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Photonic Gallery for Flickr, Picasa, SmugMug, 500px, Zenfolio and Instagram

Galleries on steroids! A stylish plugin for galleries of your public and private WP, Flickr, Picasa, SmugMug, 500px, Zenfolio & Instagram photos.

Photonic lets you use the WordPress gallery shortcode and super-charges it with a lot of added functionality. It adds support for several new parameters to enhance the content and look-and-feel of your galleries. It supports Flickr photos, Photosets, Galleries and Collections, along with Picasa / Google photos and albums, SmugMug albums and images, 500px photos and galleries, Zenfolio photos, Photosets and Groups, and Instagram photos. You can also enable authentication for your site visitors that will let them see private and protected photos from each provider.

In case you happen to be using a theme or plugin that already overrides the gallery shortcode, Photonic provides you with the option to use your own shortcode for Photonic galleries. This lets your plugins coexist. Bear in mind that if you deactivate Photonic you will have to remove all instances of this custom shortcode, something that is not required if you stick to the gallery shortcode.

Photonic has built-in support for commonly used lightbox scripts such as Swipebox, Image Lightbox, Lightcase, Lightgallery, Fancybox, Colorbox, PrettyPhoto and Thickbox. Non-GPL alternatives like Fancybox2 and Strip are supported, provided you install the scripts yourself. With the exception of Thickbox the lightboxes have been adapted to become touch and gesture-friendly.

Flickr Support

The following Flickr concepts are supported in Photonic:

For demos of Flickr support visit the Flickr page.

Picasa Support

The following Picasa concepts are supported in Photonic:

Authentication for Picasa is supported as well. For demos of Picasa support visit the Picasa page.

SmugMug Support

The following SmugMug concepts are supported in Photonic:

For demos of SmugMug support visit the SmugMug page.

500px Support

Photos and Galleries (a.k.a. Collections, a.k.a. Sets) on 500px.com are supported in Photonic.

Zenfolio Support

The following Zenfolio concepts are supported in Photonic:

For demos of Zenfolio support visit the Zenfolio page. Note that authenticated content in Zenfolio is not currently supported.

Instagram Support

Instagram photos are supported in Photonic. You can display your own feed, and photos based on tags, and location-based searches. Note that while code has been written to support tags and locations, Instagram hasn't approved Photonic's access to others' photos. This means that currently only displaying one's own feed will work.

Enhanced Native Galleries

Your existing gallery insertions are left intact. However you can add a style parameter to it for special effects. The permitted values for style are:

  1. strip-below: Displays a thumbnail strip with a running slideshow above.
  2. strip-above: Displays a thumbnail strip with a running slideshow below.
  3. strip-right: Displays a thumbnail strip with a running slideshow to its left.
  4. no-strip: Displays running slideshow with no thumbnails.
  5. launch: Doesn't display a running slideshow, but shows all thumbnails. On clicking a thumbnail a lightbox is shown.
  6. random: Displays a random arrangement of tiles. Clicking on a tile launches a lightbox.

Parameters such as speed can control the slide transition speed, and thumbnail_size can control the size of the thumbnails.

Deep-Linking and Social Sharing

Photonic provides deep-linking support for non-WP images, and by extension, supports social sharing to Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Beautiful Layouts

Photonic displays your galleries either as a grid of square thumbnails (the default), or circular thumbnails (like Jetpack), or random tiles in a justified grid (a variant of the Jetpack Tiled Gallery layout), or a slideshow.

Requires: 4.4 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.2
Last Updated: 1 week ago
Active Installs: 7,000+


4.7 out of 5 stars


45 of 57 support threads in the last two months have been marked resolved.

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