Paid Videochat Turnkey Site – HTML5 PPV Live Webcams


Build a turnkey pay per view (PPV) videochat, your own platform, where providers can perform in pay per minute group or private 1 on 1 videochat sessions and/or receive tips.
Integrates responsive interfaces like the HTML5 Videochat app that relies on WebRTC and works on iOS / Android mobile browsers without Flash.

Solution can host remote paid videochat services from various types of providers including performers, adult models, consultants, teachers, personal trainers, tutors, therapists, mediums, tarot readers, spiritual healers, psychic readers, astrologists, herbalists, lawyers, financial / tax / legal advisors, technicians or other professionals that can provide remote assistance, interventions, shows and services.

Compared to other solutions, this script benefits from power of WordPress framework, reliability, ease of use, plugins, themes, a large community of experienced developers and designers, high quality coding and security standards.

For more details see:
PaidVideoChat Solution HomePage

Key Features

  • Custom registration types: Performer, Client, Studio
  • AJAX webcams list with custom template and CSS
  • Public and private PPV videochat shows
  • HTML5 Videochat App interface
  • PPV settings (cost per minute, grace time)
  • Tips/Gifts (customizable amount, label, sound) in HTML and Advance interface
  • Paid Questions/Messages, performer gets paid on reply
  • WooCommerce Wallet gateways: Paypal, Stripe with Apple/Google Pay, Square, Amazon Pay
  • myCRED Wallet gateways: Paypal, Zombaio, Skrill, NETbilling, BitPay (bitcoin)
  • Lobby access permissions (access lists or pay per room)
  • HTML5 Live Streaming interface for broadcast and playback on mobiles from Flash PC app broadcasts
  • HLS & MPEG-Dash transcoding for performer stream (watch live video stream from iOS/Android mobile)
  • Customizable for a multitude of user interaction and billing scenarios
  • RTMP Admin tool to monitor live sessions and spy on cams on RTMP server
  • 100% php plugin source code
  • Abides to WP coding and security standards
  • Archive streams and imort with Video Share VOD plugin
  • Performers can import and upload videos to show on their page
  • Video teaser shows on profile page and preview in listings (on hover)
  • Performers can upload pictures to show in a gallery on their page (with Picture Gallery)
  • Sell Pictures/Videos (with Paid Membership and Content)
  • Reviews with Star Ratings integration
  • Performers can restrict access from specific countries to their listings and webcam page
  • Performers can set an access price or password for room page
  • Fake Live Performers: Schedule videos to play in loop as if performer was live
  • Custom listing fields/questions (unlimited fields can be configured from backend)
  • Paid Group Modes: define group chat modes from backend
  • Multi Performer Checkin: Multiple performers can be checked in same webcam channel for sharing paid group session profits
  • GeoBlocking: globally (by admin) or per webcam (by performer), block countries/regions/cities with GeoIP
  • Performer/Studio Approval: Administrative records with custom fields for review
  • Daily free time limit for free chat, visitors
  • Auto import webcam snapshots in picture galleries
  • Archive and import broadcasts from group mode sessions
  • Presentation mode support (slideshow, annotations with whiteboard, file sharing)
  • Random videochat (Next button to quickly move to a different performer room without reloading page/interface)

Plugin was tested to work with recent PHP 7.3 (older versions will also work).

Hosting Requirements

This plugin has requirements beyond regular WordPress hosting specifications: a RTMP host is needed for persistent connections to manage live interactions and video streaming. Advanced features like transcoding and HLS/MPEG-Dash live video delivery, country access restrictions involve specific hosting requirements. More details about this, including solutions are provided on the Installation section pages.

Home Page

For online site demos, detailed software requirements, installation and setup instructions see plugin homepage:
PaidVideoChat HomePage
WordPress PPV Live Webcams Plugin HomePage
Turnkey PPV Cams Site Tutorial

Contact, Support & Custom Development can provide support and custom development for this plugin:
Contact VideoWhisper Support

How it Works

Performers join to earn money. They turn on their webcams and hang out in public rooms waiting for members to chat. Performers are listed on a page (live performers show first) and site visitors can join them.

