This plugin has been closed and is no longer available for download.

Portable phpMyAdmin


Note 1: Portable phpMyAdmin has removed all insecure functionality. You should update your plugin as soon as possible to avoid any security risks!

Check out our Portable phpMyAdmin TODO list for the upcoming release.

Portable phpMyAdmin allows a user to access the phpMyAdmin section straight from the Dashboard.

Note 3: This plugin should only be used for development purposes or by experienced users. If more users have access to the administration section, you should consider using the plugin only when necessary.


Upload the Portable phpMyAdmin plugin to your blog, activate it, then go to Settings -> Portable phpMyAdmin to use it.


Installation Instructions

Upload the Portable phpMyAdmin plugin to your blog, activate it, then go to Settings -> Portable phpMyAdmin to use it.

Contributors & Developers

“Portable phpMyAdmin” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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  • UPDATE: Rerelease
  • UPDATE: Updated WordPress and PHP compatibility
  • SECURITY: Removed all phpMyAdmin functionality
  • FEATURE: Added MySQL table editing


  • Removed zend.ze1_compatibility_mode directive check
  • Removed magic_quotes_runtime directive check
  • Removed output header from index.php
  • Removed error reporting


  • SECURITY: Added unique hash option (no access from outside anymore)
  • SECURITY: Added administrator check (no subscriber access)
  • SECURITY: Added blank index.php file to every folder inside phpMyAdmin

  • SECURITY: Added referrer check for direct IFRAME access
  • SECURITY: Added Javascript check for direct IFRAME access
  • SECURITY: Added md5 encryption for caller parameter

  • GENERAL: Added general warning for plugin usage
  • GENERAL: Moved database details below the main phpMyAdmin frame for better visibility on smaller screens


  • FIX: Fixed security vulnerability
  • FIX: Fixed direct browsing to plugin subdirectories
  • FIX: Fixed vulnerability described by James Dunn on


  • FIX: Fixed security vulnerability.


  • FIX: Incremental alpha patch

  • FIX: Fixes, fixes, fixes (too many to list here)

  • FIX: Fixed connection error

  • UPDATE: Updated phpMyAdmin to version (2011-02-11)
  • UPDATE: Resolved ereg() deprecation
  • UPDATE: Resolved eregi() deprecation
  • UPDATE: Resolved ereg_replace() deprecation
  • PERFORMANCE: Even more steps into the new UI framework
  • GENERAL: Added donation form

  • GENERAL: Removed useless MySQL info, also conflicting with other plugins
  • GENERAL: Small tweaks
  • IMPROVEMENT: Added a small help section

  • GENERAL: Changed author URL address

  • GENERAL: Changed author URL address


  • SECURITY: Removed some setup/upgrade files for phpMyAdmin, as they were no longer needed and posed a security threat (thanks Joost de Valk)


  • SECURITY: Removed database info and credentials from the plugin screen (a WordPress administrator is not necessarily a database administrator)
  • PERFORMANCE: Improved rendering speed of phpMyAdmin navigation frame
  • PERFORMANCE: More steps into the new UI framework


  • PERFORMANCE: Removed IE6 support
  • PERFORMANCE: More steps into the new UI framework
  • FIX: Fixed a conflict with Server Info plugin
  • FIX: Fixed 2 uninitialized variables


  • FIX: Fixed phpMyAdmin path for non-traditional WordPress installations or custom directories
  • FIX: Fixed database host for non-localhost MySQL installations
  • FIX: Fixed the dreaded “Headers already sent” error
  • FIX: Removed some unused code


  • PERFORMANCE: Removed old version of phpMyAdmin
  • PERFORMANCE: Removed old, unused functions from the wrapper function


  • FEATURE: Added menu icon
  • FIX: Implemented several phpMyAdmin fixes
  • FIX: Fixed lots of bugs
  • FIX: Fixed phpMyAdmin to work on certain configuration
  • FIX: Fixed a deprecated ereg_replace in phpMyAdmin


  • IMPROVEMENT: Removed phpinfo()


  • FIX: Removed several server lines to circumvent the “No input file specified” bug in IIS servers
  • FIX: Removed a redundant line to fix any output bufferring errors


  • IMPROVEMENT: General code cleanup
  • FIX: Fix phpMyAdmin login issue


  • FEATURE: Moved the menu from Tools section to its own top-level menu
  • FEATURE: Various UI improvements and tweaks
  • INFORMATION: Added general server information
  • INFORMATION: Added PHP information
  • INFORMATION: Added MySQL information


  • SECURITY: Removed the setup folder as it posed a high security risk
  • SECURITY: Implemented several ‘security through obscurity’ actions
  • SECURITY: Changed phpMyAdmin authentication mode for increased security
  • PERFORMANCE: Increased performance by removing compatibility checks
  • PERFORMANCE: Doubled blobstreaming limits


  • Updated deprecated code for WordPress 3.x
  • Updated version and author
  • Updated WordPress compatibility
  • Modified phpMyAdmin theme for space reusability
  • Removed ‘darkblue_orange’ theme


  • Added database size variable


  • Repack (SVN error)


  • Updated phpMyAdmin to 3.2.4
  • Added all languages distributed with phpMyAdmin 3.2.4


  • Updated for WordPress 2.9


  • Fixed several phpMyAdmin cookie configuration bugs
  • Fixed a couple of typos
  • User interface additions
  • Extracted database information from wp-config.php


  • phpMyAdmin now opens in iframe (as initially intended)


  • Added plugin URL to repository


  • Fixed wrong URL being passed to plugin


  • First release
  • Based on phpMyAdmin 3.2.3 English