This plugin is a feature-rich datamanager for any recurrent datasets.


  • Add as many different projects as you want to
  • Widget for any project including fancy slideshows (in combination with the Fancy Slideshow Plugin)
  • Adding of form fields (text, textfield, e-mail, date, url, selection, checkbox and radio list, country) for each project independently
  • Simple search of any form field and category names
  • Global search widget for all projects
  • Template system to easily customize frontend display
  • Easy adding of shortcodes via TinyMCE Button
  • Change colorscheme for output tables via admin panel
  • Dataset sorting by any form field
  • Import and export of datasets from/to CSV or PDF file including media
  • Hook projects into user profile
  • Show multiple projects on the same page

Possible Usages

  • People profiles (e.g. athletes, executive board)
  • Collection database
  • Members database
  • Testimonials
  • FAQ

Randy Hoyt created a Screencast on the usage of ProjectManager. Thanks a lot.



The ProjectManager icons were designed by Yusuke Kamiyamane (

The WorldMap is generated using the Free World Continent Map from based on the Interactive-Maps Plugin


  • Project Overview Page
  • Settings page
  • Add different form fields dynamically
  • Easy adding of new datasets
  • Widget control panel
  • Easy adding of shortcode tags via TinyMCE Button
  • Output of projects with gallery template
  • Individual dataset


very good plugin


A very good plugin with expansion potential. I hope it goes long and with good extensions further. All good Alex ---------------------- Ein sehr gutes Plugin mit Ausbaupotenzial. Ich hoffe es geht noch lange und mit guten Erweiterungen weiter. Alles gut Alex

Nice plugin


In need of some features but a nice plugin that explores an area that no other plugin comes close.

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  • CHANGED: removed PHPMailer library from plugin and switched to WordPress bundled library for security reasons
  • CHANGED: major restructuring of plugin code to Object-based system. Focussed on optimizing security and speed
  • BUGFIX: fixed issue with multiple projects on same page
  • UPDATE: update FPDF version to 1.81 (2015-12-20)
  • tested with PHP7


  • BUGFIX: fixed an error in plugin deletion procedure


  • NEW: options to sort categories by id or name ascending or descending
  • NEW: add grayscale menu icons to fit wordpress design
  • BUGFIX: fixed thickbox URL
  • BUGFIX: changed deprecated add_object_page to add_menu_page
  • BUGFIX: fixed issue with undefined offset in categories
  • BUGFIX: fixed issue with registration and profile edit
  • CHANGED: make TinyMCE editor 100% width


  • BUGFIX: fixed identical CSS class with wordpress internal category checkbox list


  • BUGFIX: improved loading times of pages by caching MySQL query results


  • BUGFIX: fixed PHPMailer class issue in profile edit page by loading PHPMailer only for frontend formular
  • BUGFIX: fixed a style issue with world map
  • BUGFIX: fixed some style issues with dataset form
  • BUGFIX: fixed cleanup of old media files to also delete thumbnail versions of images


  • BUGFIX: fixed adding datasets for users only with capability ‘projectmanager_user’
  • BUGFIX: some user capability fixes
  • BUGFIX: fixed the unused “profile” option for formfields to control display of formfields in profile page


  • NEW: use wordpress image editor for resizing images
  • NEW: optionally crop images to exact dimensions
  • NEW: some updates for the Fancy Slideshows Plugin
  • NEW: button to regenerate thumbnails in a project
  • NEW: button to show and delete possibly orphaned media files in a project
  • NEW: new capability ‘add_multiple_datasets’ to make it easier to control if user is allowed to add more than one dataset
  • NEW: new filter ‘projectmanager_template_path’ to allow other plugins (e.g. LeagueManager) to add additional template directories
  • BUGFIX: fixed some issues with dataset user assignments and using it as extended profile
  • BUGFIX: fixed image width in gallery view
  • BUGFIX: check that dataset belongs to current project to prevent unauthorized access to datasets
  • BUGFIX: several small fixes
  • UPDATE: updated French translation


