This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

This plugin has been closed and is no longer available for download.

PGI Inventory Plugin


The PGI Auto Inventory plugin, loads Autobase inventory feeds or leds you load your own and produces neat, clean automotivive inventory pages
complete with an adimistrative back end and complete vehicle editing capability.

A few of the features of the PGI Auto Inventory Plugin

  • Import multiple Autobase Inventory Feeds to combine inventory.
  • Add vehicles manually for total web inventory control*.
  • Post to craigslist with any of out templates and your own custom banners*.
  • Complete vehicle editing, changed prices, tagging, even upload and reorder images.
  • Fully customizable search and deatails pages including default sort order and options filtering.
  • Filter your inventory to limit a site to only showing a specific make, model, used, or anything in between.
  • Create an inventory search widget to take customer from your home page directly to a presearched inventory.
  • Vehicle showcase slider that can be installed with either a shortcode or via PHP.
  • Showcase your special vehicles with the inventory specials shortcode.
  • Have detailed inspection information to give customer a rundown of it’s condition.
  • Complete site map inlcuding all current and sold cars as well as a google XML sitemap.
  • Customizable images including Carfax report images and a generic missing image image.
  • SEO Friendly URLs throughout.
  • 3 way to update your inventory, manually, automatically every hour, and whenever a customer visits in and it’s been more than an hour since last update.
  • Export your data in CSV to other leading automotive listing and management services.
  • Awesome version names and more!

Features denoted with a * require registration, more information available within plugin.

Note: At this time the unregistered PGI Inventory Plugin only supports Autobase inventory feeds, if you don’t have an Autobase inventory feed more information can be found in the administration section of the plugin.


  • Admin Inventory Page
  • Admin Inventory Settings Page
  • Admin Search Page Settings Page
  • Admin Details Page Settings Page
  • Admin Sitempa Page Settings Page
  • Inventory Search Page with Horizontal Layout
  • Inventory Search Page with Vertical Layout
  • Inventory Details Page
  • Inventory Details Page with Large Image Overlay
  • CL Posting Settings page
  • Registration Page


  1. Upload the pgi_inventory_plugin directory to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.


Why are some of the new features not showing up?

Some version of the plugin make changes to the database in order to use certain features, this is not not automatically so that there is no loss of inventory. To manually drop the table and have it rebuilt with support for the new features you can click the Inventory > Inventory Admin > Advanced Triggers > Drop Caching Table button. The last version to make changes to the table was version 3.5.9 – Narcoleptic Gorilla.

Contributors & Developers

“PGI Inventory Plugin” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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Interested in development?

Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS.


3.12.21 – Cumbersome Rat

  • Added ability to show car in inventory for X number of days after they have sold (denoted with a sold marker).
  • Added the ability to have the status manually selected override any imported status
  • Fixed some wonkyness in the syncing of version numbers between all locations it’s tracked in.

3.11.20 – Brisk Stallion

  • Fixed the uploaded images bug again, hopefully for good.
  • Fixed a bug where the z-index in default white would be all kinds of messed up.
  • Fixed a bug that would caused inventory search results to error if sorting by price.
  • Added the option to make vehicle images on search pages enlarge when you hover over them.

3.10.19 – Authoritarian Tadpole

  • Fixed a bug where an errant “top” would sometimes appear on the search page.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause some ordering conditions to generate malformed database queries.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause all vehicle images and custom images to be deleted when the plugin was updated. (Note: They will still get deleted when updating to 3.10.19, but shouden’t when updating to future versions.)
  • Changed some images varibles for consistency.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause unwanted backslashes to appear in the inspection comments.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause vehicles manually updated as special to unmark as such on the next inventory update.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause manually entered cars to be marked as sold when inventory automatically updated.

3.10.18 – Zany Uakari

  • Added support for old style sister videos, just add the ID on the details admin page.
  • Fixed the last jQuery related problem, shall it never be spoke of again.
  • Fixed a notice level error that could show on development servers.
  • Hid two advanced triggers that, if an, would cause the database to reset, the options are still there, simply hidden.
  • Fixed an error that would produce all sorts of errors if you tried to go to the details page of a vehicle that was never in the inventory.

