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Next Major Release Announcements

  • PowerPress 7.0 delayed due to Google Play Music update. We are now scheduling PowerPress 7.0 release by Christmas.
  • We are looking for beta testers! If you would like to beta test future versions of PowerPress, please contact us with your name and email.

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  • Released on 11/22/2015
  • Removed logic added in last updated to call the do_shortcode function. We originally added this code to solve a theme conflict, it appears to have cause problems for others so we're reverting back. If your theme overrides the audio player shortcode (player will only appear correctly when calling do_shortcode('[audio]')), then you must include the following define in your wp-config.php: POWERPRESS_DO_SHORTCODE.
  • Added new itunes_subtitle="true" attribute for powerpress_subscribe shortcode, will put your itunes subtitle below your podcast title in the subscribe widget. (Thanks Robert for the feature suggestion!)
  • Added new subtitle="your custom subtitle" attribute for powerpress_subscribe shortcode, you can now customize a subtitle that goes below your title. (Again thanks Robert!)
  • Added logic to use cURL library when native HTTP library in WordPress fails. (Thanks Zuke for helping us debug the problem!)
  • Added new logic to check for the_content/the_excerpt used in the http head. Should fix issue for folks using Yoast's SEO plugin with Facebook social enabled.
  • Added code for the Clammr audio player to work in the "play in new window".
  • Added new "Having Issues?" option, "wp_head check", will not add player and links if within the wp_head function call.
  • Updated links for submitting to iTunes and Google Play Music Podcast Portal.


  • Released on 11/16/2015
  • Clammr Audio Player option added to PowerPress.
  • Added logic to call the do_shortcode function when themes override the audio shortcode.
  • Fixed bug in the media redirect url function when switching between sites for a MultiSite. (Thanks Avi for the patch!)
  • HTML output will only append a "\n" when in debug mode. This will prevent situation where some plugins convert new lines into <br> tags. (Thanks Avi for bringing to our attention)
  • Added new define option POWERPRESS_DO_SHORTCODE, when set in your wp-config.php the do_shortcode is used rather than calling the wp_audio_shortcode function.
  • Moved the wp_enqueue_style for subscribe widget within the shortcode. Shortcode can now be used outside of the_content. (Thanks Robert for letting us know about the bug!)


  • Released on 10/30/2015
  • Added Google Play Music podcast directory support.
  • Added Donate Link option under Feed settings tab.
  • Removed the enqueuing of mediaelement.js scripts and styles for the player and links in theme pages. PowerPress's player.min.js will only be included on pages with the player or player links. (Thanks wadehammes for bringing to our attention).
  • Updated iTunes subtitle and summary values to treat utf8mb4 data as utf8.
  • Added better logic for checking for UTF8 values for iTunes attributes.
  • Added the text domain setting in the powerpress.php file for translate.wordpress.org use.
  • Enhanced iTunes summary bug where some iTunes summaries were getting cut to 255 characters fixed.
  • Code updated to support PHP7.


  • Released on 9/8/2015
  • Changed the Play in New Window logic to support WordPress MultiSite switch_to_blog() function calls (Thanks Avi for the patch!)
  • Removed the pp_flashembed JavaScript function from the player.js include (we are no longer using flash for fallback).
  • Minified version of player.min.js updated.
  • Fixed possible XSS vulnerability with the settings tab control.
  • Added new POWERPRESS_CURL define option for wp-config.php. When set, PowerPress will use it's own cURL logic rather than use the wp_remote_get()/wp_remote_post() functions.


