This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Real Estate Website Builder


From the creators of Create your fully functional real estate website with a single plugin. Some of the features include:

  • RETS integrations available, continuously updated with your MLS.
  • Create / edit / update / search listings.
  • Set listings as “Featured” to highlight them in your sidebar throughout your site.
  • Every listing automatically has a unique landing page created – great for SEO.
  • Fully customizable sidebar layout and custom Placester real estate widgets.
  • Unlimited images per listing.
  • Free themes that work seamlessly with this free Placester plugin (hosted premium themes also available).

See it in Action

This is the only plugin you need to create a powerful WordPress powered real estate website. Watch our quick demo about how to get started:

Getting Started with a Non-Placester Theme

Check out some of the premium themes available to hosted users:
Franklin Theme
Plymouth Theme
Sedona Theme
Highland Theme

Find the latest themes and theme updates at


  • Easy setup – create a new free Placester account in one step to enable listings on your site. No credit card required.
  • Easily add listings – manually add listings to your website via the plugin admin panel or account dashboard
  • Populate your web site with the listing inventory from your MLS or property database company
  • Always up-to-date, Placester automatically updates itself with the the latest listings data
  • Create and manage listing landing pages
  • Tune the listings on the site for the target market
  • Customize sidebar layout using robust widgets
  • Powerful search based on the Placester API and Google Maps
  • Easily promote featured properties across your site
  • Designed for search engine optimization from top to bottom


  • Listing Index
  • Add/Edit Listings
  • Basic Home Page
  • Listing Search


Install via Search:

  1. In WordPress admin, visit Plugins > Add New
  2. Search for “placester”
  3. Click the “Install Now” link and click “Ok” (if necessary) in the pop-up dialog.
  4. Once installed, click the “Activate Plugin” link.
  5. Via the “Placester” left-hand menu, and Plugin Settings tab, add your API key and configure the plugin.

Install via Upload:

  1. In WordPress admin, visit “Plugins” > “Add New” > “Upload”
  2. Upload file
  3. Once uploaded, click the “Activate Plugin” link
  4. Via the “Placester” left-hand menu, and Plugin Settings tab, add your API key and configure the plugin.


Who is Placester for?

Any professional seeking the competitive advantage of having a robust real estate web site.

Are there any hidden costs or fees here?

Not unless you want there to be. Placester is your marketing partner. Our goal is to help you generate leads for your listing and help you easily create niche web sites for marketing purposes using our themes. There are additional themes available in Placester’s Advanced offering which includes website hosting.

Which markets (countries) are supported?

Placester’s Real Estate Website Builder currently supports all iso countries. A complete list can be found here:

We’ll be adding more as time goes on. Reach out to us if you would like to see your market supported.

Where does my information go? Who owns it?

The data is yours, Placester seeks only to provide a cost-effective means to generate more leads. Moreover, there is no data “lock-in,” if you’ve created listings (ads) in our system, that data can be exported at any time for use elsewhere. Simply let us know what your needs are.

How do I get started?

After installing the plugin simply follow the instructions in the plugin to obtain an API key and begin either adding listings or notify us if you already work with a property database company so we can enable the integration for your account.

Wait, what about my listings, how do I make sure clients don’t see actual addresses?

Simple, Placester offers a block address option so the client can explore the neighborhood, but still need you for the showing or to finalize the deal.

What is “SEO”? How do I get on to Google?

Search engine optimization or SEO is the process of making sure that your listings are easily found by search engines like Google. Placester takes care of making your site friendly to Google for you, there are no additional steps to take.

What are some of the ways that Placester can be used?

Because you are able to determine which listings appear on the site, it means that you can easily create niche sites for your listings focused on various modalities (luxury, professionals, students etc). Then drive traffic to those listings using Placester to generate more qualified leads and more deals as a result.

Why do I need an API key?

Placester offers lots of tools on our platform powered by our robust API. So using the API makes your data portable and allows you to use any of our products to interact with your account and your listings.

Does this plugin work with Multi-site?

Yes it does, however separate instances (API keys) must be used per site.

How do I get support?

Easy, simply reach out to us and let us know how we can help!

I want a feature that you have not included, can you add it?

Absolutely, reach out to us and let us know what features would help you generate more leads easier!

How often do you update data?

In general – real-time. But if you use 3rd party property management services, the updates will be only as recent as your provider allows.


No Longer Supported, Don’t Waste Your Time

Tried plugin for a few days, contacted support with a few questions and they replied that the plugin is no longer supported. In other words, don’t waste you time with this plugin. Plugin Authors should remove their plugins when they no longer support them, this would save other peoples precious time.