3.9.17 – Yellow Vole

  • Reviwed back end fixing strange jQuery related issues on any page that was effected.
  • Changed implementation of the Lead Tracker due to modifications made to the parent system.
  • Added the ability to sort be up to 3 different options by default

3.8.16 – Xenogenic Whale

  • Fix a (again, jQuery realted) issue selecting vity / sub-region on the craigslist managment page.

3.8.15 – Weary Xanthareel

  • Re-Fixed the new site problem that was fixed in 3.7.11 Quick Dog but at some point got overwritten.

3.8.14 – Virulent Zyzzyva

  • Made more changed to the admin update page so that it would work with more themes that do funky stuff with jQuery.

3.8.13 – Uppity Aardvark

  • Completed the missing Price and Mileage filters on the vertical search page layout.

3.8.12 – Transcendental Bat

  • Reworked the administrative update page to work around some themes messing with jQuery (looking at you zeeThemes).
  • Fixed a bug that would cause manually updated cars to not be automatically marked as sold when it went missing from the feed.

3.8.11 – Rambunctious Cod

  • Added support for you tube videos, just place a youtube short link (or multiple short links separated by a comma).
  • Added MPG to the vehicle details (and all appropriate options to edit it in the back end).

3.7.11 – Quick Dog

  • Fixed an issue with new installations and importing data.
  • Fixed a type with the version number.

3.7.10 – Punctilious Egret

  • Added a new sidebar style search page layout, you can select this new layout from the Inventory > Search Page settings page.
  • Moved the Craigslist posting service to another location (all still works the same, it’s just on a new server).
  • Added preliminary support for SiSTeR Video, feature will be implemented in next update.
  • Improved the update to support updating the database, if you were missing the vehicle inspection information from version 3.5.9 because you didn’t want to drop the table it will now be added automatically along with future changes.
  • Moved some styles from the default white to the standerd css file, this shouldn’t effect layout but under strange circumstances may, check after updating.
  • Removed the image upload option from the Craigslist poster tool as the posting tool no longer supports it.
  • The [inventory_specials] shortcode is not clickable and will take you directly to the car.
  • Fixed a type in the inventory_shortcode, there was a missing space between moved and trim.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the raw response code to display when querying about registration.

3.6.9 – Omnipotent Frog

  • Added a tiered registration system to support single purchase registrations.

3.5.9 – Narcoleptic Gorilla

  • Added the ability to fill out a vehicle inspection report or import one from auto base automatically, a link to show it will appear in the vehicle flags section. If upgrading to 3.5.8 you will need to drop the caching table in order to use the new vehicle inspection feature (this function is located in the Inventory > Inventory Admin > Advanced Triggers > Drop Caching Table)
  • Added a new inventory_search shortcode that creates the same vehicle search breakdown as the inventory search widget.
  • Added an inspection disclaimer, using either a default served by PGI or a custom one of your choosing.
  • Included the inventory_slider in the list of shortcodes on the inventory admin page.
  • Add the ability to change the number of vehicles that show up with the [inventory_specials] short code by passing the “vehicles” attribute.
  • Fixed a bug that could have potentially made vehicles unable to be marked as sold.
  • Fixed typo in the admin section.

3.4.8 – Malingering Hyena

  • Fixed a bug that would only cause the no mileage alternate string to show up, and not the actual mileage on cars that had it.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the pagination to quit working on older versions of IE.
  • Added a smooth animation to top of page on pagination click instead of a sharp jump.
  • (Should have) fixed an issue were a mysql error would appear when adding a vehicle when the uploader fell back to standard.
  • Changed an errant apostrophe in the inventory page.
  • Fixed the Before Content/After Content/Replace Content options for the sitemap Putting Content on both ends/Twice at the End/Once at the end.
  • Fixed a bug in which the location section was called tabbed_options&location, and failed to fire on inventory details pages.
  • Fixed a bug where the alternate Quote/Payment, Get Approved, and Confirm Availability strings would not propagate to the inventory details page.
  • Added an option to display retail price, this is disabled by default! Your settings may need to be updated to re-enable it.
  • Added a some simple spam protection (more may be needed in the future, but this should be an ok start).
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the email status notification to become stuck red or green and not change with the message.