  • Released on 8/27/2015
  • Added new Subscribe by Email option to Subscribe Links feature. By default this new feature is not enabled. Go to "PowerPress Settings" > "Media Appearance" to enable Subscribe by Email.
  • Enhanced iTunes Summary feature now maintains links.
  • Added check for null values returned from get_role function.
  • HTTPS URL warnings have been removed. The past year usage of podcast applications that do not support https is now negligible.
  • Added support for https:// media URLs for Blubrry and RawVoice statistics services.
  • Verify media URL option now verifies SSL certificates and hostnames for https URLs.
  • Added Podcast subscribe link support to post type podcasting.
  • Links to Feed Validator have been temporarily removed, service does not correctly validate secure podcast feeds. We are working on an alternative.
  • Moved defines for customizing links within the plugins_loaded action after translations are loaded.
  • Fixed bug with linking blubrry account displayed HTML syntax for sign-in errors.
  • Added logic to the Subscribe to Podcast sidebar widget to only display category, feed slug and post type settings when appropriate.
  • Added new define option POWERPRESS_NO_THE_EXCERPT, allows you to remove PowerPress's the_excerpt filter for special situations that warrant it. (Thanks Avi for the code)
  • Changed logic for the powerpress_get_the_excerpt_rss function. (Thanks Avi for the code)
  • Added 'mov' file extensions to the list of migrate-able media files.
  • Updated migrate media logic to allow for resetting of migration.
  • Improved error reporting for blubrry.com API calls.
  • Tweaked how Blubrry account linking is presented in plugin to make it easier.


  • Released on 5/7/2015
  • Added define option POWERPRESS_DEFAULT_MEDIA_URL to enable the default media URL field.
  • Fixed notice messages being printed when populating category podcasting settings (thanks slapdashcast for bringing to our attention)
  • iTunes image requirements updated, 3000x3000 is now the maximum (previously 2048x2048) for iTunes artwork. 1400x1400 is still the recommended size.
  • Added Subscribe on Android, the one-click subscribe protocol for Android. There are currently 6 Android apps that support Subscribe on Android one-click with more to follow in the coming weeks.
  • PowerPress Playlist Player SQLi injection vulnerability fixed (Thanks Ben Bidner, Security Wrangler @ Automattic.com!)
  • Subscribe tools now use the esc_attr, esc_url and esc_html native WordPress functions (rather than htmlspecialchars).


  • Released on 3/21/2015
  • Fixed bug where specific global podcast settings are not applied when podcast channel settings iTunes new feed URL or feed maximizer option were configured then deleted afterward. This only effected settings if you deleted the default podcast feed.
  • Added wp-config define option POWERPRESS_DISABLE_ITUNES_UTF8, when set to true PowerPress will not convert iTunes values to UTF-8. This is for the very small number of folks who are not using UTF-8 in their website.
  • The subscribe shortcode embed attributes are now strictly enforced. If you enter a category or a podcast channel and it does not exist, the shortcode will be empty and will no longer fall-back to the main podcast settings.
  • The subscribe shortcode embed specifying a category not displaying category fixed (thanks elembemedia for bringing to our attention)
  • Subscribe links below player for category podcasts now works but only if you select 1 category. 2 or more categories complicates things.
  • Added logic to fix situation with JetPack and automatic excerpts. Manual excerpts or regular content pages are not affected. (Thanks grahamharper for the details!)
  • Added new "Having Issues?" option "Yes, excluding excerpts", will apply player and links fix logic except when the_excerpt filter is called first.
  • AudioObject and VideoObject descriptions are now set using the blog post if no itunes subtitle is set.
  • Fixed Episode Titles bug, if you did not set a custom episode title the program title was not appended.
  • Fixed "Feature Episode" bug, unchecking the option will now properly save.
  • Fixed playlist player date attribute not applying when set to false (thanks trb310 for pointing out the issue!)
  • Danish translation updated, thanks Team Blogos!
  • Added new subscribe embed attribute "heading", you can now customize the "Subscribe to" label, e.g. add "the" to the Subscribe to label [powerpress_subscribe heading="Subscribe to the"
  • Added new define POWERPRESS_DEBUG for PowerPress debugging.
  • Coming in PowerPress 6.1 we will allow podcasters who use category podcasting to set one of their category podcasts as the "Default". This podcast category will replace the default podcast feed. This will solve a number of complications Category podcasting has in regards to slug name collisions as well as in-page features like the subscribe links.
  • Coming in PowerPress 6.1 Podcasting SEO field options will be customizable.