Paying clients can invite performers to do private video chat shows and pay per minute. They first need to register as clients and add some money to their virtual wallet on site to be able to request private shows.

Payments go from clients to site owner’s account depending on billing gateway (multiple supported). Site owner can see earnings for each performer and send payments as necessary.


Clients can prepay credits that can be used for ppv chat. Billing is supported with TeraWallet (WooCommerce Wallet) and/or myCRED plugin that includes PayPal Standard, Skrill (Moneybookers), NETbilling, Zombaio, BitPay (bitcoin). Other payment modules are available for extra: 2checkout, ComproPago, CoinBase, CoinPayments, PayFast, Payza, Robokassa, Stripe, WePay.
WooWallet supports free and premium payment gateways: PayPal (Standard, Checkout), Stripe (CC, Apple Pay, Google Pay, SEPA, Bancontact, Sofort, Giropay, EPS, iDeal, Przelewy24, Alipay, Multibanco), Square (CC U.S, Canada, Australia, Japan and the UK), Amazon Pay, PayFast, Venmo, eWay (SG, MY, HK, AU, NZ), Klarna (now, later, slice), Authorize.Net, SagePay (UK), WorldPay, 2 Checkout.

Solution integrates multiple interfaces that can be used by performers to start their rooms:

HTML5 Videochat App

  • Public lobby with performer video 1 way and group text chat
  • Private 2 way video chat (show) and request/approve interactions
  • Live Wallet Balance Display
  • Tips with multiple customizable options, gift images
  • Group and private paid videochat
  • Random Videochat with Next button
  • WebRTC relay streaming (reliable and scalable to many clients from streaming server, independent of broadcaster upload connection)
  • Adaptive target bitrate (depending on resolution) and broadcasting bitrate stats
  • Dark Mode interface (users can switch live depending on preference)

HTML5 Live Streaming

  • Public lobby with performer video 1 way and group text chat
  • Live Wallet Balance Display
  • Tips with multiple customizable options, gift images
  • Group paid videochat
  • WebRTC relay streaming (reliable and scalable to many clients from streaming server, independent of broadcaster upload connection)
  • HLS/MPEG DASH (transcoded) for playback of streams from Flash/RTMP clients

Video Messenger (PC Flash) Advanced Interface

  • Public lobby with performer video and group text chat
  • Private 2 way video chat (show)
  • Multiple simultaneous private chats (shows)
  • As you type preview
  • Client cam starts only on private, if enabled
  • PPV info and live stats in chat
  • 100% web based for PC clients
  • Layout, multiple parameters configurable from settings
  • Kick (short term) or Ban Users
  • Multiple Webcams: Performers can broadcast extra cameras and viewers can switch to different angles
  • Presentation mode support (slideshow, annotations with whiteboard, file sharing)

Desktop Sharing / Screen Broadcasting

If your users want to broadcast their screen (when playing a game, using a program, tutoring various computer skills) they can do that easily just by using a screen sharing driver that simulates a webcam from desktop contents. Read more on .


  • Plugin Homepage :
  • Application Homepage :
  • Turnkey PPV Cams Site Tutorial:
  • Requirements:
  • Recommended Webcam Script Hosting:


  • See WordPress integration on:


More information, the latest updates, other plugins and non-WordPress editions can be found at .


  • Video Messenger application: advanced multi private videochats.
  • Performer, default application view
  • Client, default application view
  • Role selection on signup: performer, client (customizable).
  • MyCRED transactions for PPV videochat (performer dashboard).
  • Webcam (provider) AJAX live listings.
  • Tip performer.


  • Quick Setup Tutorial for a Paid Videochat Site:
  • See latest version instructions on plugin homepage:
  • Before installing this make sure all hosting requirements are met:
  • If you don’t host with VideoWhisper, install the RTMP application using these instructions:
  • Install and activate the PPV Live Webcams plugin by VideoWhisper
  • From Live Webcams > Settings in WP backend and configure settings (it’s compulsory to fill a valid RTMP hosting address)
  • From Appearance > Menus add Webcams and optionally the Performer Dashboard pages to main site menu
  • From Settings > Permalinks enable a SEO friendly structure (ex. Post name)
  • Install and enable billing plugin (myCRED)


