This plugin has been closed and is no longer available for download.

Podcasting Plugin by TSG


The Podcasting plugin by TSG brings complete podcasting support to WordPress.
This allows you to use any media file from somewhere on the web (either your site or another site)
and it will add it to an iTunes-based feed.
The Podcasting plugin also includes player support allowing visitors to play the media file directly on your site.


  • Adds a dedicated Podcasting feed with full iTunes support. All the data required to make the most of your iTunes podcast listing.
  • Includes the ability to have multiple podcasting feeds based on file format or other factors
  • Utilizes both an audio and video player for in-post listening/watching

For more information, visit the Podcasting plugin site.


  • An example of the Podcasting enclosure box before a podcast is added.
  • The Podcasting enclosure box with an example podcast added.
  • The audio player before an episode begins playing.
  • The audio player in the middle of playing an episode.
  • The video player before an episode is playing.


You install this plugin just like any other WordPress plugin.
The basic way is to use built in plugin installer and then activate the Plugin from the Plugins page.


Contributors & Developers

“Podcasting Plugin by TSG” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Added save warning to newly created metaboxes


  • Make sure the default type does not already exit before adding


  • Make sure the default type does not already exit before adding


  • Make sure the default type does not already exit before adding


  • Only add default type after activation.


  • Added default format type – Should help with boarding
  • Exposed basic feed urls – To help people get started


  • Removed redirect to home when 404 is received
  • Fixed video display


  • Cleaned up player window image


  • Clean up player window code
  • Show summary or Post


  • Enabled player in window by elimating use of WordPress shortcode
  • Only show summary in player window (improved display)


  • Fix podcast feed url display


  • Fix podcast feed url display for formats
  • Cleanup the Player Window.


  • Fix podcast feed url display
  • Update Media Format handling in settings – Display, but lock default

  • Fix Problem inserting enclosure using Fire Fox


  • Improve meta box text fields


  • Improve meta box text fields
  • Insure copy to editor works on newly inserted enclosures
  • Added New Player Window


  • Fixed native player option – checked with audio.


  • Fixed in_array parameters – used to prevent duplicate players


  • You now have the option to use the WordPress media players.
  • The legacy Video player is not available in this version.
  • We will attempt to find a suitable replacement if possible.
  • Fixed some meta box formatting issues
  • Added more clarity abound category podcasting
  • making it more likely that users will start with a podcast only feed.


  • Fixed up the admin displays for 3.8


  • Fixed incompatibility with JetPack – Player not displaying


  • Updated audio media player


  • Fixed 302 error when adding podcast media files


  • Fixed Taxonamy problem with WordPress 3.0


  • The real 2.3.8 release. One file didn’t get updated in the repository


  • Strip HTML for itunes summary
  • added a custom field to use as alternative itunes:summary for each item.
  • The custom field tag is ‘itunes_summary’


  • Undo the title clean up. This should already be working.


  • update paypal Link


  • Clean up Titles


  • Podcasting is now supported by TSG &
  • itunes:new-feed-url is now supported. This tag allows you to change the URL where the podcast feed is located.


  • Now displays the surrounding player text in feeds with a download link.
  • Adds support for the Send to Editor button to work with text editors other than tinyMCE.
  • Removes a foreach warning message that could appear at the top of a blog page if PHP error reporting is enabled and no formats are specified.


  • Corrects incorrectly stripped characters from a feed’s itunes:summary and itunes:subtitle tags.


  • Corrects incorrectly stripped characters from a feed’s itunes:summary and itunes:subtitle tags.
  • Corrects auto detect url for format feeds.


  • Fixes a bug that was breaking the save button on the settings page in IE.


  • Adds missing WordPress menu call that prevented users from loading the settings page under WordPress 2.8.1.
  • Adds a new advanced option to disable the 404 check. Only use this option if you know what you’re doing.
  • Moves the disable auto-enclose option to a new Advanced Options subheading on the settings page.


  • Adds support for WordPress’ new changelog readme.txt standard. Version information is now available from within the plugin updater.
  • Enhances the links on the plugin page. Adds a settings, FAQ, and support link.


  • Fixes the disappearing / missing enclosure bug introduced with WordPress 2.8’s new “enclosure prune” method.
  • Adds a second-line of defense fix to WordPress 2.8’s “enclosure prune” method that will prevent enclosures from becoming garbled serialized text.
  • Adds logic to disable the add podcast button for 3 seconds to prevent duplicate enclosures.
  • Adds an additional error message for non-standard http responses.
  • Improves 404 detection for HTML error pages.


  • Adds error messages to the admin AJAX calls.
  • Adds comment with version number to header output.


  • Fixes a UTF8 feed title encoding problem.
  • Supports WordPress 2.8.


  • Adds local detection of mime types and file size. No longer requires an external connection to successfully enclose a file.
  • Removes stray player code that appears on some WordPress theme pages using the_excerpt.
  • Upgrades the JW FLV Media Player to version 4.4.
  • Adds player support (via JW FLV Media Player) for m4a files.


