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Portfolio Gallery is a great plugin for adding specialized portfolio galleriey, video portfolio gallery of just a gallery with single images.

Portfolio - Gallery Portfolio

Portfolio Gallery is perfect for using for creating various within various views. Product allows adding images, videos from youtube and vimeo, descriptions and titles for each.

Portfolio Gallery is rather useful whether using with various pages and posts, as well as within custom location.

Plugin provides you Free version to test all 7 gallery views, slider gallery options and other basic functionalities.

And Pro versions, which opens more and more abilities of customization for your gallery, each gallery view has it’s own options, it depends which gallery type you decides to use.

Besides that pro version allows to customize your Lightbox. Lightbox tool come with some of the gallery views, not all, but most gallery views have this wonderful ability to zoom the image.

Plugin has unrepeatable, 7 different and very fancy views. These views will give you a chance to make your site look modern, creative, well designed and this will definitely raise a big interest in your portfolio gallery by millions of your visitors. Make your portfolio gallery fit your needs up to the most minor detail.

Don’t want to use only images? Go ahead and upload videos, from YouTube and Vimeo - most popular video sources, create new portfolio gallery with videos, or create portfolio gallery with videos and photos.

Our fantastic plugin has also the ability to create nicely designed FAQ system. So what we have?

  • Video, demonstrated with 7 different views
  • Image, demonstrated with 7 views
  • Image + Video , demonstrated with 7 views
  • Separate view, one of 7 views - FAQ, for questions/answers and not only

You can use on different pages so if you need to create single portfolio gallery, with description, video , video player, faq, slider and content slider, it’s enough to install only portfolio gallery plugin.

With nicely designed user friendly admin panel it will take you 2 minutes to create your portfolio gallery on your website. And these all things are available in Free version. It’s not over

Using our plugin, you use 4 plugins in one. How? In addition to 4 types that was said above, you should notice that among those 7 views you can find Slider view, so you get Slider Plugin.


Plus to the most of these view we give free lightbox tool.

So totally you get Slider, Video gallery, Image Gallery, Lightbox plugins in ONE Portfolio Gallery plugin. Over 594,125 our users who tried Portfolio Gallery, can prove it's great functionality and utility.

Plugin has prepared one more present. Saying “Portfolio Gallery” you may imagine only photos, but now you see how many things you get with it.

Taking care of you, we have also created a feature to organize your projects within portfolio gallery, Sorting & Category. To help you quickly find the right projects in your completely clogged portfolio gallery and redistribute by groups.

Categories are made for the redistribution of the projects in portfolio gallery into separate groups / categories on related topics. This feature is for pro version users only

Sorting is available even in free version. It in portfolio gallery is made to quickly view certain files within category by: date, name, ascending, descending, and so on.

You can change the names and styles of Category & Sorting buttons or make them visible/invisible from the portfolio gallery view options which you can find in General Options section.

To make those buttons work or just be seen on your front end, simply turn them on from the right side of admin page.

What about responsiveness. Portfolio Gallery is fully responsive plugin, which adapts to your screen size and make it convenient to use, Besides portfolio gallery, Lightbox tool is also responsive, as well as Popup, in Content Popup view. Plugin is easy to insert into any part of your template and use portfolio gallery as widget.

Portfolio Gallery uses 7 view options and can be customized using the General Options(pro options).

Almost all kind of texts are customizable in terms of text and color. So don’t hesitate about Huge-IT Portfolio Gallery plugin. For any questions related to portfolio gallery plugin, feel free to contact our responsive support team.

The features

WordPress Portfolio / Gallery ready


  • 1) Blocks Toggle Up/Down
  • 2) Full-Height Blocks
  • 3) Gallery / Content-Popup
  • 4) Full-Width Blocks
  • 5) FAQ Toggle Up/Down
  • 6) Content Slider
  • 7) Lightbox Gallery

  • Sorting & Category for every view.