Garbage plugin with a shady developer

This plugin is buggy as heck. Worse yet if you give your information to placester you will get spammed to death. No joke, I get several calls a month and multiple emails per day from them and the people they sold my information to trying to sell me real estate products. Im not even a real estate agent, I just make websites and I’ve tried to opt out of their spam with no luck.

My piece of advice: Stay away from Placester at all costs.

Plainly not a free one – and it will stalk you

Get the theme for free, in order to use it you have to provide your email and phone number. They deal with your personal information. Unsecure! It is some sort of a “free” trial for two weeks or so. Then they want your credit card for 45 USD a month. Avoid at all costs!!!

Then, when you want to get rid of it, they install 1001 other stuff all around the backoffice. It takes too much work to remove one “free” theme. I do not recommend.

Better than iHomeFinder

== UPDATE ==
This plugin has a ton of problems and support is not quick at all to address. They have moved on to promoting and working on their self-hosted and have dumped this. Interesting too… w3 total cache was abandoned and then the creator of that got into this plugin and now it is dead as well.

== /UPDATE ==

I use this and iHomeFinder support is faster, friendlier, and more efficient with this plugin. Feature wise they have some different advantages over each other. iHomeFinder seems to be more resource intensive.

Support: Placester wins solidly

Features: iHomeFinder wins marginally

Resources: Placester wins

Unable to use it, cannot even click CONFIRM EMAIL button

After I installed Plugin and when I click on Placester tab a popup appears asking to CONFIRM EMAIL. But that popup or any area around it cannot be clicked and is inactive. So I cannot use it. Even after reporting to them, no corrections and they say the programmers are working on it but they have no idea when it will be fixed!! 🙁 🙁

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Contributors & Developers

“Real Estate Website Builder” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Added Google API Key to requests for Maps js
  • Added a map to the Add/Edit Property page
  • Added the ability to order images on private listings


  • Additional caching improvements and configurability
  • Better integration with Placester People Legacy CRM
  • Better integration with Third Party CRM
  • Fixed bug with search form custom checkboxes


  • Improved handling of days on market fields in IDX feeds
  • Added configurability for better control of caching
  • Improvements to Theme Gallery
  • Fixed several minor issues with WordPress 4.4 core changes
  • Additional code reorganization and refactoring
  • Improved compatibility with old versions of Placester themes
  • Fixed and expanded user account profile editor
  • Fixed search inefficiency introduced in 1.4.0


  • Major code reorganization and refactoring
  • Updates to search permalinks, paging, and saved searches
  • Theme installations and updates via Placester Theme Gallery
  • Fixed several minor issues with WordPress 4.4 core changes
  • Improved compatibility with recent versions of Yoast SEO
  • Cleaned up shortcode editor — removed preview frames
  • Changed results per page defaults
  • Added developer hooks for custom feed configuration
  • Eliminated support for PHP 5.2 and earlier


  • Fixed broken customization functionality
  • Fixed agent widget option handling and theme compatibility
  • Provisions for specialized data server configurations
  • Eliminated server-side block addresses, added local address obfuscation feature
  • Improved compatibility with recent versions of Yoast SEO
  • Added currency formatting and escape sequence handling for shortcode custom select menus
  • Eliminated conflict with WordPress [gallery] shortcode
  • Added developer hooks for custom login and registration forms
  • Improved search permalink handling and added user saved search capability


  • Fixed incompatibility with WP 4.3
  • Improvements to shortcode administration
  • Provisions for specialized data server configurations
  • Additional minor bug fixes


  • Improved compatibility with old versions of Placester themes
  • Improved administrative visual styling under WP 4.1.1
  • Additional minor bug fixes


  • Fixed issue reading favorite properties via Placester Data API
  • Fixed the destruction of the login / register forms by fancybox
  • Added Basic listing detail template
  • Added phone number to Contactually CRM integration
  • Added lead capture forwarding addresses to new user account notification emails
  • Updated plugin administration stylesheets for WP 4.0.1
  • Cleaned up url generation, see WP Trac Issue #16953
  • Search results now scroll to the top on pagination
  • Fixed incompatibility with WordPress SEO introduced as of their version 1.7.3
  • Added Virtual Tour Link field for listing videos
  • Reorganized plugin initialization for better compatibility
  • Improved listing image selection and display on neighborhood pages
  • Improved the handling of un-mappable properties


