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This plugin has been closed and is no longer available for download.

PricePlow Profit Plugin


Easily earn revenue on your health/fitness/diet website by using the PricePlow price comparison engine for nutrition products.

This plugin allows you to add widgets to your blog posts and sidebars, showing readers the best deals on health products, such as popular nutritional supplements.

Why PricePlow?

Put simply: increased revenue and trust. We don’t just boost your long-term profitability – we also make it worthwhile for your readers.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Better Commissions – We work with all stores possible – but prefer those that will provide both the best commissions to you and the lowest prices for your readers. Some examples include GNC, VitaminShoppe, VitaCost,, AllStarHealth, Netrition, Amazon, and several others.

  • Increased Conversions – When users see the incredible deals on your site (which includes protein, fish oil, and multivitamins far below retail), they buy and they buy with confidence – no more leaving your site to Google for discounts.  Price comparisons flat-out work.

  • No Broken Links – We manage the store links – no more manual affiliate link management for you!

    Over the course of a few years, most affiliate links end up broken (due to discontinued products, changes in affiliate networks, and other technology problems).

    With PricePlow, we always find a high-converting supplement store to send your user to.

  • Non-Exclusive – We are not affiliated with any brands, which means we are a non-biased source. You can promote any product from any brand you like.  However, if you represent a specific brand, you can elect to feature only the brands you promote.

  • Bring Back the Ethics – Your readers don’t want to be bamboozled.  Let them know that you mean well by showing them the best deals, not shady supplement scams.

    Worried about unethical supplements?  Don’t be.  When it comes to our featured product listings, we work vigorously to disallow products that are underdosed, overpriced, fraudulent, or are otherwise garbage.

    There are plenty of great products to go around – allow us to filter the noise out for you.

    Read the long story to learn more on our page About the PricePlow Tools.


You can choose to display the following widgets:

  • Related Category Products – Show related products from a specific category or category tree – we have over 1,000 to choose from.


    • Have a post about protein in diets?
      Then only show products in the protein or protein powder category.

    • Writing a post about treating knee pain?
      Pick the joint supplements category!

  • Featured Product / Brand – Have a product you want to write a review about?  You can display just this product.

    Similarly, you can show only products from a specific brand.

  • Top Products – Are you writing a general fitness article that has less to do with nutrition?  That’s fine – this setting will show some of the top-rated products from our entire site.

  • Hot Deals – We manually comb our database for hot deals on products that have had significant price drops that we believe are worth buying.  You can display some of these products at random.

  • “Buy it Now” Links – (Coming Soon) Want to manually direct users to the best deals on a specific product using YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook?  We’ll provide you with a link that assigns the credit to you – even if the user lands on our website.

Site Demos:

We “eat our own dogfood.”  See our plugin in action at

You can also an example at The Fitness Trainer Academy

More Information

To learn more, read the long story on our page About the PricePlow API and Toolset.


  • Visit for detailed API documentation

  • Visit our contact page to contact PricePlow. You may also email


We are always expanding the PricePlow API.

To use permanent “buy it now” links manually in your code – never link directly to a store link!

Instead, use this code to get a product’s lowest priced link:

if(function_exists('getPricePlowBuyItNow')) {
  // First, you will need to get $product_id from our brand -> product
  //  option select menus, or the API itself.
  $urls =  getPricePlowBuyItNow($product_id);
  if($urls) {
    foreach($urls as $url) {
      echo $url;


  • The PricePlow Widget / Post Editor menu. You can choose what you'd like to feature (A category, a brand, a product, random top products, our newest products, or current hot deals). After you choose one option (such as "A category", in this example, it will load any additional choices you need to make).
  • A blog post that is showing some random featured products below it. In this post, "Top Products" was chosen. Highlighting any product would show the best prices on each size.
  • This is an example of some current hot deals, taken from the sidebar of our blog. Highlighting any product would show the best prices on each size.


  1. Download and install the plugin
  2. Activate the plugin.
  3. Go to Settings >> PricePlow Profit Plugin and read and complete the general and advanced settings.

Upon first time activation, your site will register with the PricePlow API and we’ll provide you with an API key.  By using this API, you agree to the API’s Terms and Conditions.


How many stores are there?

There are 25 stores currently used, with more added each month.

How much will I earn in commissions?

It depends on the store. Commissions typically range from 6% to 20%. In the case of a “tie,” we will send the user to the store with the best commission.

For your protection, stores with a 5% commission or less are not shown by default.

Will you add [some product] from [some brand]?

Contact us at, or create a support request and if any of our stores have it, we’ll add it immediately.

Can I have feature XYZ?

Please make a support request and we will do our best to accommodate your site’s needs.

I am already affiliated with [some brand]. Can I use this plugin?

Yes, we are happy to have you using this plugin.

You may wish to check the default Brand settings in the Advanced settings section so that you always show deals on your brand’s products. It is up to you to properly manage your brand’s affiliation.

I am an employee, owner, or rep of [some brand]. Can I use this plugin?


In fact, if you are an employee or rep for a brand, please get in touch with us! We have several unique suggestions for how we can work together. See our brand and product product marketing page for more info. We offer services to help build your site and perfect your user’s shopping experience.

I am already using Google Adsense or some other ad network plugin. Can I use this plugin?

Yes, you may use this plugin – it is completely non-exclusive and non-binding.

It is up to you, however, to ensure that this plugin does not violate your other advertising contracts. As far as we’re aware, that should not be a problem unless you have some type of exclusive contract.

I don’t like [some brand]. Can I prevent their products from showing up?

Unfortunately, as of the first release of this software, the only way to do this is to set your default settings for a different brand or product on every post.

If you have this situation, contact us at or submit a support request in the forums and we will assess the situation.

I want to show all store prices for a specific product, just like does. How can I?

This requires special access for your API key. Contact us at and we’ll discuss an agreement.

How much does this cost?

There is no fee to using this plugin nor the PricePlow API. We reserve the right to rotate our affiliate links in a set percentage of the time, as defined by our terms and conditions. By default, our codes rotate in thirty percent of the time. Over time, you will more than make up for this due to higher conversion rates and no broken/discontinued links.

Can I use the PricePlow API for something else?

Yes! See and email us.

We look forward to connecting with mobile apps, discussion forums, social media pages, and other incredible tools – they can all be powered by the PricePlow API!

Contributors & Developers

“PricePlow Profit Plugin” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Major bugfix to fix saving affiliate campaigns. Thanks to Jess at for the support


  • Fix for tightened API Security
  • Buy it Now Link Generator uses AJAX (easier)
  • Category listings are fixed
  • Advanced product widget settings to hide various components


  • Initial Release
  • General and Advanced Settings
  • Site Defaults for Product, Brand, and Category Display Widgets
  • Site Defaults for Post / Page Widgets
  • Post/Page Options: Feature a Product, Brand, Category, Top Products, or Hot Deals
  • Widget Options: Feature a Product, Brand, Category, Top Products, or Hot Deals
  • Advanced Settings: Affiliate Campaign Code Insertion