P2 Header Ad


Once installed, head over to Appearance – P2 Header Ad and paste your ad code into the box.


  • preview your ad in the admin interface (see screenshots)
  • option to hide the ad for logged-in users
  • option to hide the ad for logged-in WP eMember users
  • works with and without a header image
  • option to show the same ad after the post content

I’ve optimised the plugin for a 468×80 pixel ad. Other sizes will work but may require your own CSS tweaks to make them look right.


  • see your ad displayed on the P2 front page
  • the Admin Interface let's you paste HTML code quickly and easily (under Appearance - P2 Header ad)


  1. Either: Upload the entire folder to /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Or: download the ZIP file, then head over to Plugins – Add New – Install, then browse to your file
  3. Or: from Plugins – Add New, search for this plugin and hit “install”
  4. Then: Activate it through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  5. Under Appearance – P2 Header Ad you’ll find an admin interface to paste your HTML code


I’m using a different ad size than 468×80 pixels. How do I tweak the CSS?

P2 Header Ad will wrap your code inside a DIV tag with the ID “p2HeaderAd”. Simply re-position by targeting this ID.

You can do this either in your Theme’s styles.css file, or tweak p2-header-ad-styles.css inside the plugin’s main directory.

Will this plugin work with a custom header graphic?

Yes, it sits on top of your custom header graphic. It will adjust its height automatically so it should always look nice.

I’m using Google Adsense ads, but they don’t show up. What gives?

It takes about half an hour for fresh Google ads to appear. Until then you’ll only see a blank space. Grab a coffee and check back a little later.

I’m showing ads on the front page after the post content – but now the header ad is gone. What’s up with that?

Google ads can only be shown up to 5 times on a single page. If your front page shows 5 posts or more, then the ad can no longer be displayed in the header (which is called last for performance reasons).

If you want to use the after-content-front-page-ad feature, and you want the header to show first, you can tweak line 293 of the main plugin file (p2-header-ad.php) from this

add_action (‘get_footer’, ‘p2DisplayAdvert’);


add_action (‘get_header’, ‘p2DisplayAdvert’);

I may make this an option in the admin interface in a future update.

Contributors & Developers

“P2 Header Ad” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  1. styles are now loaded via wp_enqueue_scripts hook
  2. fixed a debug warning that assumed a constant rather than a value


  1. added option to display the same ad at the end of single posts
  2. added option to hide ads at the end of front-page/blog-page posts


  1. added the option to hide ad when users are logged into eMember (plugin by Tips and Tricks HQ)


  1. added translation readiness
  2. added German Translation
  3. added Spanish Translation (thanks to Andrew Kurtis)


  1. tweaked placement of advert: now it’s fixed to the header
  2. added funky fade-in effect when the site loads


  1. added option to remove the ad for logged-in users


  1. initial Release