  • Released on 1/25/2015
  • Duration detection option now works for sites running PHP 5.2 (If you can, please upgrade your PHP, but we understand that some situations warrant running outdated software)
  • Tweaked CSS for subscribe sidebar widget font color to always be white.
  • Changed the new 6.0 logic that prevents players from being added until after the wp_head is called, we now ignore when having theme issues option is selected to fix custom theme logic that may happen before wp_head.
  • Added additional "Having Theme Issues" option, alternative logic to try to fix the situation where the player and/or links does not appear with some themes and plugins.
  • Even though PowerPress 6.0 requires WordPress 3.6+, code has been added to prevent error messages in the event plugin updated on older version of WordPress.
  • Fixed bug where malicious code could be injected into the edit existing category podcasting page. Thanks Netsparker for reporting the issue.
  • Fixed bug with Podcasting SEO settings where Episode Titles could not be disabled.
  • Fixed bug where Godaddy customers using PHP 5.4 were getting a blank screen for the PowerPress Settings page due to a bug in the stristr() function. Godaddy is aware of the problem and working on a fix. In the mean time we've replaced calls to stristr() with preg_match().
  • Podcast Republic now uses the podcast feed URL for subscriptions (rather than the iTunes URL).


  • Released on 12/19/2014
  • You must have WordPress 3.6 or newer and PHP 5.2 or newer for PowerPress 6.0.
  • NEW FEATURE: Playlist player, utilizes WordPress built-in playlist specifically for podcasting. Learn more
  • NEW FEATURE: Subscribe links, adds subscribe on iTunes and via RSS links below the player and links.
  • NEW FEATURE: Subscribe page template and [powerpress_subscribe] page shortcode added. Create a "Subscribe to podcast" page for your podcast.
  • NEW FEATURE: Subscribe to podcast widget, adds subscribe on iTunes and via RSS links to side bar, with optional link to subscribe to podcast page.
  • NEW FEATURE: Podcasting SEO settings. Includes options to customize podcast feed titles, AudioObjects, VideoObjects, and highlight key iTunes fields.
  • NEW FEATURE: Migrate to Blubrry Podcast Hosting in 3 easy steps added.
  • iTunes image requirements updated, 1400x1400 minimum size is now "required" and 2048x2048 is now the maximum size for iTunes artwork.
  • iTunes category and subcategory selection updated for latest iTunes category selection rules.
  • Enhnaced iTunes Summary is back! The feature actually never left, but for the past few years links were not formatted in the iOS app. Now that they are, we now recommend the feature.
  • Fixed bug where Feed Maximizer option only worked when Podcast Channels was enabled (Thanks Daniel Lewis for bringing to our attention!)
  • Fixed bug where player and links would not appear if Yoast's WordPress SEO plugin option "Add Open Graph meta data" was enabled.
  • iTunes keywords feature has been removed, feature was deprecated last year by Apple. The iTunes keywords field will appear for previous episodes that used the feature.
  • Added support for Opus audio with content type audio/ogg. (Thanks thebugcast for the heads up!)
  • Files with 'ogg' file extension are now treated as audio/ogg, unless the following define is added to your wp-config.php: define('POWERPRESS_OGG_VIDEO', true); (Thanks thebugcast for pointing out the default!)
  • Updated the Find and Replace episode URLs tool to use native WordPress MySQL query functions.
  • Changed the logic for HEAD requests for HTTP authentication. Default WordPress behavior is to exit all HEAD requests. (Thanks thebugcast!)
  • Changed all content types to either use the site default or use UTF8 (applies to play in new window and 401 Unauthorized HTML pages).
  • Added new powerpress_premium_content_authorized filter for premium plugins to override the default behavior which uses roles and capabilities.
  • Updated the getid3 library to latest version, PowerPress now includes ogg duration detection support for "Speex" or "vorbis".
  • We are no longer detecting if the sample rate is optimal, we're no longer worried about Flash playback.
  • Removed Flow Player, Simple Flash, AudioPlay and Flash Mp3 Maxi players. These flash players are no longer supported.
  • New MediaElement.js Audio player max width setting added. Player will now display full width otherwise. Player is now responsive, the width will shrink or stretch for the screen.
  • Improved MediaElement.js Video player width and height settings. Player will now display full width, or as styled by the theme's CSS if width and height are blank. Player is now responsive, the width will shrink or stretch for the screen, the height can be set with a blank width to allow for the player to fit different screens.
  • We are now warning users not to use Flash based players in the player selection screens.
  • Added option to set stats redirect at the channel/post type level. Requires a define CHANNEL_STATS_REDIRECT and/or POST_TYPE_STATS_REDIRECT in the wp-config.php file.
  • FeedBurner feed URL when set will be used in the new subscribe page and subscribe sidebar widget (Thanks Daniel Lewis for bringing to our attention)
  • Playlist Player no longer includes the play time when it is zero. (Thanks Daniel Lewis for bringing to our attention)
  • Program Titles with double quotes in the general settings was not escaped correctly, it is now fixed. (Thanks Robin for bringing to our attention)
  • Edit value fields now use the esc_attr() wordpress function rather than the htmlspecialchars() native PHP function.
  • Added powerpress_admin_capabilities filter for premium capabilities. (Thanks Blair Williams for the suggestion)
  • Made subscribe sidebar and subscribe embed button icons Retina screen compatible
  • Re-added the blubrry folder icon for blubrry podcast hosting customers.
  • Tweaked wording and updated documentation for SEO settings (Thanks Daniel Lewis for the feedback!)
  • Tweaked updated documentation for the PowerPress Playlist (Thanks Daniel Lewis for asking questions, it helped us better document the features)
  • Fixed subscribe links always displaying (thanks Thiago Miro for pointing out the bug)
  • Fixed upload itunes image and poster image episode functions to use selected image size when "Link URL" is blank (Thanks Daniel Lewis for bringing to our attention)
  • Added a learn more link to the SEO page.
  • Added code for the new Subscribe embed so the subscribe embed CSS is only loaded when the shortcode is used in a page.
  • Added the wp-video and wp-video-shortcode classes to the MEJS video player so latest CSS styling in WordPress is again applied 100% of the time to the MEJS player packaged in PowerPress.
  • Playlist player will now use the iTunes episode image if one is set for each episode. Program level image is used if no image is set.
  • Playlist player taxonomy podcasting now accepts the term_taxonomy_id, making it more efficient.
  • Moved the Shortcodes into their own section in Media Appearance settings, they are now included in Podcast Channels, Category Podcasting, Post Type podcasting and Taxonomy podcasting with the appropriate attributes set for convenience.
  • Brazilian Portuguese translation for v6.0+ by Leo Lopes from Radiofobia.