  • NEW: optionally enforce activation of datasets added in frontend through confirmation link
  • NEW: send emails using SMTP if standard method fails
  • BUGFIX: fixed link for reloading captcha in frontend dataset form
  • BUGFIX: fixed responsive style of gallery view
  • BUGFIX: fixed pagination in testimonials when country is selected
  • BUGFIX: fixed country selection with multiple projects on the same page


  • NEW: some new styles
  • NEW: own category management for each project
  • NEW: special image Title Image (‘header-image’)
  • NEW: improved security for data export
  • NEW: add multiple new formfields at once
  • NEW: export/import complete projects
  • BUGFIX: check for existence of FPDF and PHPMailer classes before loading to avoid fatal error if loaded elsewhere
  • BUGFIX: fixed issue with categories that all datasets are retrieved if category is selected without datasets
  • BUGFIX: removed print_r() from table header function
  • BUGFIX: fixed some issues using it as team roster in LeagueManager
  • BUGFIX: fixed a small issue in plugin activation with notifications giving unexpected output
  • BUGFIX: fixed activation error for missing roles
  • BUGFIX: fixed uninstallation routine
  • BUGFIX: fixed issue with unique formfields when editing datasets


  • NEW: download datasetform as PDF
  • NEW: new ‘signature’ formfield type, which is only shown in PDFs (useful for members applications, which require hand-written signatures)
  • NEW: detailed settings for fancy slideshows
  • NEW: jQuery UI tabs for settings, import/export and documentation for better structure
  • BUGFIX: fixed an issue with exporting media files with images (missing medium and large versions)
  • BUGFIX: fixed issues with dataset import due to paragraph, title or signature field types
  • BUGFIX: fixed list-accordion-faq.php template


  • BUGFIX: fixed error in upgrade routine


  • NEW: new formfield types ‘name’ and ‘dataset-image’ to add dataset name and primary image
  • NEW: multiple new options to control form layout
  • NEW: dataset details page in admin area
  • NEW: print styles to allow nice printing of dataset details page in admin area
  • NEW: export single or all datasets as PDF using FPDF
  • NEW: export country fields including full country name and 3-digit code
  • NEW: send confirmation/notification emails using PHPMailer including possible PDF attachment
  • NEW: new template list-accordion.php and list-expandable.php with jQuery functionality that can be open/closed
  • NEW: sortable formfields table using jQuery UI sortable if javascript is active. Order input fields are disabled in that case
  • NEW: enable jQuery UI datepicker for date formfields if javascript is active
  • NEW: Added some more file and menu icons
  • NEW: use iris colorpicker
  • NEW: custom dataset order including jQuery UI sortable list (in pagination an offset is added to the order)
  • NEW: new fancy dataset template
  • NEW: additional color options for box header gradients (dataset and expandable/accordion lists)
  • BUGFIX: fixed issue with getting duplicated datasets if value is an array (e.g. checkbox lists)
  • BUGFIX: fixed error message output in frontend formular
  • BUGFIX: don’t delete a file if another dataset uses it as well
  • BUGFIX: fixed issue in new captcha generation
  • BUGFIX: fixed issues in dataset import
  • BUGFIX: fixed issue with ordering settings in shortcode
  • BUGFIX: some styling fixes
  • BUGFIX: fixed dataset ordering by formfields case-insensitive
  • REMOVED: removed default dataset name and image fields (keep database columns at the moment)


  • NEW: use slideshow of fancy slideshows aka sponsors-slideshow-widget >= 2.3-digit
  • CHANGE: removed slideshow feature from widget. Use Fancy Slideshows aka Sponsors Slideshow Widget instead
  • NEW: get random datasets in widget
  • BUGFIX: fixed import issue
  • BUGFIX: fixed saving settings if no map is present


  • BUGFIX: included lib/project.php (not used yet)


  • NEW: template tags provide wordpress template like structure of templates including dataset Loop
  • BUGFIX: fixed issues with dataset export
  • BUGFIX: fixed issue with scheduling map update
  • BUGFIX: fixed issue with empty table cells