  • Unlimited amount of images or videos to be added.
  • Possibility of adding various portfolios.
  • Possibility of adding various images or videos.
  • Image, title and description.
  • Possibility to add URL to tailor specific pages.
  • Possibility to use different Portfolios / Galleries for different pages.
  • Autogenerated shortcode for the easier process of adding the Portfolio / Gallery to the posts/pages/templates.
  • Possibility to add Portfolio / Gallery in widgets right from widgets admin panel.
  • Drag and Drop functionality. Drag and drop images/projects to rearrange their sequence.
  • Full Documentation.
  • Sample Portfolios / Galleries Included.

7 Views Options:

  • Blocks Toggle Up/Down

Quite an interesting view. All images/videos with its title and “down-arrow” are at the bottom. When you click on the arrow, smoothly opens the text to the image/video, as well as other images/videos which you add as additional to your portfolio gallery.

The all images/videos of portfolio gallery project become large and open with popup. There is a button labeled «view more» at the bottom of the text, which will move to more information.

Arrow-down has already become a cross which close the text back. If the pictures are under each other, the opened text moves other images/video thumbnail of the portfolio gallery project toward. Simple and compact.

  • Full-Height Blocks

Full-Height Blocks is a type of view demonstrating a tape of images/videos, which allows to see the text and other images/videos under the main image/video with its title.

All additional images/videos become large when clicking on them, and open with popup. It has “View more” button at the bottom of the text for each portfolio gallery project.

  • Gallery / Content-Popup

Gallery / Content-Popup is a type of view, which has the following characteristics: It opens each project from your tape increasing them as popup, with the text and other images/videos inside, next to the main image/video.

Inside popup you can find the thumbnail/additional images, which you have added to each project of the gallery.

There is also a button “View more” inside, which allows opening more information about the portfolio gallery project content.

Using right left arrows inside the popup you can slide within all gallery projects. The “cross” button in the upper right corner closes the popup going back to the gallery items.

  • Full-Width Blocks

Full-Width Blocks is a type of view, which looks like portfolio gallery project which demonstrates images or videos on the left side, and title + description text on the right side.

It allows to see your main image with its additional images under it and the text disposed next to the image.

The title is above the text and “View more” button is at the bottom of the text. All images can be opened and enlarged with lightbox tool.

  • FAQ Toggle Up/Down

FAQ Toggle Up/Down - FAQ Toggle view is very simple.

You can see only the titles of the portfolio gallery project and down-arrow button.

Clicking on down-arrow button smoothly opens the text downwards and “view more” button under it.

So there are no images/videos only the text. Pressing on the cross you can close the text and go back to titles.

  • Content Slider

Content Slider is a type of view, which gives you an ability to see photos/videos with slider, the text is next to the image/video with the title above.

Every slide is represented as one project of the portfolio gallery.

Just simply press the arrows on the upper right corner and slide the content of portfolio gallery projects.

  • Lightbox Gallery

Lightbox Gallery is a type of gallery view involves only preview of images without description text. The title comes up from the bottom of the image as you hover the mouse on it.

Images and Videos become larger with the lightbox and you can slide to watch them. Pay attention, this portfolio gallery demonstrates only main image/videos of the whole project.

Upgrade to WordPress Portfolio Gallery Pro to Customizable Styles and Colors.


Blocks Toggle Up/Down Portfolio Gallery Demo

Full-Height Blocks Portfolio Gallery Demo

Gallery / Content-Popup Portfolio Gallery Demo

Full-Width Blocks Portfolio Gallery Demo

FAQ Toggle Up/Down Portfolio Gallery Demo

Content Slider Portfolio Gallery Demo

Lightbox Gallery Portfolio Gallery Demo

FAQ & User Manual


User Manual

Upgrade to WordPress Portfolio / Gallery Pro to Customizable Styles and Colors.

If you think, that you found a bug in our WordPress Portfolio Gallery plugin or have any question contact us at info@huge-it.com

Requires: 3.0.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.6.1
Last Updated: 1 week ago
Active Installs: 50,000+


4.6 out of 5 stars


18 of 18 support threads in the last two months have been marked resolved.

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