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Pods UI


NOTICE: Pods UI is included in Pods core as of Pods 1.10, you don’t need a separate plugin anymore! Look for future features and bug fixes within Pods core

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0.7.5 – July 27, 2011

  • Minor Bug fixes – this will be the LAST separate release of Pods UI, it is now included in Pods core as of Pods 1.10! – July 24, 2011

  • FIXED: Duplication feature updated to fit code update in publicForm (pod_id + tbl_row_id)
  • FIXED: Fixed action links to apply_filters before checking if it’s empty
  • FIXED: Fixed heading / value handling
  • FIXED: ‘bool’ now accepted as coltype in addition to ‘boolean’ to match Pods
  • FIXED: Fixed validate notice reference in demo.php plugin

0.7.4 – June 23, 2011

  • ADDED: Added support for filters besides PICK – bool (checkbox), txt / num / slug / desc / code (text box) for additional filtering
  • FIXED: Fixed filters
  • FIXED: Demo plugin updated with better plugin validation (checking to see if Pods and Pods UI are activated) – April 5, 2011

  • FIXED: Fixing sorting

0.7.3 – April 5, 2011

  • FIXED: Fixing sorting

0.7.2 – April 1, 2011

  • FIXED: Fixing filters

0.7.1 – March 8, 2011

  • FIXED: Reordering bug fixed
  • FIXED: Reset Sort link now shown to the left of ‘Show per page’ when Usermeta-based Sort is enabled

0.7.0 – March 4, 2011

  • ADDED: For Management screens, Searching now searches across all non-pick fields by default (you can enable pick field search by setting search_across_picks=true in the Pods UI options, or disable searching across fields by setting search_across=false)
  • ADDED: Session-based Persistence for Searching and Filtering (by specific Management panel)
  • ADDED: User-based Persistence for Sorting and Show Per Page
  • ADDED: Searching / Filtering / Pagination now available for the Reorder panel of Pods UI – September 9, 2010

  • FIXED: URLs became overly complex when using filters and other links – August 26, 2010

  • ADDED: Multi-access check in edit_where – August 23, 2010

  • ADDED: On Add, two new links show up (Add another + Add another based on this)
  • FIXED: On Save, redirected to the wrong URL (missing ID)
  • FIXED: Display Helpers used in ‘columns’ were doubled, causing issues with display of value – August 13, 2010

  • FIXED: Fixed form, was display “; instead of the actual form – August 13, 2010

  • ADDED: Support for Multisite Environment URLs
  • ADDED: action_after_save option to customize which action is used after save (set to ‘manage’ to go back to the Manage screen on add / save / duplicate)
  • ADDED: delete_where option to customize when a user can delete an item based on the item’s value
  • FIXED: edit_where / duplicate_where / delete_where now check before showing their corresponding URLs in Manage screen
  • FIXED: Column display_helper now runs during $object->fetchRecord() loop instead of after – August 8, 2010

  • ADDED: Duplication (enabled by default)
  • ADDED: View links, now you can View Pod Items (if detail_url is defined in the Pod settings)
  • FIXED: demo.php activation issues
  • FIXED: Delete this item now only appears when Editing
  • FIXED: Enhanced action link building, added some parameters to allow for more customization – July 30, 2010

  • FIXED: Bug fix release – July 29, 2010

  • ADDED: Delete this item link now added to the form save button (on Edit only, and only if ‘delete’ is not disabled)
  • ADDED: Full API integration with Pods API (delete, reorder), removed pods_ui_save_rel()
  • ADDED: Standardized demo.php Validation and Activation processes
  • FIXED: Full support for Pods 1.9.0 (Pods UI no longer supports versions previous to Pods 1.9.0)
  • FIXED: Moved reordering into Pods API in core
  • FIXED: Bug fixes on ‘updated’ and ‘search’ to work on multi-level (‘num’)
  • FIXED: Bug fixes for ‘updated’ and ‘search’ to remove them from appearing in the URLs outside of ‘manage’ – July 29, 2010

  • FIXED: Bug fix release – July 16, 2010

  • ADDED: ‘icon’ option added for defining custom icon for page headings
  • FIXED: move.png location updated for Pods 1.8.9 – July 8, 2010

  • FIXED: api.php sanitization using pods_sanitize() and cleaned up code
  • FIXED: Updated demo.php package to ensure compatibility with Pods 1.8.9
  • FIXED: ‘updated’ and ‘search’ no longer persist in the URL when navigating between Add / Edit / Manage
  • FIXED: ‘browse’ changed to ‘manage’ in integration with Pods 1.8.9 changes – April 28, 2010

  • FIXED: pods_ui_coltype now properly supports columns with . in it (like pick columns) – March 17, 2010

  • FIXED: UI option ‘item’ now defaults to “Item” to avoid weird naming from a Pod name
  • FIXED: Error messages now appear in Red instead of Yellow
  • ADDED: $object->data is now set, so you can reference other fields within your Display Helper
  • ADDED: Message now appears in Yellow at top when an item is successfully saved in Add / Edit forms – February 18, 2010

  • FIXED: Formatting of Pagination for when there are no records
  • FIXED: Formatting of Pagination area, the html tags weren’t placed normally
  • FIXED: findRecords() now uses the LIMIT fix
  • ADDED: Updated Compatability, works in WP 3.0

0.6.8 – February 1, 2010

  • ADDED: Pods UI will now take over the default Edit / Add New pages of Pods when the Pod is set to Top Level Navigation
  • ADDED: Error Reporting if pods_ui_manage() / pods_ui_form() doesn’t have an object to work with
  • FIXED: Add New button needed to reset current num id
  • FIXED: Sanitized sort and limit parameters in findRecords()
  • FIXED: Reorder API now checks if user has access to Pod
  • FIXED: pods_ui_save_rel() needed small tweaks to avoid errors when not enough info was passed

0.6.7 – January 8, 2010

  • ADDED: Drag and Drop Reordering of items
  • ADDED: Show per page option

0.6.6 – January 2, 2010

  • ADDED: Reset Filters option when ‘filters’ / ‘search’ are active
  • ADDED: You can now enable ‘filters’ / ‘custom_filters’ but disable the search box by setting ‘search’ to false
  • ADDED: pods_ui_var now supports arrays for bulk checking
  • FIXED: Activation requirements removed as they caused too many issues across multiple PHP configurations; replaced within main functions themselves
  • FIXED: Added ‘item’ reference in Demo UI variables to give a better example
  • FIXED: Filters to not all be selected, leaving the default value to be the correct field label
  • FIXED: Filters that have no data will not be shown
  • FIXED: Filters now compatible with updated get_dropdown_values from the Pod class (as of Pods 1.7.9)
  • FIXED: Name / Created / Modified now support the display_helper option

0.6.5 – – December 7, 2009

  • FIXED: Filters not working because $val was being used instead of $value
  • FIXED: Made sure the Filters option could be provided as a string separated by comma (for those using the query string method)

0.6.4 – – December 2, 2009

  • FIXED: Filter now filters correctly based on field_name instead of key from array (thx to patrickheeney)
  • FIXED: Removed Pods UI long internal documentation from header of pods-ui.php file, this is now all within the User Guide
  • FIXED: Updated demo.php to have Latest Pods Version in Package

0.6.3 – November 24, 2009

  • ADDED: Pods UI now checks to see if the Pods CMS plugin is installed
  • ADDED: demo.php now checks to see if the Pods CMS / Pods UI plugins are installed

0.6.2 – November 14, 2009

  • ADDED: SQL Option for customizing findRecords() on Manage screen
  • ADDED: “Back to Manage” link on Add / Edit form pages