September 16, 2019
Horrible support. Responses to issues can go weeks. Plugin works occasionally. Sooo many issues. Their servers suck. They try to nickle and dime you for everything. Terrible documentation. Trust me look elsewhere.
January 14, 2019
This pay per minute videochat plugin is great as it provides a complete site solution, including integration with plugins for billing like mycred, woowallet for woocommerce that cover most payment gateways.
December 26, 2018
The plugin is well designed and very customization. Support is usually good. There's been times I waited days for a response which is very bad. Their documentation is decent could be better with descriptions for people not trained in audio/ video set up. Mobile users do not show up in the chat board so if performers have mobile only viewers they would never know.
June 13, 2018
I did not need to use support , however from what I can see this plugin works 100% . They have demo accounts to show how it works . I loaded it to my WordPress and followed the install instructions (using wowza ) and it performs flawless .I created a performer and a client and was able to take performer private and tip . The sales show in the performer stats and in the clients stats . When I need support and ready to go live with final install of course I will pay for the product . Great Plugin !!! No I do not know the author .
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Contributors & Developers

“Paid Videochat Turnkey Site – HTML5 PPV Live Webcams” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Paid messages: Pay per message/question, performer gets paid on reply.
  • Client Dashboard page/shortcode: Access balance and messages/replies.
  • Featured webcams show with a ribbon with featured level (and first in default order)
  • Direct private show requests (from webcam list)
  • Setup private calls with URL from performer dashboard
  • HTML5 Videochat:
    • Supports voyeur mode
    • Direct private call waiting lobby (wait for performer to get online and automatically request private)
    • Audio Only mode: shows only microphone controls, room picture/screenshot instead of video


  • HTML5 Videochat improvements:
    • Split view in collaboration mode (multiple streams and documents)
    • Display slots (1,2,4,6) for split view, toggle collaboration mode
    • Conference mode (split view and all users can start camera)
    • Translation support for most important texts
    • Improved chat dark mode
    • Icon/Text/Full tab menus
    • Disable private call requests


  • Instant room shortcode [videowhisper_cam_instant] to instantly access own room (automatically created)
  • Full Page App Videochat template
  • HTML5 Videochat improvements:
    • (HTML5 Videochat) Site Menu
    • enable dark mode from config
    • toggle simple/advanced interface (with user list) from settings
    • Fomantic UI (Semantic UI fork with interface improvements)
    • room options tab: switch public/private at runtime
  • WYSIWYG editor for profile fields


  • Global Site GeoBlocking: prevent users from countries or regions from accessing site contents
  • Collaboration mode with tabs in HTML5 Videochat app
  • File sharing tab with drag & drop multi file upload in HTML5 Videochat app
  • Dark mode in HTML5 Videochat app
  • Bitrate adaptation based on resolution, in HTML5 Videochat app
  • Show images and videos on main screen from Files tab in collaboration mode
  • Presentation tab for broadcaster to remove file and resume streaming
  • Users tab for collaboration mode to display in presentation
  • Bitrate stats for broadcasting and playback


  • Random Videochat (Next button) in HTML5 Videochat app
  • Filter rooms by Free/Paid status
  • WYSIWYG editor for performer dashboard message
  • HTML5 Videochat as default interface if available and performer is offline
  • Teaser loops in HTML5 Videochat if performer is offline
  • [videowhisper_cam_random] shortcode for showing a random webcam room


  • VideoWhisper HTML5 Videochat App (beta version)
  • Grid/List layout
  • Support category, description, featured rating, status code in listings
  • Sort listings by rating in category (after selecting a category)
  • Dedicated webcam profile page
  • Support for configuring inverted (dark mode) interface and other Semantic UI classes
  • Setup requirements checkpoints and review page


  • Admin bar menus and user profile menus for performer/studio
  • Automated AAC codec detection and configuration for FFMPEG
  • RTMP Session Control
  • HTML5 WebRTC basic group videochat interface (html5 broadcast for performance, playback for clients, html chat)
  • HTML Chat Balance and custom Tips with AJAX, image, sound


  • WooCommerce Wallet integration
  • Multi Wallet support: active wallet, transfer balance to active wallet