  • BUGFIX: fixed small notification issue

  • BUGIFX: fixed missing ajax.js to exchange captcha


  • NEW: scheduled update of map data
  • NEW: AJAX-responsive link to exchange captcha image
  • BUGFIX: improved saving map data
  • BUGFIX: delete capabilities upon plugin deletion


  • NEW: settings to customize captcha
  • NEW: save map data in settings to avoid long loading times
  • BUGFIX: fixed issue with exporting datasets


  • NEW: region information and 2-digits country codes for countries database
  • NEW: new shortcode [projectmanager_map] to show a world map with number of datasets by region and list of individual countries (powered by the Free World Continent Map from
  • NEW: function to retrieve number of datasets by country region
  • NEW: Shortcode and TinyMCE Button to show number of countries in datasets
  • NEW: added Taiwan to countries database
  • CHANGED: reduced complexity of captcha
  • BUGFIX: fixed invalid HTML output for empty dataset metadata
  • BUGFIX: fixed invalid HTML for more link in comment stripping
  • BUGFIX: fixed faulty url issue
  • BUGFIX: fixed issue with unsubitted form data (e.g. checkbox, radio list) when new dataset is added
  • UPDATE: updated some documentation
  • UPDATE: updated german translation for documentation


  • BUGFIX: fixed some poor file location calling


  • BUGFIX: small fix for finding duplicated datasets if nothing is found
  • UPDATE: adjusted captcha style for mobile devices


  • NEW: search for duplicated datasets by name or formfield values
  • NEW: Included thickbox image popup in single dataset view and for image formfields
  • BUGFIX: fixed captcha url


  • NEW: added Palestine to countries database


  • NEW: label datasets as “sticky” to always show them on top. Style them through class “sticky”
  • NEW: function to get number of countries in datasets. Included in testimonials-intro.php template
  • NEW: testimonials gallery template
  • NEW: option to scramble email addresses on website for spam protection

  • UPDATE: some styling updates

  • REMOVED: disabled dataset editing functions from shortcode dataset form
  • BUGFIX: fixed pagination in search
  • BUGFIX: fixed dataset ordering issue
  • BUGFIX: fixed some access rights issues


  • NEW: new list template
  • NEW: disable dataset editing in admin backend. If activated all dataset metadata is always shown in admin panel
  • NEW: set email confirmations for frontend dataset form and notification of new datasets
  • BUGIFX: don’t check for email validity if not mandatory
  • BUGFIX: fixed issue with file upload
  • BUGFIX: fixed profile hook and update of dataset
  • BUGFIX: fixed localized month names
  • BUGFIX: fixes some styling issues in testimonials-intro template


  • NEW: dataset pagination
  • NEW: improved search to automatically search in name, formfields and categories
  • NEW: new widget with global search form to simultaneously search in all projects
  • NEW: shortcode for global search results display [projectmanager_search]
  • NEW: pagination in search
  • NEW: additional name_locale field for countries to store translated country names of website locale. Search in english and localized country names
  • NEW: limit textfield and tinymce content by words
  • NEW: slideshow navigation arrows
  • NEW: set slideshow speed
  • NEW: set image size for slideshow
  • NEW: Responsive styles
  • NEW: additional large image size
  • NEW: User HTML5 input types “number”, “email” and “search”
  • BUGFIX: don’t resize original image
  • BUGFIX: add CSS style inline using wp_add_inline_style()
  • BUGFIX: Use esc_url() on URLs

  • BUGFIX: fixed issue with search not working in testimonials.php template
  • BUGFIX: fixed search templates
  • BUGFIX: fixed some styling issues
  • BUGFIX: fixed undefined index notice in widget control

  • CHANGED: moved testimonials styles into style.css
  • UPDATED: french translation
  • UPDATED: some style changes

  • NEW: additional security check if database column exists for dataset orderby to prevent sql injection
  • BUGFIX: correctly loading stylesheet and javascript scripts
  • BUGFIX: stripslashes on dataset name in widget
  • REMOVED: template datasetform-petition.php