  • Released on 12/16/2014
  • Update your copy of PowerPress to version 5.0.9 immediately
  • Due to concerns of possible security exploits, the FlowPlayer flash based player has been removed from PowerPress as of version 5.0.10. PowerPress users are strongly encouraged to update their copy of PowerPress immediately.
  • FlowPlayer will be replaced with the default WordPress MediaElement.js player.


  • Released on 7/28/2014
  • Fixed wo logic errors in the powerpress-player.php (Thanks Tom from the Hawaii Vacation Connection podcast for bringing to our attention)
  • Added support for the PowerPress in your Language add-on plugin.
  • Removed support for the PowerPress in your Language, plugin was rejected by WordPress.org. We are doing our best to come up with another solution.
  • Screenshot files have been moved to the assets folder, they will no longer be packaged with the plugin's zip file.
  • Fixed PHP warning in powerpressadmin.php on line 2405 (Thanks Robin for letting us know)
  • Added notice for FeedBurner setting "We recommend that you disabled SmartCast when using PowerPress with FeedBurner", otherwise FeedBuner will duplicate iTunes descriptions for episodes. (Thanks Daniel Lewis for suggestion)
  • Added No-Fault Hosting support for all Blubrry Podcast Hosting customers. In addition, starting August 1st 2014, publishing quotas will be reset on the 1st of each month.
  • PowerPress 6.0 beta will be available for testing the end of this week. If you are interested in beta testing, please contact us.