3.3.7 – Lethargic Inchworm

  • Added vehicle make and stock# as sorting options available as defaults and as user selectable options.
  • Added the ability to change what visitors can sort the vehicles by and the order the options are displayed in.
  • Added a no mileage replacement string options (providing the same functionality as he no price string option).
  • Added the option to replace the default text on the “Get Quote/What are my Payments”,”Get Approved”, and “Confirm Availability” buttons.
  • Added an option for export Dealer ID. *
  • Added the ability to export and upload your inventory as a CSV to multiple services. *
  • Made minor changes to the vehicle category selection tabs to fix a compatibility problem with PIE.css.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the default no image image to not display.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause jpegs file extensions to be improperly shortened on upload.
  • Fixed some Notice and Warning level erros that could display on development servers on the registration page, and when searching on the admin inventory page.
  • Fixed typos on the Admin page.

3.2.6 – Kinetic Jackel

  • Fixed an issue relating to the registration system (Old versions with the bug have been removed from the SVN).
  • Made a change to the update process to also verify registration status.

3.2.5 – Juvenile Koala

  • Increased the reliability of imports on some server setups.
  • Changed the plugin permissions from (de facto) admin to editor.

3.2.4 – Inglorious Llama

  • Added lead tracking for emails sent from the inventory page when that page was reached from a craigslist posting made from the WordPress back end.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause some ajax calls to request their appropriate files in the inappropriate directory.
  • Fixed a minor display bug when using uploaded images on lead overlays.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the lead overlay forms to submit twice.

3.1.3 – Horrific Mallard

  • Fixed a spontaneously generated error on the admin page.

3.1.2 – Gregarious Newt

  • Fixed a bug that made made links in craigslist postings disappear.
  • Fixed a rare bug that would cause inventory dealer information overrides cause Notice errors on development servers.

3.1.1 – Frenzied Ostrich

  • Revamped the vehicles options selection to make them faster and easier to use, no more typing them all out!
  • integration, check your leads summary and details history from within WordPress. *
  • Fixed several notice and working levels errors on the new add/edit vehicle page shown on debug servers.

3.0.0 – Extravagant Porcupine

  • Reversed the change log direction so new updated would be seen at the top.
  • Added a registration system, features that require registration will be denoted with a *.
  • Added the ability to add vehicles to the system. *
  • Added the ability to post vehicles to craigslist. *
  • Added a CL Postings Settings page to control your craigslist posts. *
  • Added the ability to manually check your registration status (in the Admin Advanced Triggers section).
  • Added the ability to upload additional images for a vehicle.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the plugin to not work on WordPress MultiSite installations.
  • Added a new [inventory_specials] shortcode to display 3 vehicles marked as special.
  • Added a new “Shortcodes” section to the admin page to detail other, non [inventory_slider] shortcodes.
  • Revised the display for selecting a thumbnail.
  • Added a system for handling multiple dealers when adding or editing a vehicle, as well as the ability to add new, arbitrary dealers.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause certain advanced triggers to redirect back to an invalid page.
  • Fixed a typo on a description on the Details Page Settings.
  • Implemented a more robust default settings system that allows for new features to be more easily added and old ones removed.
  • Reworked all image uploading so that they are stored in a more logical manner.

2.9.9 – Diminutive Quail

  • Fixed a bug that would cause cars not to update their images in the inventory after being updated in Autobase.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the slider images to be to large when using a converted feed.
  • Fixed several notice level errors one first widget set up (these errors did not effect usability).
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the plugin settings to be lost if you modified the widget settings last.
  • Set up default settings for the widget.

2.8.8 – Clever Rabbit

  • Reformatted version notes to be a little more clear.
  • Removed version notes from plugin main file (the list was getting long anyway).
  • Attempted to fix a problem with the WP extend distibution

2.8.7 – Burning Sasquatch

  • Fixed several Notice level erros on the inventory display and manual update pages (these errors did not effect usability and would only be shown on dev servers).
  • Changed the wording inventory feed xml seciton on the admin page
  • Chnaged license to GLPv2
  • fixed a type in the Author URI
  • Change the plugin description
  • Updated default settings to have some of the new features pre-set.
  • Fixed several notice level errors appearing when saving on the main inventory admin page.
  • Added the option to limit the slider to just vehicles that are on special.
  • Currently Selected Special now shows as pre-selected in the dropdown list on the inventory admin page.