  • NEW: Introducing separate media upload directories for each project
  • NEW: export/import of media files in zip format (kept on server for 24h)
  • NEW: include main image in dataset export
  • NEW: add captcha security code to datasetform in frontend including timeout shortcode in minutes. Captchas older than 2h are deleted
  • NEW: incorporated tiny image dimensions into project settings
  • NEW: define image as mandatory field
  • NEW: define return message and form submit button label in datasetform shortcode
  • CHANGED: merged dataset-form templates in frontend and backend (keeping the old templates for now)
  • UPDATED: updated testimonials templates design and include image display
  • UPDATED: updated translation template
  • BUGFIX: fixed issues with dataset import
  • BUGFIX: fixed image upload in frontend dataset
  • BUGFIX: fixed intinite loop for getting random datasets if there are not more datasets in the database than the number to obtain
  • BUGFIX: fixed directory creation issue
  • BUGFIX: fixed several stripslashes issues in project title, dataset names and metadata and formfield labels
  • BUGFIX: fixed issue with duplicated countries in database upon multiple deactivation/activation of plugin

  • NEW: updated TinyMCE button to allow formfield IDs and page IDs selection from dropdown menus

  • BUGFIX: fixed infinite loop when getting random datasets without any datasets in database

  • NEW: selection menu to filter for countries
  • NEW: new list view template for testimonials
  • UPDATED: updated TinyMCE button
  • UPDATED: documentation update
  • CHANGED: testimonials/petitions shortcode tag and templates
  • BUGFIX: some small fixes regarding testimonials/petitions templates and shortcode

  • BUGFIX: fixed error with dataset ordering by formfield and no limit to number of datasets per_page = “NaN”

  • NEW: set limit for string length cut-off of textarea and TinyMCE Editor using the options field in the formfields in the format limit:XX
  • BUGFIX: fixed index issue with multiple formfield options
  • BUGFIX: fixed wrong page in backlink of single dataset if datasets are ordered by a formfield

  • NEW: limit dataset name to 30 characters in frontend forms
  • NEW: mark formfields as private to prevent display in frontend
  • NEW: set maximum number of characters for formfields in the formfield options field in the format max:XX
  • NEW: TinyMCE Button for petitions landingpage
  • BUGFIX: fixed some styling issues with respect to formfield input width
  • BUGFIX: ordering of datasets by formfields with pagination in frontend and admin panel
  • BUGFIX: fixed search for country-type formfield (This only works searching for english country names!)
  • REMOVED: option to set columns and rows for textarea

  • NEW: new shortcode to display number of datasets of certain project in frontend
  • NEW: updated TinyMCE button to include new shortcode and static function
  • UPDATE: updated pot translation template
  • UPDATE: updated german translation including countries names from MySQL database
  • BUGFIX: filter country name through translation system and re-sort after translation

  • NEW: mark formfields as mandatory to force data input
  • NEW: mark formfields as unique to avoid double database
  • NEW: new formfield type ‘country’ with selection dropdown retrieved from new MySQL database table consisting of 3-digit code and country name
  • NEW: new template for simplified dataset form for petitions
  • BUGFIX: fixed frontend dataset form

  • UPDATE: German translation


  • NEW: add default image for project, which is used for datasets without image
  • NEW: only show images in frontend if setting is activated
  • NEW: more options in TinyMCE Button
  • UPDATE: code cleaning
  • UPDATE: converted menu icons to grayscale to fit wordpress design
  • BUGFIX: fixed some small bugs
  • BUGFIX: fixed frontend templates to display multiple projects on the same page


  • NEW: more functionalities with multiple projects on the same page including parallel pagination, search, category selection and dataset ordering


  • NEW: multiple projects can be displayed on the same page with some limitations
  • NEW: admin dashboard widget showing latest posts from wordpress support forum with editable options
  • BUGFIX: fixed several small bugs


  • BUGFIX: small fixes for better coding
  • BUGFIX: fix htmlspecialchars problem with TinyMCE editor data