  • Semantic UI integration
  • Multi-select (toggle) profile fields
  • Integrate Rate Star Review to review webcams and list reviews
  • Sort by rating, number of ratings, rate popularity (sum of ratings)
  • Show rating stars in listings
  • Backend tool to assign performers to studios


  • Performers can configure custom paid group mode rate (controlled feature)
  • Performers can configured custom 2 way slots for group mode (controlled feature)
  • Performers can lock their room page with a password (controlled feature) required for everybody on room page and enforced for clients in app login
  • Counters for paid sessions (available in room listing templates)


  • Private show modes: Video Chat, Audio Chat, Text Only
  • Search by tags (multiple comma separated values) or name
  • Custom labels for adjusting solution for specific themes
  • Low balance client warnings with sound and custom message at 2 custom amount levels


  • Live preview of drawings in presentation mode
  • Presentation mode configurable per room from frontend if feature is enabled


  • Auto pause streaming after private videochat
  • Custom room entry link option


  • Advanced location bans: supports country, region, city, continent code
  • Performance improvements: cache webcam listings, timeout offline checks for ffmpeg processes
  • Pending balance check/preview for clients (estimates incomplete paid sessions)


  • Presentation Mode: Slide show, file sharing, slide annotations including whiteboard


  • Archiving and automated import of webcam streams for configured group modes


  • Automated import of webcam snapshots in picture galleries for group and private chat


  • 2 Way special group user mode
  • Voyeur special group user mode
  • Special layout code for 2 way modes
  • Chat filtering regex configuration


  • Video preview on listing page (preview of teaser video as configured in VideoShareVOD)
  • Custom amount tips (value input by tipper), custom tip colors
  • Fixed adaptive layout code options
  • Featured webcam listings


  • Visitor daily time limit
  • Free chat daily time limit
  • Teaser video (on webcam page) based on VideoShareVOD


  • Performer can kick and ban users from own room


  • Account administrative records for verification, payouts
  • Verify users, disabled access for unverified providers


  • Performer Checkin: Multiple performers can be checked in for sharing paid group session profits


  • Paid Group Modes: define group chat modes from backend


  • Webcam profile details: unlimited custom fields of different types can be added


  • Studio Role: Studios can manage multiple performers and webcam listings
  • Multiple webcam listings: performers can select between available webcam listings (created by them or the studio)
  • Fake performer, picture selection improvements


  • Multiple Webcams: Performers can broadcast multiple cameras and viewers can switch to different angles
  • Private Mode: Performers can toggle private chat 1 way or 2 way
  • Custom loader (animated GIF) while loading interface
  • Custom message (announcement) in performer dashboard


  • Schedule video playlists: Fake live performer (as video loop) for configured accounts


  • HTML chat for HLS / MPEG Dash client provides public for mobile users


  • MPEG Dash Support HTML5 live video streaming for Android and most HTML5 capable browsers
  • Custom earning ratio: admin can quick edit webcams to setup both earning ratio and CPM


  • Ban countries feature: Performer can ban list of countries from accessing webcam in AJAX lists or page


  • Performer pictures: Picture Gallery integration to upload/import pictures and show on performer’s page


  • Performer videos: VideoShareVOD integration to import/upload videos and show on performer’s page


  • Admin tool to monitor all connecter users, identify their IP, spy on published streams


  • HLS transcoding for performer stream (allows mobile users to watch live stream on iOS/Android)


  • Tips customisable from backend (amount, label, sound)
  • Floating logo image over video
  • Client cam starts only in private show, if enabled, for 2 way videochat


  • Live video preview with shortcodes
  • New fields to show in cam list: brief, tags, cpm
  • Set message/behaviour for client view when performer is offline
  • Listing customization settings


  • Listing filters by status and availability
  • Backend improvements, listings with snapshot, sort by last time online, quick edit Custom CPM
  • Custom features can be enabled for different performer classes and their rooms:
  • Custom show cost per minute (CPM) per room
  • Upload room picture, write description (profile, bio, schedule)
  • Access list per room
  • Access fee per room (one time fee for public access)


  • More listing and filtering options


  • Multiple improvements and fixes


  • Integrates VideoWhisper Video Messenger