  • Released on 6/11/2014
  • Added better error reporting logic for services and statistics.
  • Added option to get podcast meta data optionally from a value (rather than from database)
  • Added logic to override the html content-type when a HTTP HEAD request is made for a feed URL
  • Fixed notice message on line 220 of powerpress.php (thanks brandonferens for letting us know about the notice message)


  • Released on 4/3/3014
  • Fixed bug found with some versions of php with a parse error on line 1345 (Thanks joebotha for reporting)


  • Released on 4/3/3014
  • Added logic to deal with the WP Super Cache plugin adding HTML comments at the bottom of feeds. Setting to allow HTML comments with a note have been added to the Feed settings page.
  • Added logic to deal with the W3 Total Cache plugin adding HTML comments at the bottom of feeds. Uses same setting as above.
  • Added logic for Verify feature to ignore PHP Warning messages caused by other plugins.
  • Added minified versions of the player and mejs javascript files. (Thanks idleberg for the suggestion)
  • Added the riff module to getid3 library (thanks Kathy for reporting the riff error)
  • Fixed bug with Blubrry media hosting screen, selecting already published media not returning to the post edit screen (Thanks Paul for making us aware of the bug)
  • Fixed notice message found in powerpressadmin-defaults.php (thanks sbmorrissey for bringing to our attention)
  • Added support for future MultiSite features.
  • Tested compatibility with WordPress 3.9.


  • Released on 3/2/2014
  • Added logic for Blubrry Services to use alternative API servers to address random issues with session errors.


  • Released on 1/30/2014
  • Fixed bug with MEjs player not working for m4a files (Thanks JT for the code patch!)
  • Added logic to PowerPress edit iTunes Subscription URL settings, precaution to make sure the field is saved correctly.
  • Made a few CSS changes for WordPress 3.8+
  • Noted in the HTML5 audio player option that Firefox 26.0+ now supports mp3 playback. We are aware that Firefox 21.0 supported mp3 playback but it was limited to particular Windows versions.
  • Fixed bug where player and links may not appear for custom post type podcasting episodes. (Thanks Seth and Segovia for discovering and helping me debug the problem!)
  • Fixed bug where Blubrry hosting customers may not have been able to publish media for custom post type podcasting.
  • Renamed post type podcasting setting field in database to avoid possible field setting conflicts.
  • Added logic to allow for the premium podcast feeds feature to work with custom post type podcasting.
  • Added the HTML5 download attribute, when then download link is clicked the file will be downloaded, rather than streamed to default media player. Only Chrome, Firefox and Opera web browsers currently support this HTML5 attribute.


  • Released on 12/3/2013
  • Fixed bug with feed title not properly XML encoding ampersand. (Thanks Robin for bringing to our attention!)
  • Updated supported version number to WordPress 3.7.1


  • Released on 09/23/2013
  • Fixed another bug with Feed Episode Maximizer RSS having the invalid characters when used with WordPRess 3.6. Added function powerpress_get_the_excerpt_rss() to permanently fix issue.
  • Removed PHP_EOL from powerpress-player.php where the player links are added to the post content. This should solve the issue where some themes or plugins replace new line characters with actual <br/> tags. (Thanks Nathan for the fix!)
  • Option to remove statistics from Dashboard has been re-added. 5.0/5.0.1 removed the option which was automatically disabling statistics in dashboard. Our mistake!
  • Fixed bug with embed link no longer appearing when using FlowPlayerClassic audio player. (thanks cimmerian for bringing to our attention!)
  • Fixed bug with Taxonomy podcasting program level attributes (description, itunes subtitle) not getting applied to taxonomy feed correctly (Thanks Matt for bringing to our attention!)
  • Fixed bug with file size and duratoin checkbox setting in General Settings not saving correctly (Thanks Bridge Maker for letting us know about the bug!)
  • Added image uploader option to both the episode entry box poster image and new itunes image fields. This version will not cause issues with the media upload button if a user cancels the image upload.