  • NEW: function to easily display dropdown selection for all datasets of a project, see an example in templates/dataset.php for usage
  • UPDATE: update main submit button classes to “button-primary”
  • BUGFIX: fixed conflict with image edit function
  • BUGFIX: several small bugfixes


  • BUGFIX: fixed TinyMCE in frontent template


  • UPDATE: re-added TinyMCE editor as formfield type, which was broken


  • UPDATE: compatible with WordPress 4
  • BUGFIX: administration works without Javascript
  • BUGFIX: tinymce button
  • SECURITY: fixed possible security issues
  • REMOVED: AJAX editing was broken


  • UPDATE: French Translation


  • NEW: Italian translation
  • BUGFIX: formfields


  • BUGFIX: only load javascript files on projectmanager pages to avoid malfunction of WP image editor


  • BUGFIX: fixed css to avoid linebreak in gallery display


  • NEW: documentation included with plugin
  • UPDATED: Screenshots
  • BUGFIX: empty property when form field label is empty
  • BUGFIX: external fields, such as statistics from LeagueManager


  • BUGFIX: dataset image got lost in search
  • BUGFIX: date lost upon editing dataset
  • BUGFIX: dataset meta data not available in single view
  • BUGFIX: check if dataset and meta objects have values to avoid fatal error with empty property


  • NEW: include dataset meta data in dataset object accesible through $dataset->LABEL. LABEL is the label of the formfield cleaned with the function sanitize_title. Use var_dump($dataset) to display object contents.


  • BUGFIX: slideshow conflict with NextGen Gallery


  • NEW: french translation


  • BUGFIX: User registration when project is hooked into profile


  • NEW: method to duplicate dataset
  • NEW: sort formfield options alphabetically
  • BUGFIX: import of datasets


  • NEW: WP User field type
  • NEW: custom fields with input callback functions
  • BUGFIX: missed argument ‘order’ in project() function
  • BUGFIX: division by zero bug in dataset.php with “NaN” datasets per page


  • BUGFIX: TinyMCE Editor content displayed HTML tags


  • NEW: time formfield
  • NEW: filter for each formfield type projectmanager_$type (select, radio, checkbox, project all text)
  • BUGFIX: strange PHP 4 bug


  • BUGFIX: removed NumberFormatter from lib/ajax.php


  • NEW: template tag for widget
  • REMOVED: NumberFormatter caused syntax error for some webhosts


  • NEW: widget with 2.8 API
  • NEW: template tags


  • BUGFIX: unable to delete all formfields


  • BUGFIX: table template


  • BUGFIX: parse error in lib/core.php line 713


  • NEW: image upload formfield type
  • NEW: video field with upload
  • NEW: internal link to other project
  • BUGFIX: dataset ordering


  • NEW: shortcode attribute to limit number of results
  • NEW: shortcode attribute to get datasets with specific meta key and meta value
  • NEW: shortcode attribute to get random datasets with limit of results


  • BUGIFX: call-time pass-by-reference deprecated


  • BUGFIX: parse error


  • CHANGED: moved AJAX functions to separate class in lib/ajax.php
  • BUGFIX: chmod of image uploads
  • BUGFIX: access control for editing datasets


  • BUGFIX: access to dataset editing page with only cap ‘projectmanager_user’
  • BUGFIX: profile update


  • BUGFIX: access control for adding/editing of datasets


  • BUGFIX: access control for adding/editing of datasets
  • code cleaning


  • BUGFIX: profile hook


  • BUGFIX: check for double datasets


  • NEW: fine grained access control
  • NEW: thickbox box for adding WP Users
  • NEW: add dataset upon user registration if user has capablity
  • NEW: profile Hook for any number of projects
  • CHANGED: only users with matching datasets are shown form in profile


  • NEW: display ID of dataset in admin overview


  • BUGFIX: MySQL string to get datasets of certain category


  • BUGFIX: options


  • CHANGED: moved project settings into project table


  • BUGFIX: display of admin menu icons
  • CHANGED: moved main ProjectManager menu back down