  • Fixed a few formatting bugs having to do with compliance info
  • Review and fix of listing sort menus in shortcode templates for responsive themes
  • Added new responsive shortcode tmplates for listings: “twocolumn”
  • Fixed bug having to do with property unit number when adding/editing listings
  • Disabled the Placester pixel, which is no longer served up
  • Added two new compliance message locations on the PDP
  • Added lead capture shortcode functionality
  • Added code to set lead capture cookie on sign up and login (not just within contact form)
  • Made changes for better backward compatibility with already distributed themes
  • Enabled local storage of favorite properties
  • Fixed bug that sometimes caused images to display out of order
  • Changed API client to use POST requests (rather than GETs) for long search queries
  • Fixed paging bugs in the ajax search system
  • Fixed several bugs in the search results map
  • Improved the featured listings picker
  • Additional minor fixes having to do with changes in WP4 relative to WP3.9


  • Turned caching off by default for off-hosted users (enabled in wp-config)
  • Fixed Inactive, Agency, Non-MLS flags on plugin Listings page
  • Disabled permalink URL generation for shortcodes
  • Fixed links to theme gallery


  • The default location for search result maps is now determined from the user or office address on the account
  • The [desc] shortcode tag now renders the full description on property detail pages, a shorter excerpt on search pages
  • Fixes:
    • Updated the CRM interface to Contactually to reflect the new format of their API call
    • Miscellaneous minor fixes to improve the clarity and robustness of Placester shortcodes


  • Virtual property posts and terms have been introduced to greatly increase performance and vastly decrease what’s stored in the DB


  • New shortcode [favorite_listings] displays user’s favorited listings if they are logged in and allows them to edit their profile.
  • New shortcode [pl_user_profile] displays user’s profile if they are logged in.
  • Can use neighborhoods as a search option in [search_form] shortcode.
  • Show custom neighborhoods in search forms along with neighborhoods from the MLS.
  • Update WordPress version compatability information.
  • Fixes:
    • Make the Placester theme gallery links work a bit better.


  • Search and static listing shortcodes now have sort_by drop downs.
  • Added new short code [pl_login_block] for use with non Placester themes – adds the login and register links and enables the ‘add to favorites link’ on non Placester themes.
  • Fixes:
    • Block address behavior as set from Settings page.
    • Featured listing image is not the appropriate image.
    • Limit selections for property type in search form if global filters set.
    • Agent Widget – Can not adjust email address on non-home page pages.
    • Remove taxonomies (MLS IDs, half-baths, streets) from the nav menus page.
    • Global filters not working for custom fields.
    • ‘Add to favorites’ link does not work on non Placester theme – now works when [pl_login_block] short code is added to the page.


  • Adding Dragonfly image resizing logic for property images.


  • Minor updates in support of more fundamental BP changes
  • Cleaning the pipes for listing searches — need to remove extraneous args for storage of saved-search filters
  • More CRM lead integration updates:
    • Basic impl for Contactually solidified, need work with them to expose more constructive endpoints for push leads
    • Substantial lead creation update — site user registration flow corrected + integration with CRM platforms enhanced
    • Lead fixes + CRM integration gaps filled…
  • Shortcodes template editor:
    • Fix issue with dialog showing list of custom attributes not displaying correctly on WP 3.6.1
    • HTML cleanup
  • Shortcode templates:
    • Better way to support image_url tag
    • New template tag [image_url index placeholder] that displays listing image url
  • Deleting old, unnecessary files
  • Fix: WP 3.6.1/jquery-ui 10.1 – make sure the grey mask is on top and the modal dialog is on top of that
  • Fix: If a certain locality field is missing for a property, the permalink/URL generated will simply say the field, i.e., ‘state’ instead of ‘unassigned-state’
  • Fix: Custom drawn polygons – allow existing polygons to be edited
  • Fix: Search form not showing available locations when global filters are set for a location attribute AND some other attribute.
  • Fix: Compatibility issues with PHP 5.4.


  • Cleanup lead capture functionality.
  • Check requests for viewing invalid property listings and redirect.
  • Make sure defunct data is removed when expired listings are purged.
  • Updates to lead/membership handling, improved login time.
  • Clean up of some JS files.
  • Admin page for search, static listings shortcodes displays dynamic list of filters which expands as filters are added, also allows multiple values to be set for certain filters (eg City, Zip).
  • Built in templates for search, static, featured listings shortcodes hide beds, baths fields if they are empty.
  • Allow theme to control how shortcodes are displayed when no template is specified by the shortcode.
  • Make property listing template return template instead of echoing which may have caused issues with the Yoast plugin.
  • Tweaks to built in templates for static, search, featured listings shortcodes.
  • Fix: Compatibility issue with PHP 5.2.
  • Fix: Search form – Number of beds set to zero returns properties that have zero bedrooms (eg studios).


