate upsells for all of your base products at once. To check, you can go to Upsells > Products Page to see the list of all calculated upsells.

Can I change the algorithm logic in calculating suitable upsells?

Yes, simply go to Settings > Algorithm Logic, where you can configure different important settings depending on your needs, and especially select and adjust the priority rules of calculating the upsells.

How many products are eligible for the upsell calculation in the Lite Version?

You can only calculate upsells for up to 50 products, but we offer free upgrade up to 300 products if you sign-up to our newsletter.

How many Promotional Campaign Offers can I create?

In the Free version, you can only create one promotional discount campaign.

Where I can display the Upsells Calculated?

In the Free version, you can display the calculate upsells on the Product Page, Add to Cart Popup, and Checkout Page.

Can I remove all data from this plugin in case I need to remove the plugin?

Yes, you can define this on the Settings page before removing this plugin. But don’t worry, you won’t need it, as this plugin will be extremely useful for you.

Where can I ask for help?

You may contact our Support at any time.


April 2, 2024
I always have this problem where I need to manually set upsells for each of my products, but when I discovered this UpsellMaster, now it allows me to automate my whole upselling game. No need to spend hours defining upsells. Also, I like the easy creation of discount campaigns. Surely a must-have during holiday seasons if you want to offer promos. Kudos to the team!
April 1, 2024
PSUpsellMaster distinguishes itself as an essential plugin for enhancing e-commerce strategies, primarily through its innovative upsell product carousel feature. Designed to seamlessly integrate with any website, it offers a customizable and visually engaging carousel to spotlight recommended products, thereby encouraging increased sales conversions. The intuitive interface of the plugin guarantees straightforward navigation and setup, making it accessible for users of varying technical proficiencies. This blend of functionality and user-friendliness makes PSUpsellMaster a valuable tool for entrepreneurs, e-commerce managers, and digital marketing professionals aiming to elevate their online sales and optimize the shopping experience for their customers.
April 1, 2024
We have been using UpsellMaster Pro Version for nearly 2 years, and it has saved us hundreds of working hours since always the best Upsells are calculated for each of our many products (>1000) and displayed everywhere. This would be impossible to manage if we used a traditional Upsell plugin where you always have to specify Upsells manually and the Upsells you enter get outdated over time. In our store, this is not the case; only products that have the highest chances of selling and are tailored toward the interest of each specific user are displayed and stay updated at all times. Also, we are using the Recently Viewed Product Carousels of UpsellMaster and ran the last Black Friday Discount Campaign with this plugin. It was stress-free since all Discount Campaigns were scheduled in advance, and we could pick and select which products to offer at a discount at which time, including showing different ad banners for each campaign. The data in the upsell sales tracking module shows that we have generated thousands of $$$ in additional sales due to this plugin running on autopilot. I am unaware of any other Upsell plugin that comes close to what UpsellMaster does for us. I can only recommend trying this and watching how this plugin systematically generates additional income for your webshop. A really great plugin!
March 28, 2024
We’ve relied on the PRO version of UpsellMaster for years now, and it’s been crucial in boosting our store’s Average Order Value (AOV). The insights it provides into upsell sales and product performance are invaluable. Plus, using Campaigns for special events like Black Friday has yielded impressive results. Highly recommended for anyone looking to maximize sales opportunities.
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Contributors & Developers

“UpsellMaster – One Click Upsells for WooCommerce and EDD” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



Version 2.0.3 – May 01, 2024

Fix: Newsletter popup
Fix: General bugs

Version 2.0.2 – April 29, 2024

Fix: Background Processes
Fix: General bugs

Version 2.0.0 – April 04, 2024

Fix: Licensing & Update Procedures
Fix: LITE & PRO conflicts
Fix: General bugs

Version 1.9.8 – March 11, 2024

Fix: Don’t use calls like // phpcs:ignore
Fix: Out of Date Libraries
Fix: Variables and options must be escaped when echo’d
Fix: Generic function/class/define/namespace/option names
Fix: Unsafe SQL calls
Fix: Nonces and User Permissions Needed for Security
Fix: General bugs

Version 1.9.6 – February 27, 2024

Fix: No GPL-compatible license declared
Fix: Using Beta / Alpha / Development versions of libraries
Fix: Out of Date Libraries
Fix: Including Libraries Already In Core
Fix: No publicly documented resource for your compressed content
Fix: Data Must be Sanitized, Escaped, and Validated
Fix: Processing the whole input
Fix: Don’t use calls like // phpcs:ignore
Fix: Variables and options must be escaped when echo’d
Fix: Allowing Direct File Access to plugin files
Fix: Unsafe SQL calls
Fix: Internationalization: Text domain does not match plugin slug
Fix: Nonces and User Permissions Needed for Security
Fix: General bugs

Version 1.9.5 – February 14, 2024

Fix: Upsells & Campaigns metaboxes on WP-Admin Edit Download page
Fix: Quick-Edit and Bulk-Edit features on WP-Admin Downloads List page
Fix: Small code sniffer issues
Fix: General bugs

Version 1.9.4 – February 01, 2024

Fix: Show multiple price options on add-to-cart popup

Version 1.9.3 – January 26, 2024

Fix: Reduce assets (vendor) files