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This plugin allows a site administrator to set a price which users of the site will have to pay to publish a post on the site. The price is set on a per post basis. Different prices can be set for different user roles. Any post type can be charged for, including custom post types. A shortcode has been included so that this functionality can be used on front end forms.

Payment for each post published will be deducted from a local account on the site. Credit can be added to this local account using PayPal.

Main Features

  • Charge for the publication of any post type.
  • Different charges can be applied to different user roles.
  • Users add credit to their local account using PayPal.
  • Charges can be applied to both builtin and custom post types.
  • A shortcode can be used to provide this functionality on front end forms and pages.


  • Settings > Pay To Post admin panel, showing charging rules.
  • Adding or editing a new charging rule.
  • Publication charging message.


I’ve found a bug, what do I do?

Click on the View support forum button on the right.

How does a user know they will be charged?

A message will be displayed, informing the user that they will be charged for publishing a post. If the user has sufficient credit in their local account, the cost of posting will be displayed along with their current balance. If the user does not have sufficient credit a link will be displayed to the payment page.

How can I use the shortcode?

To use the Pay To Post functionality on any front end forms (IE anything outside of the admin pages) you’ll need to add a shortcode to your page:

[pay_to_post type="post_type"] your form code [/pay_to_post]

The following parameters can be used with the shortcode:

type - this is the post type that the form is dealing with.
    Values for this can be any post type or custom post type, that you currently have.
    Default is post.


[pay_to_post type="post"] your form code [/pay_to_post]


5 Star - for This amazing & Rarest Plugin.


Thanks for sharing this 5 Star & amazing & Rarest Plugin & that too is free with community.

I have installed this plugin on latest WP 4.4 & it works like Charm.

5 (Five) Star for this.
There is no 10(Ten) Star,otherwise I would have given.

Why 10 Star ?? Because if you google or WP Plugin repository,You will 1/2 find such plugin :

( This is addon & will cost you US$ 9 & you have to purchase main plugin which cost you US$ 22 )

I have very high respect for Author of CC but I think It supports only main "Post" type & not Custom type post ).

By providing support to sell "CPT",it has created whole new world for non-programmer to sell their Product/Service very easily.It only depends the imagination of user of this plugin.

Where this plugin supports "Custom Post" also.Though I have to yet check CPT.

But this plugin support only main type "Post" & user can submit post" & status of post remains "Limited" & admin can take over the this post. But no purchasing of credits or so.Might be because Author of plugin might have not intended plugin for "Sell Post".

Two Suggestions :

1) Please add mannual purchase (adding) of Credits by Admin.Paypal is not Viable in all countries.I am from India.

2) WooCommerce integration for purchasing Credits (as a virtual Product ) & Payment Gateway (It will open whole new world for hundreds of payment gateway without any extra effort).

Thanks once again for this plugin.

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