This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

[DEPRECATED] Pronamic Framework


Pronamic wil no longer support and maintain this plugin.


  • Login form

    [pronamic_login_form redirect_to="/"]
  • Lost password form

  • Current user posts

    [pronamic_current_user_posts query="post_type=company"]
  • Edit post form

  • Terms index

    [pronamic_terms_index taxonomy="category"]
    [pronamic_terms_index taxonomy="category" parent=""]

Template Functions

  • Has user image

    pronamic_has_user_image( $user_id = null )
  • Get user image ID

    pronamic_get_user_image_id( $user_id = null )
  • The user image

    pronamic_the_user_image( $size = 'post-thumbnail', $attr = '')
  • Get user image

    pronamic_get_the_user_image( $user_id = null, $size = 'post-thumbnail', $attr = '' )
  • How to use?

    $author = (get_query_var('author_name')) ? get_user_by('slug', get_query_var('author_name')) : get_userdata(get_query_var('author'));
    if(function_exists('pronamic_get_the_user_image')) {
        echo pronamic_get_the_user_image( $author->ID, array(93, 140) );
    } else {
        echo get_avatar(get_the_author_meta('user_email', $author->ID), apply_filters('horses_author_bio_avatar_size', 90));

Query to display block


$query = new WP_Query();
    'post_type' => 'pronamic_block' , 
    'name' => 'contact' 

while($query->have_posts()) {



Template Hierarchy Pronamic Block Widget

  1. pronamic-block-widget-{sidebar_id}.php
  2. pronamic-block-widget-{widget_id}.php
  3. pronamic-block-widget-{block_slug}.php
  4. pronamic-block-widget-{block_id}.php
  5. pronamic-block-widget.php


  • List of Pronamic plugins
  • E-mailaddress
  • Help texts
  • Default ad sizes widgets
  • Pronamic Shop
  • Openprovider
  • Mailtomail
  • Twinfield
  • Flickr Sync


Pronamic plugins


Extract the zip file and just drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your
WordPress installation and then activate the Plugin from Plugins page.


Installation Instructions

Extract the zip file and just drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your
WordPress installation and then activate the Plugin from Plugins page.

Contributors & Developers

“[DEPRECATED] Pronamic Framework” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Fixed admin menu icon.
  • Added redirect_to = referer option.
  • Removed usage of deprecated screen_icon() function.
  • Removed frontent style.css file.
  • Fixed JavaScript issue in AJAX success event.
  • WordPress Coding Standards optimizations.


  • Added before comment form text option.


  • Fixed issue with WPML and Pronamic Block widget.


  • Added shortcode for an terms index.
  • Improved Pronamic Block widget for WPML.


  • Added field for custom head HTML.
  • Added field for custom footer HTML.
  • Added fields for post typ descriptions (can be used on archive page).


  • Fix logout page if no logout page is selected.
  • Added translations for the logout page.


  • Changed the user image template function, now by default use the author ID instead of logged in user ID.
  • Added logout page support.


  • Improved default template for the edit post form shortcode.
  • Improved the query to retrieve the post to edit in the edit post form shortcode.
  • Added media select.
  • Added user image.
  • Fixed login form shortcode redirect_to parameter.


  • Removed the use of class constant in translation function, now use normal strings.
  • Changed the text domain name from ‘pronamic-framework’ to ‘pronamic_framework’.
  • Improved the custom post type ‘pronamic_block’ WordPress admin menu icon.
  • Added the [pronamic_login_form] shortcode.
  • Added the [pronamic_current_user_posts] shortcode.
  • Added the [pronamic_lostpassword_form] shortcode.
  • Added Pronamic settings page to set some pages.


  • Removed admin menu item ‘Pronamic’.
  • Removed HTTP header ‘X-Powered-By’ => ‘Pronamic | |’.
  • Removed credit funtions.
  • Removed admin footer function.
  • Removed Pronamic admin dashboard widget.


  • Removed comments support from the custom post type ‘pronamic_block’.
  • Fixed the link to CSS file style.css in the enqueue style function call.


  • Removed the “developer” and “developer-website” meta elements, they are not on the HTML5 whitelist.
  • Fixed an issue with the classes in multiple files and the plugin paths.
  • Added widget for Pronamic block post types.


  • Added custom post type “pronamic_block”.


  • Added esc_attr() function to some code.


  • Fixed a bug with an unclosed span element.


  • Added dashboard widget.
  • Added multilanguage support (English and Dutch).
  • Added admin bar menu links.
  • Added “pronamic_credits” action.
  • Added “X-Powered-By” header.


  • Initial release.