  • Fixes encoding issues with certain file URLs. This should eliminate the cURL issue for most people.


  • Corrects an incorrect function call in the podPress importer left over from converting to a class-based plugin.


  • Corrects issue where a manually inserted player would not prevent the automatic player from being added.


  • Fixes a blank page issue when automatically including the podcast player on posts.


  • Podcasting is now supported by Spiral Web Consulting.
  • Corrects feed URL issues when a category with the name “podcast” existed. Note: Due to this change, the URL for format feeds has changed slightly.
  • Fixes a bug that prevented new enclosures from being added.
  • Converts Podcasting to a class-based plugin. This will make adding new features easier.
  • Drastically improves new/edit enclosure interface to conform with WordPress 2.7 design standards.
  • Adds an option to disable WordPress’ automatic enclosing of file URLs.
  • Allows HTML to be entered in the text fields surrounding players.
  • Adds an option to use the video player for audio files.
  • Adds support for handling 404 error situations more gracefully.


  • Corrects broken format feeds.
  • Adds several better methods for enclosing a feed (mainly fixing redirects not working).
  • Fixes all known feed validation issues as well as a few that would prevent iTunes clients from reading the feed.


  • Fixes an error that could occur if cURL is missing from PHP.


  • Corrects encoding issues with video file download links.


  • Resolves an issue where enclosures could disappear from the main feed when Podcasting is activated.
  • Resolves an issue where a local enclosure was not working for some users do to a missing magic_mime on their server.


  • Corrects a PHP warning that could occur prevent an enclosure from occurring.


  • Corrects a bug in remote file retrieval present since beta 13.


  • Applies the fixes in beta 13 to the podPress importer.
  • Fixes a rare PHP error related to the local enclosure attempt.
  • Corrects a potential XHTML error with certain themes.


  • Greatly improves enclosure retrieval. If the file can’t be accessed via the internet, a local attempt will be made. Anyone experiencing the missing enclosures bug should upgrade to this version.
  • Adds a notification if there are issues connecting to the file.
  • Corrects some plugin conflicts.
  • Fixes issues with foreign characters in the blog title.


  • Corrects an XML warning and error in the podcast feed related to the iTunes image.
  • Removes a warning that could display during a podPress import.


  • Adds support for importing via WPMU.
  • Fixes a bug where the podPress importer would not handle relative URLs correctly.


  • Improves file type detection for the Send to Editor button.
  • Corrects an XML warning in the podcast feed related to the iTunes image.
  • Improves robustness of script additions, possibly fixing some IE scripting errors.
  • Fixes some errors where importing from podPress would fail.


  • Now alerts the user if the file they enter does not exist (404). This should help weed out the mysterious disappearing enclosures.
  • Fixes a conflict with some of WordPress 2.7’s admin jQuery (namely the show button in the media gallery).
  • Corrects an XML warning in the podcast feed related to the iTunes image.


  • Corrects an error message related to the new automatic player addition.


  • Supports WordPress 2.7 and now requires WordPress 2.6.
  • Includes an importer for migrating from podPress.
  • Adds a video player (JW FLV Player) and updates the audio player (WordPress Audio Player 2.0).
  • Adds an option to automatically include players above or below the content of a post.
  • Adds options to configure player variables on a global or per player basis.
  • Adds options for placing text above, before, and below a player, while specifying a field as a “download link?.
  • Adds a more robust method for enclosing files. This new method adds relative URL support, support for enclosing any type of file, and should alleviate the problems most users were having. If a server issue is detected, a warning is displayed with more information on how to correct the problem.
  • Adds an option to configure the language of RSS feeds.
  • Adds a standard RSS image tag to the feed when itunes:artwork is used.
  • Fixes countless potential feed validation issues.


  • Corrects saved draft issue brought on by WordPress 2.6.


  • Adds missing image showing the audio player’s colors.
  • Fixes a bug where changing a format’s slug would forget the format’s explicit setting.


  • Corrects typo preventing 1.62’s fix from working.


  • Resolves an issue where an episode would not be saved once navigating away from the page.


  • Resolves an issue where certain URL characters such as spaces would cause a failure creating an enclosure.
  • Resolves validation issues with the RSS feed.


  • Adds options to configure the audio player’s colors.


  • The player is no longer replaced with the text “Download Podcast? in feeds to prevent that text from showing up in iTunes descriptions when the player is inserted first in a post.


  • Fixes the Send to Editor button when the visual editor is disabled.


  • Fixes compatibility issues with WordPress 2.5.
  • Updates to the user interface to reflect the changes in 2.5.
  • Episode addition interface is now fully AJAX. Add and delete episodes without having to refresh the page.
  • Converts [podcast] tag to new shortcode API.
  • Fixes Send to Editor button not working on the visual editor.
  • Note: Version 1.5 requires WordPress 2.5.


  • Fixes a critical Javascript error affecting Internet Explorer and possibly other browsers.
  • It is recommended to install this update as soon as possible.


  • Fixes a conflict with the Feedburner Feedsmith plugin.
  • Resolves AJAX errors when managing formats.


  • Initial release.