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Popup Express

Easily create a popup for your WordPress site.

Easily create a popup lightbox with an email form for your WordPress site. Your popup form will appear in front of your content to make an offer to your visitors to signup for your email list. Popup forms are one of the best way to get more subscribers. The background is grayed out while the popup is displayed. Your visitor can then choose to signup through the popup form or close the popup.

The popup content can be easily edited by making changes on a form. There is a an editable field for each piece of content on the popup. You don't have to do any coding to make the popup look good.

The popup time can be controlled from your wordpress admin panel. You can also turn the popup off anytime you like by unchecking the box that says "enable popup".

Upgrade to Popup Express Pro

What you get when you use the Popup Express plugin

  • Popup Lightbox to collect emails
  • Customize the popup headline to grab the attention of your audience
  • Use a sub-headline in your popup to clarify and keep them reading
  • Add bullets to feature your benefits on your popup to convince them to sign up
  • Page content is masked behind popup to spotlight your offer

A popup lightbox can be a great way to grow your email list. Try it today.

The popup lightbox is not like the harsh new window popup or alert. The popup lightbox is elegant. It projects an image of quality to your visitors.

There is an ongoing debate about whether you should use popup lightboxes on your website to collect emails. Some contend that the popup ruins the user experience and refuse to stay on sites that use a popup lightbox. But the data shows that popup lightboxes are very effective in building an email list. Many sites report a 10% to 30% gain in signups by using a popup lightbox.

Don't let others, that probably have never run a real web business, tell you whether you should put a popup lightbox on your site. Instead, try the Popup Express plugin for yourself and see if it helps your business.

What you get when you upgrade to Popup Express Pro

  • All of the features in the the basic Popup Express version
  • Exit intent popup to pop the lightbox at the optimal time
  • Use Aweber, Mailchimp, or any custom Url on your popup lightbox to submit the subscriber to your list
  • Show the popup lightbox on your post
  • Show the popup lightbox on your pages
  • Show the popup lightbox on your homepage
  • Show the popup lightbox on your category pages
  • No designing required to make your popup lightbox look good
  • No html coding required for your popup lightbox to work
  • Set the time interval for how often you want your user's to see the popup lightbox

Popup Intent Exit Pop

The pro version of the Popup Express plugin has state of the art software that determines when a user intends on exiting your site and pops a popup at the optimal time to capture the user's attention. It doesn't use the back button to pop the popup. The strategy of popping a popup when the user hits the back button is not near as effective as popping the popup before the user hits the back button, but has the intention of leaving.

Popup Express Pro uses two technologies to make your popup pop at the right time. First, Popup Express uses a script that tracks the speed of the user's mouse. When a speed is detected that indicates the user may be intenting to leave the page, the popup displays. Second, Popup Express Pro uses page area detection to determine when a user is about to press the back button, and pops the popup to present your offer.


Upgrade to Popup Express Pro

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.1.8
Last Updated: 2 months ago
Active Installs: 200+


3.7 out of 5 stars


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