2.7.6 – Astute Tortorise

  • Fixed a real version/displayed version mismatch error.
  • Fixed an error causing it to still show cars without images in the slider.
  • Adjusted the sitemap posts sectrion to show 9001 posts instead of 10.
  • Added the topion to add seperating colons “:” to the details views.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the details tab from not showing in the “Tabbed Info & Options” module.

2.6.5 – Zapping Unagi

  • Fixed a bug that would cause the no image image to show even when there wer images.
  • Fixed a bug where the no price string would have a “$” in front of it in the slider.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the invetory admin table to get very tall on narrow windows.
  • Fixed a bug that would show a random string of code at the top of some admin pages.
  • Added a “Save Complete” message.
  • Fixed a super strange jquery bug that caused the inventory details page to not save column changes, only position chages.

2.6.4 – Yawning Vixen

  • Add an advnaced options section to the main admin page.
  • Added the option to disable the scripts jQuery include in case another plugin is including it and it’s causing a conflict.
  • Fixed a bug whcih could cause the search filters to be empty, but still present.
  • Trimmed all occurances of get_bloginfo to compensate for a WordPress 3.4 bug (may still occur as some WP fuctions just call get_bloginfo and they have not been changed since there is no master list).
  • Fixed a bug in the page rewire logic that would cause other, none plugin modified pages to be blank.
  • Fixed a minor JS error that could occur on non-inventory pages (this error caused no hard, only added a record in the console.log()).
  • Inventory Slider will no longer pull cars without images
  • Fixed a type on the instructions for installing the slider via PHP, clarified the difference between methods.
  • No Image Image now loads in the similar vehicles module when the vehicle has no image.
  • Now displays out no image image on the details page instead of the stock no image image or nothing at all.
  • You can now upload a cusotm no image image on the search admin page

2.5.3 – Xenophobic Water-Buffalo

  • Fixed sitemap display code to work with Greg’s High Performance SEO.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the buttons to be poorly positioned when default white is disabled.
  • Fixed a bug where the promax push would always send the error email, regardless of whether or not there was an error.
  • Fixed numerous typos in release notes.
  • Fixed all Warning and Notice level errors in the plugin, this has no great effect other than keeping error longs as trim as possible and making future debugging easier.
  • Enabled proper default settings for widget.
  • Added option for carfax link to be displayed on the search page if provided.

2.4.2 – Weak Xenomorph (yes Prometheus just came out, no I didn’t see it).

  • Fixed a typo in the plugin description.
  • Fixed a bug that would render the inventory widget useless
  • Refined the default settings
  • Changed the way the default settings are added, now it simple adds a pre-serialized string.
  • Added instruction to add slider code to only add on homepage
  • Removed the visible “not enough cars” notice when there are less than 6 cars meeting the slider requirements, now shows comment message.
  • Added the theme name (with directory name on hover) to the top title bar.

2.3.2 – Vibrating Yak

  • Fixed a typo in the plugin description.
  • Added google XML sitemaps.
  • Set-up automatic wp-cron update for the inventory every hour

2.2.1 – Underground Zebra

  • Modified version number and notes formatting.
  • Didn’t increase displayed main version number to bring actual and listed back in line.
  • Added dealerid to information sent to autobase when updating price, price updating now works.
  • Moved the location of the disclaimer, now stored in same general location as the autobase password.
  • Added centralized location for the autobase username and password.
  • Updated mobile sites plugin to version 1.0.1 to use new DB (this is not a change to this plugin but is directly related to this plugin, various other fixes were included, see plugins version notes).
  • Fixed a type that prevented more than 5 posts from showing in the sitemap.
  • Applies a soft fix for the missing images bug, this fixe works on more possible problems, but is spotty at best in Firefox.
  • Applied a hard fix for broken images, works with autobase images only but in all browsers.
  • Fixed a bug that would have the scroller stop animating after the once complete loop.
  • Default settings now apply by default, like they were supposed to at 2.0.0.
  • Fixed a rare occurrence when a double dash would appear in the url (no practical problem just looked weird).
  • Added zip codes to the end of all urls (slider, sitemap, and main inventory).

2.1.0 – Turkish Albatross

  • Added reviews module to details page.

2.0.0 – Siamese Beetle

  • Initial Release