  • Tweaks to built in template for individual property listings.
  • Added better descriptions to admin pages for shortcodes.
  • Added ‘Search’ button to built in templates for search form shortcode.
  • Added a lookup dialog to display all available property listing fields when creating templates for individual property listing pages.
  • Fix: Prevent static listings shortcode from interacting with a search form on the same page.
  • Fix: Search form shortcode was not going to supplied URL, plus various fixes to search form shortcode.


  • Updates to twitter oauth.
  • Cleaning-up taxonomy functionality.
  • New admin page to list templates available for theming the individual property listing pages, with one built in template that can be copied and used to create custom templates.
  • Added a lookup dialog to display all available property listing fields when creating templates for search/static/featured listings shortcodes.
  • Fix: Incompatibilities with PHP 5.4
  • Fix: Facebook SDK needed to check for session being set to avoid a notice.


  • Individual property page template editor allows conditional display of fields and display of any field available for the listing.
  • Individual property page template editor allows mls compliance statement as a footer.
  • Ensure that browser does not cache old versions of JS files.
  • Clarifying that block addresses aren’t always block, but sometimes just a near-by address.
  • Fix: Error when adding listing under WordPress 3.6.


  • Tweaks to shortcode templates
  • Support mls compliance statement in shortcode template.
  • Added mls compliance statement to shortcode templates.
  • Support Favorite Link toggle in search, static and featured listings shortcodes.
  • Support conditional display of listing items in templates for search, static and featured listings shortcodes.
  • Fix: Signup wizard sometimesdoes not work on first install.
  • Fix: A PHP 5.2 compatibility issue.


  • Signup Wizard improvements.
  • Create listings search page automatically at end of signup process using search form and listings shortcodes.
  • Tweaks to shortcode templates.
  • New shortcode template called Responsive.
  • Allow min max filters to be set on custom fields for search listings, static listings shortcodes.
  • Fixed: Allow featured listings generated from shortcode to show more than 5 listings.
  • Fixed: Some issues with IE8 on shortcode configuration page.


  • Allow list of items in listings Sort By drop list to be chosen when creating a search or static listings custom shortcode.
  • Allow the default Sort By item to be selected when creating a search or static listings custom shortcode.
  • Allow filtering for properties near an address when creating a static listing custom shortcode.
  • Re-built dummy data prompt/activation that appears when switching themes.


  • Allow template to be created for formatting the page that displays individual property listings.
  • Allow new shortcode templates to be created from built in templates.
  • Allow shortcode templates to use built in form/listings renderer to generate content and CSS from the template.
  • Updated built in shortcode template format and made them somewhat liquid and render consistently in different themes.
  • JavaScript cleanup.
  • CRM updates.
  • Fix: resolved UI issues with the customizer.
  • Fix: caption was not appearing in first slide of slideshow shortcode.
  • Fix: URL encoding issues.


  • Map enhancements
  • Componentization for widgets and post types
  • Global filtering fixes


  • Performance updates
  • Analytics improvements


  • Slideshow CSS updates


  • jQuery and jQuery UI updates for UI


  • Compatibility for WordPress 3.5.1 and PHP 5.4.x


  • Added RETS integration form


  • Updated listing return spec to account for id
  • Correct date formatting in listings index


  • Added theme gallery for 1 click theme installation
  • Added full international support with default country


  • Complete groundup rewrite of core functionality.


  • Minor changes to WordPress function due to deprecation
  • Removed Roommates/Favorites/Leads sections in preparation for next version for plugin
  • Data type fixes for Placester themes
  • Admin panel fixes


  • Minor changes to contact / settings due to api changes
  • Fixed timeout errors
  • Fixed image uploading
  • Fixed theme xml parsing errors


  • Added support for India, South Africa, and United Kingdom
  • Fixed the Contact images bug
  • API updates


  • Show hidden Contact hidden fields for all API types


  • Added support for Australia, Belize and Russia
  • Added information about the type of the API key
  • Contact page updated to match the API key type
  • Fixed the “Exact address” functionality


  • Make “Delete” listing link red
  • Change the listings table pagination limit to 15


  • Fix 0.3.1 missing files errors


  • Added support for listing delete
  • Added the ability to set the default listings map position and zoom


  • Added better image management
  • Added support for countries (US and Canada)
  • Added support for displaying the exact address
  • Visual compatibility with WordPress 3.2


  • Added universal theme support
  • Added auto page creation for new listings


  • Usability improvements in WP Admin UI
  • Improved error messages and messaging
  • Improved permission handling


  • Initial release