  • Released on 08/30/2013
  • Removed debug alert box from PowerPress mejs file, only occurred in IE and Safari browsers
  • Fixed issue with blubrry Hosting users not being able to upload media with some versions of PHP.
  • Fixed podcast title in defaults mode not getting applied to podcast feed.
  • Moved extensive changelog history to PowerPress Version History page.


  • Released on 08/27/2013
  • Advanced Mode added (Was an old feature in PowerPress 1.0 that was removed since 2.0, now it's back!)
  • Default Mode with 3 Simple Steps added!
  • Taxonomy Podcasting added (feature sponsored by AfterBuzzTV.com)
  • Post Type Podcasting added
  • MediaElement.js HTML5/CSS Audio and Video player added. You must have WordPress 3.6+ to use this player.
  • Embed player will now use the MediaElement.js player when selected
  • We now allow images that are 300x300 as the itunes image, but a warning is printed at the top of the page.
  • Fixed bug where settings saved message did not always appear at the top of the pages.
  • Added define POWERPRESS_NO_PODCAST_FEED, if set to true in wp-config, PowerPress will not add the default podcast feed with slug name 'podcast'. For users who exclusively want a page or category called 'podcast'. NOTE: There will be no podcast only feed provided by default when this define is set, use at your own risk.
  • iTunes and RSS image settings moved to "Artwork" tab.
  • New iTunes Episode image option added to both the Artwork tab as well as the Episode Entry Box (Thanks Robin Brinkler and Daniel Lewis for suggesting the features)
  • jQuery based watermark replaced with HTML5 placeholder values, the jquery.watermark.js is no longer packaged with PowerPress.
  • Fixed bug with Feed Episode Maximizer RSS having the invalid characters when used with WordPRess 3.6.
  • Feed Episode Maximizer is no longer experimental, we've successfully used the feature on a number of podcasts without issue for over a year now.
  • Player width for audio and video can now use a percentage, ideal for resposive sites.
  • player.js script is now always enqueued with other WordPress scripts. If you have player issues, please update your theme!
  • Added link to settings from the plugins management screen, should help folks who are new to PowerPress find settings quickly.


  • Releaesd on 6/20/2013
  • PowerPress 5.0 is coming! If you would like to beta test, please contact Angelo at cio [at] rawovice dot com. Beta testing starts when WordPress 3.6 is released, PowerPress 5.0 will utilize some new features in WordPress 3.6.
  • The PowerPress Version Updates Survey results will be posted in the coming weeks. Based on user feedback, we will release minor updates within 7 days if necessary, major releases between 1-3 months apart, and new features will be included in the plugin but disabled by default.
  • Fixed logic for displaying statistics in dashboard to time out after 1 second (was previously 15 seconds) so if there's a network issue between the server and blubrry.com the dashboard still loads promptly. (Thanks Michael Hansen for bringing to our attention!)
  • Added new filter powerpress_feed_auth for other plugins to filter feed authentication. (Thanks amereservant for the feature suggestion!)
  • Added new define POWERPRESS_AUTO_DETECT_ONCE, edits to existing episodes will use the specify option if this define is set to true. (Thanks amereservant for the feature suggestion!)
  • Fixed bug with ID3 tagging not correctly incrementing the track number for episodes. This only affected Blubrry hosting customers who had this option turned on. (Thanks RWPeck for bringing to our attention!)
  • Mobile devices now use the same HTML5 player as the regular desktop HTML5 player found in PowerPress. This is due to reports that some mobile devices are now pre-loading media on pages, this will cut down on such bandwidth. (Thanks Daniel for bringing to our attention)
  • Added new define POWERPRESS_POST_TYPES, when set, only the post types specified are given podcasting episode entry boxes. Multiple post types are separated by commas. Example with added movies custom post type added: 'page,post,movies'. This will bypass the default behavior of adding episode boxes to all post types with post or page capability.
  • Fixed bug with unchecking iTunes Closed Captioned option not saving. (Thanks davidcross for reporting bug)

Additional PowerPress Version History

Please visit the PowerPress Version History page for history prior to version 4.0.9.

Requires: 3.6 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.4
Last Updated: 4 days ago
Active Installs: 50,000+


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