  • NEW: table template with tiny image
  • BUGFIX: unsetting of widget option if deleted
  • UPDATED: german translation with slideshow effects


  • NEW: numeric and currency formfield types (require NumberFormatter or WP filter)
  • NEW: filters projectmanager_numeric and projectmanager_currency for display
  • BUGFIX: popup window size for newly added formfield options
  • BUGFIX: image upload in user profile
  • BUGFIX: single view in gallery template
  • CHANGED: took out separate option for displaying image form in profile
  • CHANGED: default limit on datasets of 15, use “NaN” for no limit


  • NEW: custom icon directory in THEMEDIR/projectmanager/icons
  • BUGFIX: dataset ordering is overriden by dropdown selection
  • BUGFIX: IE Slideshow Bug fixed with new jQuery Cycle Plugin
  • BUGFIX: Popup Window for Formfield Options
  • BUGFIX: TinyMCE Button for searchform
  • BUGFIX: total number of datasets in search
  • CHANGED: use function add_object_page for menu if present
  • CHANGED: use of jQuery Cycle Plugin for Slideshow


  • NEW: URL and E-Mail with alternative text in format “|Example Website”
  • NEW: multiple widget support
  • NEW: file-upload form field without AJAX uploading
  • BUGFIX: AJAX editing if datafield value is empty
  • BUGFIX: manual ordering of datasets
  • BUGFIX: options link for select, checkbox and radio form types
  • BUGFIX: save options for formfields
  • CHANGED: apply stripslashes in function getDatasetMeta instead of getDatasetMetaData


  • NEW: set file permission for image uploads
  • NEW: image as new formfield type. Image needds to be uploaded already
  • BUGFIX: AJAX editing of datasets
  • BUGFIX: single and double quotes in names, formfields and formfield labels


  • NEW: filter for formfields to enable bridging


  • NEW: manual drag & drop sorting of datasets (ajax saving, but not updating tr class)
  • NEW: set order of datasets in option
  • NEW: more shortcode atts for project display
  • NEW: delete image folder upon plugin uninstallation
  • BUGFIX: dataset division by zero
  • CHANGED: save image name in database also if file already exists


  • NEW: show formfield ID on admin page
  • NEW: shortcode supports ordering of datasets including TinyMCE Button
  • BUGFIX: project deletion
  • CHANGED: varchar lengths for project title, dataset name and image


  • NEW: remove line breaks from form field values upon export
  • BUGFIX: image upload and thumbnail creation


  • BUGFIX: shortcode display of single dataset


  • NEW: dataset ordering selection in frontend
  • NEW: hook one project into profile
  • NEW: set custom menu icon for each project
  • NEW: shortcode to display single dataset
  • NEW: template engine for frontend display
  • CHANGED: new menu icons
  • CHANGED: major restructuring of plugin
  • CHANGED: shortcodes
  • DELETED: Ajax adding of category dropdown in TinyMCE Button. Using text field for direct input of Category ID.


  • NEW: sorting of datasets by form fields
  • NEW: import/export of datasets from/to CSV file
  • BUGFIX: form field saving


  • CHANGED: moved image directory to wp-content/uploads


  • BUGFIX: pretty permalinks


  • NEW: Slideshow Widget
  • CHANGED: usability enhancements


  • NEW: coupled datasets to user id who entered them.


  • NEW: selection, checkbox list, radio list form field types


  • NEW: support for multiple categorization
  • NEW: customization of dataset output via wordpress hooks
  • NEW: search for category names (comma separated list of cat names)
  • NEW: set colorschemes of tables


  • NEW: option to add direct link to project in navigation panel
  • BUGFIX: adding of new project failed


  • BUGFIX: upgrade bug


  • BUGFIX: database collation


  • NEW: Ajax editing of datasets
  • NEW: display of specific group only


  • NEW: full control of display via shortcodes
  • NEW: TinyMCE Button for better usability
  • CHANGED: major restructuring of plugin


  • initial release

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