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This is a very simple plugin that many website designers and business owners look for. The need to add a product identifier to each or some items in Woocommerce. A code used internally for inventory, which would be ideal for order fulfillment referenced from each item ordered. A code that can be seen by the public if desired, or turned off if not.

Often a website designer or company owner simply wants to add an internal product code to their WooCommerce build. A code that is in addition to the GTIN, EAN, SKU and UPC throughout the order process. However, all current plugin add-on provisions entail complex setups and functions which result in extra memory usage, system conflicts and frequent updates. This plugin eliminates all the hurdles by providing a simple solution without excessive options.

Simply install, enter your product codes within each product post and publish. Nothing more to it than that! If you don’t want the public to see the unique product code, the user side display can be turned off in setup.

The added field is compliant to mappable data import and export schemes. This same compliance allows the field to be included in a Google Merchant product feed, if mapped during the feed setup using any number of third party plugins. Language support include: English, Spanish and French.

Using in Multisite Installation

  1. Extract the zip file contents in the wp-content/mu-plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation. (This is not created by default. You must create it in the wp-content folder.) The ‘mu’ does not stand for multi-user like it did for WPMU, it stands for ‘must-use’ as any code placed in that folder will run without needing to be activated.
  2. Access the Plugins settings panel named ‘Product Code for WooCommerce’ under options.
  3. Enter the Product Code under the SKU from either Variable or Simple products.


  • The Product Code as found in a Simple Product
  • The Product Code as found in a Variable Product
  • The Product Code appears under the SKU on the user side
  • The Product Code appears below the description in the shopping cart
  • The Product Code appears below the SKU and Variation ID on the order page


  1. Upload the plugin files to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/plugin-name’ directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.
  3. Enter the Product Code under the SKU from either Variable or Simple products.


Is this plugin frequently updated to WordPress compliance?

Yes, attention is given on a staged installation with many other plugins via debug mode.

Is the plugin as simple to use as it looks?

Yes. No other plugin exists that adds an additional custom product code so simply.

Has there ever any compatibility issues?

To date, none have ever been reported.

Can the additional field be fed to Google Merchant?

Yes, using any quality Google Feed plugin, the unique field can be mapped if desired.

How can the custom field be searched in WordPress?

The ‘postmeta’ table is where all the custom field data is stored in the database. By default, the WordPress search functionality is set to search the ‘posts’ table only. In order to include the custom fields data in our search, we need to perform a left join on the ‘posts’ and ‘postmeta’ tables in the database and modify the WordPress search query to include custom fields. Finally, we need to add the DISTINCT keyword to the SQL query in order to prevent returning duplicates, although varients will be reported.

Paste the following into your child theme’s functions.php. Remove the starting ‘<?php’ if you have other code already active in that file. Search results will vary since the script extricates database fields without definition of exactly what to find.


Solid Build – Works Perfectly.

We added this plugin to our clients website that was already filled with over 20 premium Woocommerce and various other plugins. No conflicts whatsoever! Works flawlessly! Client easily entered all their internal inventory ID's to each item, which is what they use for internal fulfillment. Great addition!
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Contributors & Developers

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1.0.2 04/03/19
– Update to allow WordPress search of Product Code fields
– Support for WooCommerce 3.5.7 added
– Current version support updated

1.0.1 02/01/19
– Fix bug that caused code duplication in some variations
– Current version support updated

1.0.0 01/15/19
– Initial release